This is the real
Key to it all…

There’s really just ONE thing we’re actually craving in this life. Really. One thing.

Yes, it’s true that we want Love… we want to feel loved and heard and seen and held by our lovers; we want to feel deep, toe-curling passion, we want to feel connected, we want to feel adored, we even want to feel mutual-worship, a Queen and her King (or her Queen). That’s true.

We want Soulful Success and Abundance… We want to feel like we’re fulfilling our Soul Purpose, like we’re making a difference, like we’re doing the work we came here to do; we want to be supported financially, abundantly, expansively — so we can live out that Soul Purpose in a way that feels good, too… Also true.

We want to feel sheer, unabashed Joy… we want to feel FREE… we want to feel the way we always imagined we’d feel when we grew up — like we’re living the best mothereffing life ever, and Bliss is what we eat for breakfast. Obviously, true.

But do you want to know the ONE THING that makes all of these Possible,
that supports the growing and expanding and deepening of all of these,

the one thing that — without it — we will NEVER
fulfill on any of these things?

A connection to our Soul.
An understanding of how She is trying to guide us.
A dialogue and mutually-beneficial relationship with the Invisible Realms,
and the Teams of Guides that are waiting to support us.

And you have exactly that —
just waiting to be unlocked.

So, my question, whenever I’m talking about this, is always: What are you waiting for?
Activate your Mystic, and you will NEVER again feel lost.

Dive into this Free Transmission, and begin your journey Home to the abilities you’ve been talked out of believing you have.

OR GRAB THE mystic jumpstart INTRO bundle BELOW
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The Golden Path podcast

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Mystic Jumpstart — Mystic intro bundle

A 4-part introductory bundle for Mystics (or Mystics in the making) — women who want to tap into or deepen their Intuitive Channel, hear their Intuition more clearly, know how to TRUST it, and finally start living with clear guidance, certainty and inner Knowing.

Includes a Transmission, a Training, a Shamanic Journey to receive a message from your Soul, and an Embodiment Practice to open your body and your Crown for Receiving.

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Activate your Channel

Connect ME — THE MINI-COURSE TO ACTIVATE YOUR intuitive channel

This 4-week mini-course is a potent Activator:
Understand why you haven’t been able to hear your Intuition clearly; get clear on what’s Fear and what’s your Intuition; Connect with your Soul; and start working powerfully with the messages in your Dreams.

Just 4 weeks, and the world will never look the same —and you’ll never have to feel uncertain again.

“This course was amazing and just what I needed!
I finally understand now why I haven’t understood my Intuition, and why I’d confuse it with Fear.
Now I more clearly see and hear what my Intuition is telling me — in ways I never could before.”

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Cosmic Shaman


A 3-month deeply guided course for a deep and clear connection to your Intuition, your Guides, your Cosmic Team — and abilities you never knew you had.

The Feminine used to be the keeper of the Flame, she used to be healer, the Shaman, the Portal to the Divine. But we’ve been trained, conditioned and talked into forgetting what we’re capable of, what we have access to and our Divine birthright.

You Know your life would be different if you could really, truly hear your clearest Intuition. If you could be sure. If you could have guidance from the deepest, wisest part of you that Knows exactly what’s right for you.

It would be. And it can be.
And I can show you how.

This is an ability you were born with — you’ve just been convinced to forget.
And there’s an entire Team of Guides just waiting to support you in Creating your best life.

Want it all?
The whole-life Uplevel?

Want an Intuitive Channel that’s turned on, tuned in, and breathtakingly clear,
PLUS a delicious, fulfilling, deeply embodied, deeply Connected and Sensual Love life,
PLUS Soulful Success that comes of the Feminine Paradigm of business,
PLUS the kind of Emotional Mastery that means you get to live full-out and full of Joy, Freedom and Pleasure?

Golden Goddess

This is the Mystery School + Mastermind I take 20 women through once a year
for your Whole-Life Upleveling and stepping into the Highest version of your Destiny.

Shamanic Journeys - Potent Energetic Practices - Content and Alchemical transmissions - Embodiment Practices
Mindset and Mind-Rewiring - Practical Tools - Reality Shifting - Emotional Mastery

Join us for your Awakening and your Expansion in all areas of your life —
— and never look back at the Paradigm of Struggle.

When I say this is the most important work that I have ever done in my life,
I am not exaggerating. This has been life changing!”
— Jaime