Align with "Your Word of 2017"


Align with "Your Word of 2017"

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Live call
1/11 (Wednesday) at 6pm PST / 9pm EST.

(There will be a recording for those of you who can't make it live, but I encourage you to join live ---- those who are willing to share will get added reflection from me.)

The Universe laughs at us when we think we can "make plans." 

But it rewards us when we listen to its quiet whispers of guidance...

We can make all the resolutions we want for the New Year,
with the best of intentions and the most earnest of effort,

but we will be swimming up stream with struggle and frustration
if we're not also listening to what is calling to us.

Finding ease and flow in your 2017 starts with tapping into the energy that the Universe is INVITING YOU INTO. 

Last year was the first time I listened for my 'Word of the Year' 
instead of just "choosing" one.

And this year has been the most magical, most aligned, most divinely guided I've ever experienced.
And it keeps unfolding, multiplying, and exponentially rising in its gifts, Love and abundance. 

I did the same practice again this year --- to hear my Word; to receive it --- and I had to look up the definition. 

Once I did, I had chills and a giant grin on my face:
It underlines every message, download and theme that has been coming to me in my work, in my meditation, and in my life

I love this process, and I'd love to share it with you. 

So I felt inspired, as I was closing out my last coaching call of 2016 last week, to put together an event and invite you to join me in it,

--- to start your 2017 off powerfully, in alignment, in grace, and in service of what you're meant to be expressing in this lifetime.

I'd love to have you join me if you feel called...!