Even Goddesses get their hearts broken.

We've all been hurt, abandoned, betrayed;
we've all felt completely frustrated or flummoxed (SUCH a great word!) by men, 
wondered where the $^%#$*! hell our Prince Charming is -- or why he showed up and then pulled away, 
and we ALL could use some help revving up our relationships and getting our selves, our lives, and our love to its JUICY status. 

I wish I'd had my very own love and life confidante when I was going through my relationship torment --- someone with the tools and insights to help me through some of the painful, frustrating and confusing love-moments --- but I never had that. 

But you do -- HEYYYYY!!! 

So lay 'em on me, loves!

what Love Qs do you have? 

This is a 100% anonymous (if you want it to be) opportunity to have your Love and Life questions answered -- FREE -- on my blog, videos, Periscope or teleclass (coming soon!). 

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About to get juicy in here! 


Some questions to get you thinking: What is the biggest challenge in your love life right now? Where does your life feel a bit like it's "stuck"? Is there an area of your love or life that feels like something's missing? Do you feel like there's something in the way of you living your best love or life? Where do you feel fear in your love or life, and how is it holding you back? What do you feel like you'd need to fix in order to have your most joyful love and life?
Name (also not required)
Name (also not required)
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