A return to your Remembrance. A dive into the Mystery.
Goddess Army: Golden Goddess is the signature experience of reclaiming who you are,
the deepest access to your powers of Love, Pleasure, Magic and purpose.

Open to 15 women per year; starts each Spring.

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To link arms with me personally, to be held in the most powerful and private alchemical space,
to feel supported, encouraged, Loved and seen --- for the deepest dive into your Mythic Love and life,
and for customized guidance and teachings for your unique needs and desires...

This work is open only to a handful of women each year.
Let's connect to see if it would feel good to co-create together...

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To receive these philosophies, practices, tools, exercises --- and the Key to the Mystery ---
in your own way, in your own time, or to simply create your own journey... 

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Rock your Inner Goddess in the 'physical realm' --- with t-shirts, tanks, mugs and other goodies.
(This is also where you'll find links to buy my upcoming books and Goddess Rising Oracle Cards!} 

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Activate, channel and embody YOUR unique Inner Goddess in a Poiesis Photo Shoot --- focusing on your Light, your beauty, your sensuality, your power and your Mythicness. 
Photo experiences can happen either with me in Seattle, or in your own city. 

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