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Tempt Me

Based on your Choices — it sounds like you might feel best exploring Tempt Me — the mini-course for Love.

tempt me is the art of magnetism for
your Love life, relationships and dating.

Wherever we are when we’re wanting to deepen or improve our romantic lives — what we’re craving is more Connection, more depth, more of our partner coming closer to us in a way that FEELS GOOD.

This course helps you amp up your Magnetism and cultivate the energy that creates
deeper attraction, deeper intimacy, deeper communication.

These principles will also support every single part of your life — but they’re especially potent for bringing more Pleasure, depth, attraction and connection into your Love life.

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Enjoy, beautiful!
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Tempt Me


Call them in. Turn them on.
Create the vibe of temptation with your Masculine energy partner — whether committed or dating.

  • How to turn on, Magnetize and deepen in with your lover.

  • How to Activate their attraction so they keep coming to you, reaching for you, wanting to be near you.

  • How to inspire them to show up for you more powerfully, instead of feeling like you’re always ‘doing everything.’

  • How to be mesmerizing even just by talking to your partner.

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