Heyyyy... /// Birthday and Anniversary shenanigans!

I can't believe I haven't written a What I'm Lovin' post since freakin' AUGUST!

Yowsa. Time gets away from me. Might be time to resurrect the regular blog habit. :)

But I'm lovin' big time on two things right now: 
The lovin' I got on my birthdayweek, and the lovin' I got on my anniversary weekend away with my amazing man. 


The former involved a gaggle of friends over the span of a week: The Wolf of Wallstreet and a boozy theatre; an enormous sushi dinner out; and a decadent, sunny Sunday brunch; and a stuff-yourself-til-you-nearly-explode sushi dinner (yes, more sushi) with my main squeeze. 

The latter involved a secret (to me) destination getaway with my love with whom I'm celebrating one year --- coziness, storminess,  nesting, movies in, beach crawls, meandering, souvenir-buying, SO MUCH SLEEPING IN, and more snuggling than the fabric softener bear.* 
(*I don't know, I couldn't think of anything else that snuggled a lot... ;) )

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