Enter the Oasis: Retreats

Intimate. Exclusive. Reclaimed.


Enter the Oasis: Retreats

Intimate. Exclusive. Reclaimed.

You were built to radiate
Love, power, grace, sensuality + joy.


But most of us have forgotten how to truly Embody the Goddess who lives within us.
How to stand in her power, how to carry her magic, how to feel her pleasure, how to embody her magnetism.

These Retreats are an intimate and exclusive Goddess experience unlike any other. 
Through embodiment practices, coaching exercises and photography --- you will not only begin to step into the energy of your most Mythic self --- you will Become her and SEE her through the lens of my camera.

Whether you host a Retreat for the women in your life, or you attend one of the destination Retreats I host --- we will gather in an intimate group of up to 6 women, alchemize our most Goddessy selves, transform that which limits us, and then honor our Inner Goddess by holding her Essence in a sensual-yet-natural mini photo shoot. 

I feel so full right now, I’m not sure I can put it into words.
I feel a Love for myself that in the past has been impossible to truly buy into. So grateful.
— Jamie

The Details

The Details

Here's what to expect in your Goddess Retreat experience... 

  • Gathering in a beautiful, light-filled, intimate and loving space with deep-Souled, beautiful-Essence, like-minded women.
  • Exploration of the ancient wisdom and Goddess coaching philosophies, tools, practices and energies that will support you having your most Mythic life, your deepest access to Love, and your most fulfilling relationships.
  • Delicious embodiment practices to bring in and hold the grace and power of your own Inner Goddess.
  • A mini "bed-head glam" photo shoot to capture the energy and the Essence of who you really are --- the grace, power, sensuality and magnetism you were born to radiate.
  • Guidance, reflection, and intimate conversation with me and your fellow goddesses.


For full Cosmic Goddess Retreats:

Nourishing meals and your stay are provided, allowing us all to be held in a beautiful, alchemical and healing container for multiple days and healing immersion. I will be guiding you in my Morning Practice routine, and there will be spacious time for journaling, self-reflection, connection and play.

Unless otherwise noted, beds will be shared. You're also welcome to bring a sleeping bag and pad if that feels more aligned and comfortable for you. Rooms are first registered, first choice.


For Day Retreats:

Light snacks and refreshments will be provided, and I encourage you to continue on to a dinner as a group to deepen your connections, conversations and celebrations together. (This is optional, of course. :) )
You'll want to arrive with hair and makeup done, and will have time to refresh both just before your mini-shoot.


In both experiences, you'll leave with new-found Remembrance of your Mythic place in this Universe, tools and practices to support your most delicious and abundant Love and life --- and a handful of beautiful images of you AS Goddess, invoking this new goddess, this new Archetype, this new You, and imprinting her into your emotional body, your physical body and your energetic body.


The Experience

The Experience

"This Retreat has changed my life in ways that I don't think I know yet.
I'm still feeling the beautiful aftershocks.
I'm so fucking glad I went. Can I stay here forever, please?

The weekend was full of moments of writing, sharing, learning and OMG energy shifting.
I experienced deep richness, clarity, visions of my purpose and calling,
and a manifestation of the Woman I am meant to be.

Being with other women in such a high vibe space was POWERFUL
in ways that you can only experience if you are there.
It was the most powerful and healing energy shifting
I have experienced in a long time."

- Jen Hepton | Intuitive Life + Grief Coach


I feel I've become my own "Lover"...
This was a beautiful, safe, intimate and nurturing experience."
- Jamie

This retreat undid the bindings I had wrapped around myself to “protect” myself — but which had actually become my straightjacket. I feel powerful, beautiful and FREE.
— Jeni Swindoll | Gather + Ground

I'm excited to continue on my path with deeper intention, 
and with tools to move through the fear that's been keeping me small.
- Kate Anderson

Before this Retreat, I had an overwhelming feeling of anxiety. This was such an amazing experience — I was able to get into that quiet place in my body, get intimate with who I am, and actually remember how to put myself first.
I also unblocked the one thing that’s been keeping me from stepping into my purpose — this was exactly what I needed!
— Linda
I loved feeling part of a beautiful group of goddesses — this was the perfect gift to myself as I turned 40. I also love that I have beautiful photos as a gift for my partner!
— Trish


Enter the Oasis: join a Retreat happening soon,
or host your own personal Retreat near you.


Enter the Oasis: join a Retreat happening soon,
or host your own personal Retreat near you.

There are two ways to join your fellow Goddesses for these deeply transformational experiences:

Join a destination Retreat

Click below to register or learn more


Joshua Tree, CA
December 1-4, 2017


Images on this page are an approximation of the mood of the experience; photos are not mine.
To see actual photos of Goddesses who have joined me, see above sections.



Vancouver, BC
January 26-28, 2018


Host an Oasis Retreat
in YOUR city

Gather a handful of fellow goddesses who want to share an intimate, luxury VIP experience with you --- and host your own private Enter the Oasis: Retreat in your own city.

As a hostess, you'll receive your choice of perks:
Your choice of 20% off of your seat in the Retreat,
or $300 off of any future service with me.

We'll simply pick a date, you'll round up your intimate tribe of goddesses --- and I'll do all the rest, including flying to you and giving you a beautiful experience to share with your Tribe.

Send me your info below, and we'll create something intimate, beautiful and transformative together.

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