LoveCore tank (Women's)

LoveCore tank (Women's)

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Love is in the eye of the beholder, just like Beauty. 

What does this tank say to you?
One of each??

However you answer, you're exactly right. 

Love IS Core. 
Core IS Love. 
And, of course, Love is, quite simply, Love.

What does that even mean? 

I'd love to hear what it means to you!
But here's what it means to me...

  • It means that the key to our deepest, most fulfilling and beautiful love is coming back to our CORE. 
  • It means that our very cores, the very center of all of us, where we come from, IS LOVE. 
  • It means that Love is core of everything, it's central to everything, it's literally where everything is created.
  • It means that love is simple, pure, undiluted at its core --- it's simply LOVE.
  • It means that our cores, our Souls, our centers are Core to how we will connect to everything we Desire --- beauty, ease, flow, abundance, happiness, fulfillment, finding our true path, and LOVE.
  • Love rocks us to our core. 
  • And connecting with our core fills us with Love.
  • In my view, these are INEXTRICABLE --- our center Channel, our Core, is the Channel of Love.

So rock your LoveCore with this flowy tank, and spread the good vibes. 

Heathered-white with black ink - Poly/Cotton/Rayon
Grey with champagne ink - Poly/Cotton/Rayon
Solid white with black ink - Cotton/Poly