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Goddess Army: Self-Study


The signature Goddess Army journey is now available for those of you who prefer to journey on your own;

who like to pace yourself and journey in your own way,
or who simply want the information delivered to you, straight to your inbox.

With audio modules, deep content and transmissions, guided visualizations and visceral exercises, and journaling prompts to deepen into ---

--- this is the original, transformative 9-month Goddess Army journey, and gives you the Key to unlocking your most Mythic Love and life.

  • Peel away the Masculine energy construct that is keeping you stuck, struggling, in fear, and feeling lost, alone or empty;
  • Release the pain, anger, regret and resentment keeping you anchored in the past, and tethered to the old Paradigm;
  • Step into your centered, aligned Channel that allows you to create and attract what you Desire with ease and pleasure;
  • Awaken your own Inner Goddess to connect to your power, your grace, and your innate access to ALL forms of Love;
  • Deepen into your body's wisdom, your inner Truth, your intuition, and the power of your emotions to know exactly what's in alignment for YOU, and learn how to trust it;
  • Finally feel GOOD --- feel the kind of joy and Love you're designed to feel, and receive the More you're meant for... and never have to doubt that again for a second.

Dive into the Self-Study journey by choosing your preferred payment option at the right...

The Magic begins as soon as you join, and includes:

  • Rich audio content, guided exercises, meditations, visualizations, practices and tools every month;
  • Journaling prompts with every Module to deepen in and anchor in the experience;
  • An invitation to the private Facebook community, where you'll connect and get support from other women who are on the same journey;
  • Exclusive access to the Goddess Army VIP 1:1 rate for deeper support whenever you need it

Read more about the Goddess Army journey here.

I finally trust myself, my own path and my voice. Goddess Army solidified that truth for me: Everything I need is inside of me.
— Ava Marie

Goddess Army: Self-Study

Single pay: $900

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Payment Plan: $111/month

Extended 18-month Self-Study journey:

Extended program includes one Module per month instead of two for an extended journey.

Payment plans are non-refundable but commitment-free: Cancel any time in your journey by simply emailing 14 days before your next billing cycle.

I’ve found the definition of Love in its truest form.
I’m the happiest I’ve ever been plus more — thank you.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for completely changing my life.
— Krista V
Four months into Goddess Army, and my life, my relationship and business has completely turned around.
Things finally feel light + fun again. The energy has completely shifted in my business and my relationship.
— Shannon Whaley



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Here's what this digital program explores...

  • The principles of Force vs. Flow in relationships
  • Creating the energy to call in Love
  • Opening to Receive Love from the Universe
  • Opening to Possibility
  • Attracting the right Love for you
  • Letting in the Love that's coming to you
  • Staying open when you want to shut down


Putting my heart and my hope in a program, a book, a course that I deeply hoped would make a difference.

Thinking there had to be something that I just wasn't getting, something I just didn't know, that would finally shift how Love showed up for me...

That it would somehow give me the answers or insights I needed to finally end painful cycle of love that ended in loss, happiness that ended in heartache, that I found myself in over and over again...

Maybe you're tired of hurting, of feeling alone,
wondering when Love is finally going to feel good;

Maybe you think you've found it, several times, but feel like you somehow keep getting Love "wrong"; 

Maybe you feel like you can't peel away the walls you've built up to protect yourself, and now those walls are keeping Love from getting to you;

Maybe you feel stuck in a cycle of pushing Love away when it feels like it gets too close... 

Whatever it is that's keeping you stuck, unable to Receive the Love that's meant for you --- it's time to shed whatever it is that’s been holding you back from Love. 

It's time to OPEN powerfully to welcome in the Love that's meant for you —

--- because if you're here reading this, hoping that it might be out there for you... it is.

The Keys to Love is an invocation of
your Inner Goddess of Love,

-- with tools, worksheets, audio, and exercises to help you finally shift out of that Fear space that's keeping Love from being able to reach you -- and to help you open to receiving the Love that's MEANT for you.

Who am I, really?
What am I doing here?
Why doesn't my life feel truly like ME? 
How do I even figure out what that ME feels like?

Unlock Your Goddess Code is a digital program to help you uncover and unlock your own unique, Archetypal Code --- 

--- the one your Soul came into this lifetime with, 
the one that, when you begin to embody it fully, helps you attract the right Love, the right clients, the most Soul-aligned path, and live your Essence full-out.

The one that helps you find the answers to those nagging questions above.

  • Use it to find your Soul Brand for your business or your services;
  • Use it to tap into your Authentic Self and to give yourself permission to be FULLY YOU, unapologetically;
  • Use it to gain clarity and Remembrance around what you're meant to bring into this lifetime...

When I started living my Code a number of years ago, my photography finally felt cohesive, 
I stopped beating myself up for things that are actually a CORE part of who I am,
and I started calling in the things and people (and Soul path!) I was meant to have in my life...

Begin living from your own, personal Goddess Code, and watch as the Universe rises up to meet you with what's meant for you.

Unlock Your Goddess Code will help you:

  • Gain clarity and deep understanding of who you are, your Soul-yearnings, and the unique gifts you are here to share with the world so you can stop wasting time in careers, situations and relationships that don't feel right, and start making new choices aligned with who you are at your core.
  • Get tools and a practical framework to make decisions and choose paths that are going to support -- rather than drain -- your joy, love and ease.
  • Show up as exactly who you are so that you can stop attracting the things and people who aren't right for you, and start attracting the things that will bring you real joy.
  • Give yourself permission to BE -- deliciously -- who you truly are, instead of hiding parts of you away from the world out of fear of judgment, ridicule or rejection.
  • Shut out the 'noise' of the infinite inputs, shoulds and comparisons to what other people are doing, and have clarity around your path and your desires, so you can start making choices for YOUR best life --- not somebody else's.
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Goddess Alignment: A 7-week Morning Practice Program

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I give every one of my clients a Morning Practice -- it is one of the most foundational practices when opening to Remember the power your Inner Goddess, and to re-wiring your frequency to align with Love.

The Goddess work we do is no less than a deep-dive into the Mystery of the Divine Feminine --- and at the core of any study of the Mystery, is an anchoring practice to center you into the expansiveness of your inner space, and connect you with the expansiveness of the Universe. 

In this 7-week course, you'll get to experience some of my own Morning Practice --- a daily ritual that has changed my life in more ways than I could possibly list here. 


This 7-week Goddess Morning Practice program will be delivered to your inbox weekly for 7 weeks, as soon as you sign up.


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