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A Joy Activation

Based on your Choices — it sounds like you might feel best exploring the Joy Activation or the Membership before going deeper.
That’s perfect.

The activation is a Bite-sized experience for
reconnecting with your best you, for ease, for deeper joy.

No matter what feels stuck, what feels like it’s missing — reconnecting to your truest Power, your most authentic Essence, and your deepest Knowing is the Key to coming home to who you’re meant to be, and the life you’re meant to life.
This Taste is a perfect place to start.

You’ll find a curated bundle of teachings, Transmissions and practices
to support you in coming Home to who you really ARE,
what you’re really capable of,
and what you’re TRULY meant for.

These practices will also support every single part of your life — but they’re especially potent for shifting everything Alchemically, from the inside out.

In the family (the membership), you’ll get direct access to me,
my teachings, live Q&A and a growing archive of trainings.

Get the Activation or the Membership (or both!) here on this page —
— or you can check out deeper options in the offerings farther below…

Enjoy, beautiful!
xoxo Heather


A Taste of Success

your taste includes:

  • A Transmission:
    Understand the Archetypal Energies in Love and relationships with this audio Transmission — uncover why the Archetypal Energy in your relationship has everything to do with your happiness and fulfillment.

  • A Training:
    How to Communicate with a Masculine energy Lover — an audio training and guidance.

  • A Guided Practice:
    The Honey Exercise — a guided practice to shift your vibration, activate your magnetism.

  • A Shamanic Journey:
    Take a Shamanic Journey to meet the Goddess of Love — an receive an Activation to retrieve your deep Love and magnetic Power.

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