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Readings + Reflections

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  • What's in a Reading:
    Your reading will typically be a 3 or 4 card spread, chosen by me intuitively --- unless you have a particular spread in mind.
    3-4 card readings can be most powerful when your question is somewhat specific and focused on a particular area or facet of your life. You don't have to give me all of the personal details, but having some details to connect to can result in a more powerful reading, as I'm able to see more patterns between the cards, the intuitive information I get, and what's been asked.
    After receiving your question, I ask my Cosmic Team and guides to show me what wants to come through for you. I don't arbitrarily 'pick' your cards myself. I will sometimes shuffle many times until a card pops out of the deck for you, and I get a clear Yes from my Team that this is the card.
    I then look over what has come through, and begin recording my impressions for you --- based on intuitive insights, feelings, physical sensations (which provides me more intuitive information and insights around the cards and your question), visuals, and anything else that comes through for you.
  • What's in a Reflection:
    After receiving your detailed question about Love, life, business or your intuitive exploration, I will send back written or audio Reflections (spot coaching) based on my teachings, my Archetypal and energetic insights, and/or my intuition. We may exchange up to 3 rounds of clarifying questions and reflections. 
  • How it works:
    Your Reading or Reflection will be sent over Facebook Messenger*, voice message, within 72 business hours of receiving your payment and question. You may either type your question or use voice message, as well.
    Include your question here in the form with your purchase, and then send me a message here to start our conversation:
    I will message you personally to your Facebook profile messenger, and will deliver your Reading or Reflections there.

    *Right now, Facebook Messenger is the only method used for delivery of Readings + Reflections. 
  • Notes
    *For education, spiritual and entertainment purposes only. Any and all decision-making is your responsibility. These Readings and Reflections provide another perspective simply to help with your own decision-making process, should you Choose to see them as such.

    *The Readings and Reflections that I have provided my clients have been powerful and have provided them with incredible insights, confirmation and reassurance --- AND this is only one Channel out of infinite possible Channels. In other words, if anything doesn't resonate for you, I invite you to let it go. The Truth is, you have the power of Choice and I will ALWAYS encourage you to follow what feels most Expansive for you, and to listen to your own Soul above all else.

    *Should I be unable, for any reason, to complete your reading within the 72 business hour window, I will reach out to you and offer to refund your purchase or to postpone the reading until I can provide it fully.