Goddess Rising Oracle Cards

Goddess Rising Oracle Cards

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Awaken the Goddess Within

After thousands of years of being forgotten, buried and devalued, the Divine Feminine is returning.
She is awakening in the bones, the cells, the bodies and the hearts of women (and men) who are ready to again hear the part of themselves that Remembers how to access Love, Ease, Pleasure, Abundance, Joy, Intuition and Magic.

There is no One Way to do anything in this life, and it's no different in working with these cards. Choose a card at random, or shuffle and let a card choose you; pull just one, or layout a spread for a deeper message — or PLAY and create your own way — you're invited to open to receive, relish the sensations that arise in your body, and Remember.

Welcome home, Goddess.

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*Artwork by Kelly A. Curtis.