Destination Photoshoot: Travel Fee (within the US)

Destination Photoshoot: Travel Fee (within the US)

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I LOVE to travel to shoot with you!!
I travel anywhere within the contiguous U.S. for photography --- for just $2800 or more booked.

You can use the travel shoot in any one of the following ways:
{Special listings can be created for split shoots. I can also help to find others to split shoots with you.}

  • All to yourself --- your own luxe and exclusive experience, with a special 3.5 hour photo shoot (with a break in the middle to refresh);
    time for several looks, in one location or multiple.
    Great for branding photography or just a delicious gift for yourself.

  • Split it with a friend --- 2 of you each receiving your own 1.5-hour photo shoot; 1 or 2 locations. {$1350 each}

  • Split between 3 --- 1 hour photo shoot for each of you; 1 or 2 locations. {$900 each}

  • A Portrait Party for 4 to 6 people --- These are SO fun.
    1 location, champagne provided, shoots for:
    4 people - 45 min each {$675 each}
    5 people - 30 minutes each {$550 each}
    6 people - 20 minutes each {$450 each}

$2700 or greater fee includes up to $700 in my travel costs (flight, stay, photo location, transport); additional travel cost charged separately.