The Love
you’re meant for

Hi gorgeous…

I’m guessing that, if you’re here, your heart hurts — and you’re not sure why your Love life or your relationship isn’t working. I know that place. And it’s so hard.

Maybe it used to work, but it’s taken a painful turn somewhere and you can’t seem to get it back, no matter what you try — and you might’ve tried all the books, all the classes…

Or maybe you keep dating and dating, or waiting and waiting, and you can’t understand why Love won’t seem to come to you — you’re amazing, you have so much to offer, so you can’t figure out why you’re alone…

Or maybe you’re just wishing your relationship would get deeper — more passionate, more connected, more Intimate, more communication — but you can’t seem to get your partner aligned or even interested in growing together, or you just have no idea where to start…

I went through three painful breakups before I found this work.
And since I found it — everything has changed about my Love life and relationships.

When you understand the Archetypal energies in our Love lives and relationships — and how these Archetypes are meant to dance together — you’ll understand EXACTLY why Love has felt so much harder than it’s supposed to.

And you’ll start to understand what Energetics need to shift so you can finally let it come to you — like the Magnetic goddess you are.

This is the core understanding you need in order to start shifting the energy between you and your partner, your lover, your dates. If we aren’t understanding the Archetypes and how they work within our relationships — then we’re being driven by them unconsciously, and it’s exactly why our Love lives and relationships haven’t felt like they’re supposed to…

…why they haven’t felt GOOD — to either of us.

Dive into your Remembrance, and uncover the Key to Harmony, Passion, Connection, Magnetism and keeping the Flame alive.

Below you’ll find resources, powerful experiences and deeply transformational courses
— moving from Free audio (at the top), to deeper experiences,
to the deepest dive and most Powerful transformation possible in this work (at the bottom).

choose the gateway into this remembrance
that feels best for you — and START shifting out of the struggle.




The Golden Path podcast

Listen in for free.
You can also find it on iTunes, here.

Love Magnet — Love intro bundle

A 4-part introductory bundle for women who want to call in more Love, BETTER Love — whether you’re dating or already in a relationship.

Includes a Transmission, a Training, a Shamanic Journey to Receive an Activation from the Goddess of Love, and an Embodiment Practice for Magnetism and Sensuality.

Click below for more info and to purchase.


Magnetize your Masculine Lover

tempt ME — THE MINI-COURSE TO ACTIVATE YOUR masculine lover

This 4-week mini-course is a straight-up game-changer. Clients have healed relationships and rifts, they’ve deepened Passion, and they’ve witnessed their Lovers coming to them more deeply, more magnetically, more supportively — than they ever have before.

Just 4 weeks, the practices and teachings in this mini-course are simply a must-have for anyone in a relationship, or wanting Love.

“Tempt Me solved my biggest relationship problems in the most surprising ways; I was genuinely floored after each module. My relationship is now rock solid, and I feel super sexy and deliciously empowered.” — Amy

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Goddess Army

A deep, delicious return to the feminine

Goddess Army is a robust and immersive online course to Return to the Expansive, Sensual, Pleasure-filled and Magnetic Power of the Sacred Feminine within you.

This course is THE signature and deepest Return to the Sacred Feminine Energy within you — and the one that has saved countless relationships, Love lives, and has given women back their Power and their Pleasure like nothing else.

You will Remember who you really are.
You will get back in touch with your Pleasure,
your Magnetism, your ability to feel GOOD.
You will reconnect with your inner Knowing and your Intuition, your Body and your Bliss.
You will find Ease in ways you’d never imagined possible.

“Do whatever you have to do to experience this work. Seriously. It’ll change your life.” — Julia Wells

Want it all?
The whole-life Uplevel?

Want a delicious, fulfilling, deeply embodied, toe-curling, deeply Connected Love life,
PLUS Soulful Success that comes of the Feminine Paradigm of business,
PLUS an Intuitive Channel that’s turned on, tuned in, and breathtakingly clear,
PLUS the kind of Emotional Mastery that means you get to live full-out and full of Joy, Freedom and Pleasure?

Golden Goddess

This is the Mystery School + Mastermind I take 20 women through once a year
for your Whole-Life Upleveling and stepping into the Highest version of your Destiny.

Shamanic Journeys - Potent Energetic Practices - Content and Alchemical transmissions
Embodiment Practices - Mindset and Mind-Rewiring - Practical Tools
Reality Shifting - Emotional Mastery

Join us for your Awakening and your Expansion in all areas of your life —
— and never look back at the Paradigm of Struggle.

When I say this is the most important work that I have ever done in my life,
I am not exaggerating. This has been life changing!”
— Jaime