Which feels most
like where you are?

Choose what feels most like you below

I want a taste of this work.
I just want to try this ‘Me’ Activation on and see how it feels.

I’m looking to invest $50-75 total right now.

I’m ready to explore and create tangible and visceral shift in my life, I’m ready to free myself,
but I’m not ready for a full course or program.
I’m looking to invest $100-150 total.

I’m ready for More. I’m ready to find Me again.
I’m ready to feel deep shifts, expansion
and much more Joy, fulfillment, confidence, Ease and Pleasure in my life.

I’m ready to invest between $500 and $1000 total (or $100-$400 per month).

I’m ready to finally have it all.
I Know I’m meant for MORE. I can feel it.
I’m done settling and messing around with the things that haven’t worked for me,
and I’m ready for a full Paradigm shift that’s going to open up every aspect of my life — including help me fall madly in love with ME again.

I’m ready to invest $400-$800 per month.