Light Body Attunement

Light Body Attunement

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These Light Body Attunements are 30-minute energy healing sessions that have been incredibly powerful in upleveling Energy Fields.

During these sessions, I bring through a specific healing Frequency which ‘goes to work’ Harmonizing and repairing your Light Body, helping to Attune you to a higher Frequency, and connect you more fully to your own healing Power and abilities.

This isn’t something “I’m doing to you,” — rather it’s a Frequency that I’ve been given permission to bring through and share with you, and I take you through a simple guided visualization that lets you ‘apply’ the healing to the exact places in your Energy Field that need the Attuning.
The visualization also gives you insights and information about the healing that’s taking place.

The experience varies by individual, and shifts can be expected to unfold over the course of about 2 weeks after the Attunement.

After purchasing your Attunement, Heather will reach out to you to schedule your session time.

During and after your Attunement, you may notice:

  • Heightened or activated intuition; several clients have experienced activation of new intuitive abilities after an Attunement

  • Greater clarity, lightness, expansiveness

  • A feeling of deeper Ease in moving through things which would have felt much more challenging before

  • A sense that you’re healing faster, and have access to more of your own healing power

  • A feeling of balance, Wholeness, and deeper centeredness in life

What others have experienced…

“I feel like for the last few years, my power and my gifts have been seeping through a few small cracks and a tiny hole here in there, in a dam between my source and my experience. And with every program, call, practice, a little more has opened up and a I’ve realized and embraced a little more of what I was born into this life to do and heal.
Since the Attunement, it has felt like my source energy has blasted through the wall and is flowing more fully and more freely than I ever thought possible!
I feel so much more clear and more positive than I have in a REALLY long time.”
So fucking amazing!”
— Jennifer Childers

“I am feeling a change in my inner space. More content. More sure. More poised with what I know and what I have to offer.
Right after the Attunement — within 24 hours — I noticed I felt SO much more in my Knowing and certainty. I’ve always been a contemplator, evaluator and in comparison all my life — so this feels SO freeing!

I’ve been doing years of inner work, Shadow Work, and have worked with multiple coaches — and this Attunement cleared out an aspect of my energy that was still keeping me from operating in the full force of my Power. A last little ‘wrinkle’ that was keeping me from really stepping into what I’m meant for.”
— Erron Sherwood

"I'm so grateful - I'm out of my funk and can think again!!!!
I feel so rejuvenated. I was feeling so stuck and I'm feeling like I'm back to high vibe self now, and I'm feeling more like myself than I have in a while.
My energy levels are so much higher, I'm getting confirmation left and right. and I feel more motivated to do the things I want to do.
It's like all those small blocks have been removed."
— Ashley Cardini

“My Light Body Attunement with Heather felt like a cosmic tune-up.
A recalibration. Like I was tapping into my own healing circuits.

I have NEVER felt so powerfully anchored. Like to-the-core-of-the-Earth rooted — and since then, any “winds” that do come don’t sway me off center as much as they would have before.
This session with Heather gave me a “cell memory” of what it feels like to be Whole and strong in my energy field, and burned away old wounds, patterns, pain, and grief. And ever since the Attunement, I’ve been able to rebalance and access that Wholeness so much more clearly and so much faster.
My favorite part, probably, is that my intuition and psychic abilities have been LIT since our session!”
— Jeni Swindoll

“Since the Attunement, I feel so much more centred, embodied, engaged and enthusiastic. I feel like I’m owning more of my own unique power.
And things in my life suddenly feel more easeful and perfectly timed.

I feel like I’ve discovered treasure.

If you choose to journey with Heather, it’s my experience that you will encounter and be shown a Universe of riches.
Heather illuminates your entire energy field.”
— Emma Sorano

“When Heather was offering these Attunements I had no idea what to expect from one but am I so glad I decided to.
I am feeling so deeply connected to my inner self again. I’ve been listening to my intuition more.
The awareness that I have experienced and the openness I have experienced has been amazing. Things are showing themselves to me more clearly now'; I’m picking up on more vibrational messages. It seems even colors stand out to me more.
It feels soooo good. I would definitely recommend this sweet sweet Attunement with Heather!”
— Sara Huls