April Pride 2014 /// Seattle Fashion Photographer

It's one of those phone calls that you realize -- in the moment -- could be one of those game-changers. 
"I want you to be the house photographer for April Pride." 


I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely April Allison (we share both a last name AND an age AND an astrological sign - kismet?) and her adorable family last year --- pancakes and pajamas :) --- and I'm HUGELY excited to start working with her in a different capacity: FASHION!

We spent the day primping, gabbing, shooting "The Dress," and drinking champagne. I'm not going to say which part I enjoyed the most. ;)

Now, studio photography isn't exactly my typical forte, but I'm always up to stretch my wings, and I also got to pepper the fashion shoot with -- my favorite -- lifestyle. Capturing some of the behind-the-scenes moments, the in-betweens, the styling, the laughs. 

And the little monkey peeking in through the window. ;)

Heather AllisonComment