Can you trademark sunshine?

"Sunshine is your trademark."

That's what someone said to me yesterday,
after I posted some wedding photos I took over the weekend,
I might've squealed a little.


These are, after all, 'my words' --- what I'm all about.
And I was giddy that someone saw it:

Life, Love, & Light.

 Life is the quiet moments, the in-betweens,
the looks, the laughs, the touches, even the tears.
It's connections, exploration, and sharing experiences with others. 

Love is the emotions that are palpable, undeniable; the ones that jump off the page,
that grab you by the throat or punch you in the belly. 
It's opening your heart -- even in the face of fear -- and sitting resolutely in love instead. 

Light is beauty;
it's artful approaches to the everyday and masterful creations that fill you with joy.
It's sun-flare, summer haze, and a glow imbued with - or imbuing - emotion.
It's optimism, enthusiasm, and a soul shining through. 


If I can capture that essence,
let someone else see and feel those things, 
then my soul is shinin', too.


Heather AllisonComment