UNITED 2014: Chasing a Moment with Children /// Seattle Child Photographer

I hit the ground running after returning from the awesomeness that was United 2014 --- an ooey-gooey love-fest of photography workshops in Santa Barbara, California in February --- and haven't had a chance to post all of my delish photos from that week. 

shot The Dress, I started a new job, had a birthday, an anniversary, and am only now just starting to breeeeeaaaathe again. (Birthdays and anniversaries are fantastically fun, but they do NOT involve sitting alone at your computer editing photos. ;) )

So it's finally catch-up time. 

I had an amazing time at United. I met some of the most beautiful souls, spent time with my "little sister," met a new soul-sister, became newly inspired, was fortunate enough to help inspire someone incredible and totally adorable, cried, was dead-on-my-feet tired, laughed my face off and had heart-to-hearts and big talks with "old" friends, coined the term 'polished hippie,' had some pool time, witnessed incredible generosity and giving and encouragement, wore awesome blue heels, cried more, channeled "pyramid power," hugged my BRAINS out, and soaked up some California sunshine.

(There are so many people I wanted to link to in here, but a run-on sentence can only run on so long!!:  roomies and van-sistasridiculously-gorgeous mamas from Illiniosthought-provoker extraordinaire, and every one of the presenters who taught me something, inspired me, made me cry --- especially the ones who made me cry. ;) )


I'm starting, finally, to post some of the photos here. :)

This was a children shoot on the beach the first afternoon -- hosted by my little sis, Jessica, and the ever-lovely Eva. 

I loved these kids --- and that LIGHT!!! Swoon. 

Two more United shoots to come...!

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