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Golden Goddess is a Quantum Leap
into your destiny.

This journey is for the woman
who wants it all.

Who wants ALL of the Magic that's available to her,
and isn't willing to settle for less than Love, Pleasure, Magic, and success in her Soul Purpose.

This is for the woman who wants to Quantum Leap into her Destiny —
— and wants to feel delicious doing it.

Because you aren't meant to settle for 'normal' + 'almost,'
for not-quite or not-enough.

you are meant
for the MYTHIC, my love.

and you get to feel pleasure on your path.


Golden Goddess is your
Coming Home.

It is the signature and most exclusive experience, guided personally by me once every year.

This is the journey for the woman who is ready to Unite with the Mystery,
who wants to align herself with the very energies of the Universe —

— so that the Universe is working with her to Co-create her Desires,
instead of working against her.



Golden Goddess is for the woman who wants to
leave the shackles of the Wounded Masculine paradigm behind her —

— to release herself from the Fear that's keeping her from moving forward,
the constant and unnecessary feeling of struggle or "not-quite-rightness";

to dissolve the invisible threshold
that's keeping what she Desires from coming to her;

the pattern of cycles that seem to persist
no matter how many classes, books, mentors they invest in...


For the woman who wants the Key to create the Desires she's held in her heart her entire life, in her relationship, in her business, but feared may not be possible for her;

who wants to unlock her Soul's greatest Purpose, and step into the Mythic Love and Mythic life she's meant for.

This is the information + transformation
that will allow everything else you've tried,
everything else you've explored, invested in,
or felt unsuccessful in…

to finally WORK the way it's supposed to.

Because when you're building upon a foundation that's not built for you —
— it's always going to feel hard, it's never going to work the way it should.

And when you change
the foundation of your Reality,

everything in your reality changes.


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Offered once per year in the Spring, and available for just 20 women,

this journey evolves every year, as it contains all the latest insights, downloads,
practices, Shamanic Journeys and Alchemical tools I have;

it contains the most Magic, the biggest Quantum leaps,
the most transformative and Loving container;

it contains the most Soul, the most Sensuality, the most Secrets of the Mystery;

and it contains the most of my personal attention of any journey I offer. 

In short — it is the most powerful container for your most profound Activation.


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Would it feel good to connect with me first?
Send me a private message here, or email me here. We'll find time for us to connect…

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Who this journey is for

Golden Goddess is for you if you want
access to ALL of the Magic from my
3 most powerful Channels of teaching:

1. The Activation of your Divine Feminine grace + Power
for your life, your Love and your relationships found in GODDESS ARMY;

2. the Ease and Flow of Soul Purpose and Pleasure-filled Success
and Abundance found through GODDESSPRENEUR;

3. and the Activation of your intuition, Magic,
and connection with the Invisible Realms that we unlock in COSMIC SHAMAN.


—then Golden Goddess
is your journey Home.

This journey is for you if you:

  • Desire the most powerful Quantum transformation and the deepest access to me and my entire toolbox;

  • Desire the fullest embodiment of the part of you that KNOWS how to Receive what you're meant for and what you Desire --- and the most potent Alchemy in which to find and Remember and Activate her;

  • Desire sisterhood, and Desire to be held, loved, seen and cared for in a safe space and transformational container;

  • Are ready to completely leave behind the struggle, suffering, stuckness and constriction of the Wounded-Masculine paradigm --- in your life, in your relationships, in your business;

  • Are ready to show up for yourself fully --- no longer willing to take a back-seat to the conditioning that has caused you to hide, to shut down, or to push away the Magic and Miracles that are trying to reach you...
    ...they've had their turn --- you Know it's your turn now;

  • Know that you're meant for MORE, even if you don't know what that looks like yet, and are Choosing to finally Receive it;

  • Are ready to Remember --- Who You Are, what you came here for, how to Co-Create with the Universe... ...and let yourself Remember what real Love, Joy, Pleasure, Soul and Flow feel like...


Remember that you're not meant to suffer, to struggle.
Remember that it is not supposed to be this hard...


This is the real deal. I believe in this work with every atom of my being.
Words can’t even come close to detailing how Heather and her work has helped propel me.
Before Golden Goddess, I was numbing and overworking in every possible way. I wasn’t loving myself. I had no idea what I was looking for in life.
Post-Golden Goddess simply feels like love, pleasure, joy.
I am blossoming into my best self directly from what I learned in Golden Goddess.
— Ava Marie
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Do whatever you have to do to experience this work. Seriously. It’ll change your life.

This course will rock your world and guide you back to your Knowing in the most beautiful way!
I can’t even imagine what doors it will continue to open from here. I experienced shifts within weeks. WEEKS.
Things just feel EASY now.
— Julia Wells | The Conscious Compass
When I joined Golden Goddess, my journey with the Feminine was just beginning.
For most of my life, I’d shunned my femininity and treated being a woman almost as a disability. When I finally admitted that I actually liked how the Feminine felt and wanted to learn more, Golden Goddess was the perfect place for me to land. Heather and the other women in my group helped me slow down and open up to new ways of being that I would have previously dismissed.

I’m now more grounded and centered, more loving,
and more deeply connected with my Purpose and what I’m meant to share with the world.

If your soul feels drawn to Golden Goddess, take the leap. You’ll find yourself in a community of incredible goddesses —- and you’ll find your way home to yourself. I’m forever grateful that I did.

My life looks completely different today than it did a year ago, and I’m excited to see how it continues to unfold.
— Caitlin Ryan | Coach + Writer
I feel happy and honestly FREE for the first time in 4 years.
It feels so good to be free of the cage I’ve been locked up in for far too long. I’m feeling the pattern of struggle being released in every muscle in my body.
— Abigail Ann
You have completely given me the most amazing life by showing me how it feels to be living in the feminine!!!
Because of you, I am in the happiest relationship of my life, and I am literally walking through a door to a new life, one of ease, flow and total spirit.
— Darlene Smoker
I have found a power in the deepest parts of me.
My connections with others are deepening and strengthening beyond measure; I have left my life-draining job and started my own business; I’ve found my Roar.

I am now finding the She I was meant to be, and it is beautiful.
— Kate Anderson
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You are returning to love.

You are meant to Remember how to have Love, Magic, Balance and Harmony in your life, in your relationships, in your great work, in your body — 

— and you're meant to help the planet heal through your Remembering.

You are meant to have deep access to your Archetypal blueprint of Joy, Ease, Soul Purpose and Pleasure. 

You are meant to FEEL that you are a Magical part of this Universe —
that you have Co-creative abilities yet untapped, that you have superpowers, that you have Gold dripping from your fingertips. 

You are meant for no less than your Divine Soul Purpose, and for embodying and sharing that Purpose with pure, ecstatic Knowing.


It's my mission
to help you activate your archetypal blueprint
and to help you unlock the Mystery for yourself.


To give you tohe tools to Awaken who you're meant to be.

The time is now — more than any other time in our Human history.

It's time for you to REMEMBER this ancient, powerful, buried part of you that has been missing — that you've never been told about.

It's time for you to remember the radiant force you're meant to be. 

It's time for you to finally have this "MORE" you've been feeling called to your whole life.

It's been calling to you for a reason...
Causing you to feel like something's missing;

or maybe feeling like you haven't quite found where you belong;
like things aren't quite right;
or like it's "almost, but not quite" aligned and fulfilling.

And that's because you are of this lineage of women who are waking up now, Remembering your Purpose and your abilities; what you're meant for, how you're meant to feel.

If you're reading this, you're ready --- the Divine Feminine is tapping you on the shoulder...

And She's asking for you to Remember --- please, Remember --- that you aren't meant for settling like all those around you, that She needs you... 

Remember that you are meant for something much more... something Mythic and full of Mystery and magic. 

You are meant to be a Channel for Love,
for Light, for energy and power;

You are meant to embody
your full Goddess birthright.


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This is not just a program — it is so much more than that.
It is an Opening to YOU, to your Feminine power, and your deepest Desire.
It has been such a huge blessing in my life.
— Michele


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This is a deep-dive into the power of the Universe within you.

Or, as my Cosmic Team once told me — this is a Mystery School within a Mystery School in every call.

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While the content evolves with every journey, this is some of what you will experience in Golden Goddess.
With bi-weekly, intimate calls,
themes we explore may include...

1Remember_Web header_text_gold_sub.jpg

Remember who you are who you're MEANT to be, what you're capable of.

Remember what you came here for — your Soul Purpose, your Goddess Codes.

Remember how to access the Magic + Power of the Divine Feminine within you — so that you can start Dancing with the Co-Creative power of the Universe.

Remember that you're MEANT to have Ease, Flow, Soul Alignment and Love in every facet of your life — and Remember how tap into that ability.


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Free yourself from the Wounded Masculine Paradigm which is responsible for our suffering, struggle, disconnection, Fear and not-enoughness.

Release the anger, blame, stuckness and other emotions, patterns and stories that are keeping you tethered to the past and unable to move forward with Power and Joy.

Connect with your Mythic story to understand how everything you experience is in service of your greatest life and path.

5PurposeSuccess_Web header_text_gold_sub.jpg

Connect to your Soul, your Soul Purpose and your Goddess Codes to not only understand what you’re meant for — but how to bring it into being.

Shift the foundation you’re building your business on to one of Ease, Pleasure and Universal Alignment — and stop struggling with your Success.

Learn how to receive intuitive guidance every day to support your expansion, success and Soul Path.

7MagicMystery_Web header_text_gold_sub.jpg

Tap into your Intuition, into the Mystery of the Universe, and into the Realm of Possibility — because it’s there you can Create (literally) anything.

Rediscover how incredibly Magical this life is (you Knew once, a long time ago) — and shed the conditioning that has blinded you to it, and told you it’s supposed to be hard.

Learn how to harness the super-fertile power of the Unknown, the Void, the Invisible Realm — and Remember how FUN it is to Play in it. 

2ClarityUnderstand_Web header_text_gold_sub.jpg

Finally understand why everything has felt harder than it should and how you can move out of that Paradigm of Struggle once and for all.

Gain insights into the inner-workings of the Archetypes and Energies at play in our lives — and how they affect EVERYTHING we do.

Learn how Archetypal energy imbalance can sabotage relationships, business success, intuition, money — even your ability to feel sensual and alive in your body — and how to shift back into Sacred balance.


4ManifestMastery_Web header_text_gold_sub.jpg

Receive Emotional Mastery and Universal Alignment tools for Manifesting what you Desire and what you’re meant for.

Learn the energetics of what allows us to Co-Create in harmony with the Universe — rather than continually fight against it.

Fine-tune your energetic and emotional bodies to feel, identify and work with the subtle shifts within and around you — accessing your ability to connect with and STAY in Flow. 


6IntimacySensual_Web header_text_gold_sub.jpg

Shift your Archetypal patterning to become an invitation for the Love you’ve been waiting for — or to heal and deepen the connection within the Love you have now.

Open your body’s Feminine Channels to feel more Sensual, more Electric, more Powerful, and to access deeper Intimacy.

Recalibrate your vibration to one that allows you to, finally, truly Receive Love — instead of continuing to push it away.

8NewParadigm_Web header_text_gold_sub.jpg

Leave behind the Wounded Masculine Paradigm that’s been keeping you from having the life, the Love and the success that you’ve always wanted — and reclaim your Destiny.

Enter a completely new Paradigm — one that was built just for you, one that was built for your success, your happiness, your Pleasure, and your infinite ability to create Magic.

Remember what it feels like to have the entire Universe supporting you, orchestrating for you, and cheering you on.

I have so, so, so much fucking joy. It feels miraculous!!
Thank you, Heather, for offering this course!
— Macie

The Details

  • We dive into Golden Goddess with live, intimate group teaching and coaching calls
    every other week, with guided practices, visualizations and Shamanic Journeys
    not available in any other course.

  • Your journey includes 3 private, 1:1 coaching sessions with me
    30 minutes each, can be combined into a 90 minute intensive.

  • Access to additional 1:1 coaching sessions, as needed,
    at a rate only available to current clients. 

  • Recorded calls and workbooks uploaded after every live call
    to go even deeper with the material.

  • A private Facebook group for unlimited support, encouragement,
    spot-coaching from me, as well as sisterhood and community
    with the other Goddesses. 

  • Bonus content every other week — additional content delivered to you
    on our in-between weeks, optional ways to deepen into your journey
    with audio exercises, videos, workbooks and access to other content.

  • A free gift delivered to your home (see the gifts below).

  • An ever evolving program of content — you get the latest, most powerful teachings I have.
    As I receive more knowledge, downloads and information, you get to have them first-hand. 

This year, the Golden Goddess experience is $555 over months or $4999 paid in full.
{Special payment plans available for those who join us before April.}
Get on the wait list below and reserve your space for the next journey — there are 20 seats available each year...


Most programs of this depth and transformative power are half the length or TWICE the investment — and most programs don’t offer this level of Mystery School, this level of Mastery, this level of practical guidance and support for every area of your life —

— yet I'm very clear on my mission here: to get this work, this power, into the hands of as many women as possible on this planet, so I'm keeping this deep-dive journey exclusive and also affordable.

If this Golden Goddess journey calls to you —
total transformation is waiting for you...



How will you know this is the right fit?

  • You have a deep knowing, in your bones, in your cells, that you're meant for MORE — yet you're unsure of how to reach what's calling you, maybe you've started to wonder if it really is meant for you.

You want to Quantum Leap
in one or more parts of your life:

In Love, in your Soul Purpose, in your intuition,
in your business, in your Pleasure,
in your ability to Co-create with the Universe,
in your receiving of JOY.

  • There's a pattern, a cycle it seems you're stuck in — the same wrong relationships, the same heartbreak, the same Fears, the same cycles of struggle in your business — no matter what you try, you seem to keep slipping back into it, and you feel there HAS to be a way out...

  • You've always believed you're meant for something Beautiful --- and there truly are such gorgeous, amazing things about you — it seems like all you need is just 'that one thing', the Key that's going to Unlock everything and finally allow you to Receive more joy, more Love, more abundance, more ease and Flow...

    You've been trying 'all the things'
    you've hired coaches,
    done training programs,
    read books
    — and maybe some of the things worked for a while,
    but then they stopped working...
    or they never worked as well for you...
    or it still felt HARDER than it should feel,
    and you're tired of the struggle

    you just want it to freaking
    feel good already.

  • You've always felt you had a connection with your intuition with something special, something MAGICAL, maybe you've even felt you're meant for something extraordinary — and you want to go deeper, but aren't sure how, or just need some tools to help you get there...

  • You have something within you that WANTS to be shared with the world that needs to be shared. It's your calling, your heart-frequency, your Soul's mission, your LOVE — and it's fucking painful to feel it blocked, stuck within you, unsure of how to release its radiance...

  • You do best when you can feel seen, held, Loved by others — even if that also kind of scares you — and it would feel amazing to be part of a rich sisterhood with like-minded, open-hearted, deep-souled women...

  • You're fucking DONE feeling this way, doing it the hard way, staying stuck in struggle — and you want to know, once and for all, how to get out of this space and step into your FREEDOM.

  • You simply want to FEEL GOOD, to feel deep pleasure, to feel sensually ALIVE — and you can sense there's just some kind of thin veil, something you can't quite put a finger on, that's standing in the way of you having and being and feeling exactly that...

You want to Remember

Who You Are, what you're capable of,
and what you're MEANT for.

You want to reconnect
to your Radiant self, to your truest self,
to your Grace, your Power,
your Light, your LOVE, your success.

  • You're willing to suspend your belief in the outdated structures, rules and constructs that have kept you where you are; that are no longer serving you, and you're willing to get slightly uncomfortable in order to leave all of the pain and struggle behind.

  • You're willing to see that those voices that are afraid of diving into this space — the ones that fear being seen, that fear opening up, fear committing the time or money, fear committing yourSELF — are just the voices that want you to stay small...

    And you're 100% DONE
    listening to those voices,
    and letting them block you
    from what's YOURS.

You have a feeling you're made for absolute Magic
And you want to Remember how to uncover it,
and have the deepest connection to your Magic and the Universe.


If you're not quite sure if it's for you, or if you want to ask me some questions about it first let's connect.

Just click below to apply, and we'll set up time to feel into this together.

For those of you joining the Golden Goddess experience, choose from a selection of limited-availability, Goddess gifts:

You'll select your gift when you join. 

  • The Goddess Book Collection
    A curated selection of books that I love, to support your Goddess journey

  • The Goddess Crystal Collection
    A curated selection of crystals, intuitively and hand-selected by me especially for you, to support your energetic and Alchemical Goddess journey

  • The Goddess Card Collection
    Both of my oracle card decks — the Goddess Love Notes and the Goddess Rising Oracle Cards, including the special edition printed guidebook for the Oracle

  • Exclusive t-shirt
    Your choice of Golden Goddess t-shirt or Be In Love t-shirt



How it feels to dive in here...

This work and Heather’s loving guidance are amazing.
It’s so beautiful to become “your own lover,” to grow your Feminine energy.
I’m leaving this work in a state of Love that feels like it radiates through me.
— Jamie
“I was struggling. In my life. In my business. In my relationship.
Things weren’t wrong, but they didn’t feel right.
Four months into Golden Goddess, and my relationship and business has completely turned around.
I have learned to lean back and allow my boyfriend to show up for me in his Masculine Energy. And I’ve learned to lean back in my business, allowing more possibility (and clients) to come into my practice.

Things finally feel light + fun again. The energy has completely shifted. My boyfriend and I are falling in love all over again. And I no longer feel like I’m fighting with my business —- I don’t have to go find clients; they’ve been making their way to me; my coaching practice is just about full and it’s been with ease and completely aligned.

I can’t tell you exactly what’s going on. But I can tell you that there’s been such a deep, personal transformation that has shifted every area of my life.
— Shannon Whaley | Life+Marketing Coach | TravelingWildWoman.com
I just want to say if you are considering joining Golden Goddess you will be beyond BLOWN AWAY! Heather gives it her all with amazing exercises and prompts, and truly seeing and hearing you, as we gently and lovingly grow into the Divine Feminine Goddess we are!
I am in constant awe of this work and the way I am feeling...
I am so flippin’ inspired by this way of living my life!
— Michele
Do whatever you have to do to experience Golden Goddess. Seriously. It’ll change your life.

I have never felt so at ease with knowing, with how I feel. It feels so freeing to have the access and language to share myself and my feelings.
I can’t even imagine what doors it will continue to open from here! And I 100% know this is how I’m going to meet my future husband!
And I did this in weeks. WEEKS. It just feels EASY now.
— Julia Wells | Conscious Compass | juliacwells.com
I’m so beyond glad I took the leap into Golden Goddess.
It feels amazing
to receive the support and incredible wisdom that Heather embodies, as well as from the other inspiring Goddesses in our group.
There is so much deep transformation going on — we are all birthing something magical!
— Lauren Hemmes
Omgoddess, this is an amazing program.

I feel like I am returning to myself. I feel centered and calm now that I am embracing my Feminine
— it was so exhausting spending so much time in the Masculine.
Golden Goddess has completely given me the most amazing life by showing me how it feels to be living in the feminine!!!
Because of you, I am in the happiest relationship of my life,
and I am literally walking through a door to a new life, one of ease, flow and total spirit.
Thank you, Heather!!!
— Darlene Smoker
This has been so “in-powering” and heart opening!
I feel so much more deeply reconnected to my Self, more connected in my relationship, and I feel so much more capable of continuing on my path with deeper intention.
I’m finding my voice, my connection to my Soul, and my purpose.
I’m also finally creating the business of my dreams — and just signed my first $3000 client.
It just feels like it’s all coming so much more easily...
— Kate A.
I love you for committing yourself to this work. We need you. And the world needs us.
I literally tell everyone about you and the impact this work has had in my life. My life is so much more full and juicy because of it.
— Jennifer
I had an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and just feeling like I needed SOMETHING else in my life...
This was such an amazing experience —- it was exactly what I needed to get intimate with myself, get to that beautiful place in my body, and know that I can put myself first.
— Linda
I was turning 40 and felt the need to really focus on my self and on seeing and finding my own beauty.
I LOVED feeling part of a beautiful group of Goddessess — I left with tools and practices to navigate my love and life.
It was a truly magical and healing experience.
— Trisha
This undid the bindings I’d wrapped around myself to protect myself —- but that had actually become my own straightjacket.
This work has helped me unveil my true power and beauty, to allow GODDESS EMANCIPATION, and finally feel free.
I have dreamed of having you in my life and I don’t even have words for how much I love you and am thankful for you!
— Jeni