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Join Me

Based on your Choices — it sounds like you’d feel best exploring Join Me — the mini-course for Soulful Sales.

Join me is the art of soulful sales
in the feminine paradigm of business.

The way we’ve been taught to do sales and marketing has come from the current Paradigm of business — the one built in the Wounded Archetypal template which is all about Control, Pushing, Scarcity and Manipulation.

Those tactics aren’t working anymore.
It’s being felt even by those entrepreneurs who used to be very successful using that template.

The emerging Feminine Paradigm of business is one that feels good to ALL involved — you and your customers — and creates the kind of devoted audience who buys from you because it actually FEELS GOOD.

This mini-course helps you start turning your business into a Love story…

Enjoy, beautiful!
xoxo Heather


Join Me

A 4-WEEK COURSE ON THE ART OF the Soulful sales invitation.

Transform your energy, your offerings and your sales calls into Divine Feminine Ease and Flow:

  • Understand the Key to Success in the incoming paradigm of business;

  • Create the conditions for a Yes Please on nearly every discovery or sales call — without ever, ever, EVER having to push, manipulate, drill into objections, or just feel totally gross and unlike you;

  • Invite the Universe to work WITH you in building your business — instead of feeling like you're always fighting against it.

  • Create the energy of Abundance within YOU so the Universe (and your clients) can meet you there

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