SPECIAL: Love Bundle (limited time offer)

SPECIAL: Love Bundle (limited time offer)

222.00 every month for 5 months

The Bundle to end all Love Bundles.

There’s a LOT of funky and difficult Love stuff in the air right now — Full Moon in Libra? Who knows…

What I DO know is how profoundly my clients Love lives have been changed from these three things:

  • The Goddess Army online course — a potent Return to the Feminine
    (because right now, our Archetypal energies are BADLY out of balance — in our Love lives and everywhere else)

  • Tempt Me: Activate Your Masculine Lover — a 4-week mini-course to turn HIM* on too
    (or her — this is also true for same sex relationships)

  • And a 1:1 call with me — get YOUR personal questions answered and reflections, suggestions and coaching around your personal situations.
    Dropping in with me Quantum Leaps your transformation and gives you insights you won’t get anywhere else.

In this work — the shifts and results have been BANANAS:

Women have saved marriages,
they’ve healed relationships,
and walked away from toxic ones;

they’ve called in the Love of their lives,
they’ve been whisked off their feet by a new Lover and taken to France,
they’ve (finally) stopped attracting the lovers who can’t or won’t value them, choose them, commit to them;

they’ve started having vaginal orgasms,
they’ve started having MORE orgasms,
they’ve fallen in LOVE with themselves.

This is a CRAZY good offer — one I’ve literally never offered before — and you get all three of these things for LESS than the cost of Goddess Army alone regularly.

This offer will be up for the rest of the week, and then it’ll be taken down.
Grab it by Friday if it’s calling to you!