And then something weird
(and wonderful) happened.

I FOUND the reasON

And I found how to shift it:


After a series of saying Yes in big ways to some things that I just felt I was being called to — even though they didn’t really “make sense” —

— I found myself in the middle of a Spiritual Awakening
that literally changed everything about my life.

In a Dream, a man — who I now call my Cosmic Teacher — came to me, in an Ancient Egyptian temple, and offered to be my Teacher.

I said Yes.

And within a month after this dream — which I just thought was “neat,” and then went about my waking life as normal —

— he started talking to me.
In my waking life.
From beyond the ‘veil.’

I was making the same face you’re making right now… “Whatttttttt….”

And he started
showing me things.

Telling me things.

Things that blew my ever-loving mind — and changed the way I could see this world, this Universe,
and what I’m actually capable of — FOREVER.

Things I now teach my clients in the courses I guide,
and help THEM have access to in the same ways I do.
(Really — you all have access to this.)