2013 year-in-review /// Heather B. Allison Photography

This is, without doubt, going to be THE LONGEST blog post everrrrr. 

I don't really expect everyone to get to the bottom of it. 
Sure, it's a retrospective of my 2013. It's a visual resume. It's a showcase of my work, what it looks like, how it feels, at this stage in my photographic career. 
But to be perfectly honest -- more than any of that -- it's a personal exercise. 
So, while I hope that maybe you'll humor me and scroll through all of the images, take a stroll down my last 12 months right along with me, it doesn't entirely matter if you don't. 

Because what all this boils down to for me is this: I'm reminded. 

Wearing your creative heart on your sleeve is rife with insecurity. With doubts, fears, ups and downs, rollercoasters of emotions.
With wondering if you have any business at all doing this thing you're doing. With, "Am I good enough."

And going through this exercise, looking through all of my photos from the last year and choosing some of my favorites, I'm reminded.
I'm reminded of the joy, the laughter, the beauty, the sunshine, the intimate moments that I've been a part of. I'm reminded that I love, LOVE capturing these things. I'm reminded that my vision is unique, that the way I capture these things isn't the way everyone else would capture them, and that I'm proud of that. I'm reminded that I can SEE the warmth of an embrace, the tenderness of a touch, the quietness of a soul, the beam of a real laugh, the glow of an inner beauty, the sunshine of deep love in my photos, and that I'm VERY proud of that. 

I'm reminded, most of all, that I want to keep doing this.
And I want to do it my way. 

So 2014, if I have my way, is going to be more of refining my style, bringing me into my art, growing my craft, and being true to my voice.  I hope to manifest more creativity, beauty, sunshine, confidence, and joy in the coming year. More Life, Love, & Light. 

So, I am saying a HUUUUUUUUGE thank you to all of my clients in the past year. 

You did this. You helped to push me, excite me, challenge me, thrill me, overjoy me, touch me -- most of all, INSPIRE me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me into your lives, for sharing your love, for showing me your vulnerability and allowing me mine, for allowing me to let your light shine bright in my lens.

Happy new year, beautiful ones --- old, new, and yet-to-come clients alike --- can't wait to share a fabulous 2014 with all of you!! :)

***A big, gigantic, squeezy-hug-thank-you to Joni Girvan and Nikki Closser for letting me play Robin to their bad ass Bat Man a few times this year, too!***

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