Join Me:
The Art of the Soulful Sales Invitation

A 4-week mini-course to:

  • Understand the Key to success in the incoming paradigm of business;
  • Learn how to transform your energy, your offerings and your sales calls into Divine Feminine Ease and Flow;
  • Create the conditions for a Yes Please on nearly every discovery or sales call —— without ever, ever, EVER having to push, manipulate, drill into objections, or just feel totally disingenuous;
  • Invite the Universe to work WITH you in building your business —— instead of feeling like you're always fighting against it.

“Deepening into these questions reprogrammed my old mindset from how much I should charge and what my services were worth  to feeling that I actually provide something that will make an impact on humanity."

"OMG I'm loving it already and it is only 10 min into the 1st segment!!!!”

Align with your Quantum Leap

Move out of that spin-cycle of STUCKNESS and prepare for your Quantum Leaps forward in the year ahead.

The Align with Your Quantum Leap mini-course — with audio content, workbooks, and a Shamanic Journey — helps you get yourself in the energy that's going to be the MOST helpful, and the most aligned with creating the life, the love, the success and the Magic you're wanting to call in.

"HOLY SHIT! Thank You!!!"

"I rolled a LOT away, and let it go to the violet fire of transmutation, which was awesome and very liberating."

"Dude—what an experience! I spent my entire Sunday diving into this course, and holy shnikeys!
Word of the Year Meditation: Woah, was this magical! I have done quite a few meditations and visualizations with you and this one was a super powerful one."

What's your Goddess Code?

Uncover your core Archetypal Brand and attract your ideal clients, Love and life

Unlocking your Goddess Code is the Key to calling in the life, Love, clients and Magic that you're most deeply Desiring...


Because your Soul came into this lifetime with a Code, and when you begin to embody it fully, you will begin to attract exactly what's MEANT for you...

Goddess Alignment:
A 7-week Morning Practice Series

If you do nothing else, this practice is a game-changer.

At the core of any foundational transformation, is the act of putting oneself FIRST.

For 7 weeks, try putting yourself first with an anchoring practice to center you into the expansiveness of your Feminine grace, Power and Magic, and watch what begins to shift around you...

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Goddess Army: online course

You're not meant to struggle.
It's not supposed to be this hard.

Let yourself Remember.

Click below for the signature Goddess Army online journey --- transformational Archetype Activation --- straight to your inbox.

I’ve found the definition of Love in its truest form.
I’m the happiest I’ve ever been plus more — thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for completely changing my life.
— Krista V
Four months into Goddess Army, and my life, my relationship and business has completely turned around.
Things finally feel light + fun again. The energy has completely shifted in my business and my relationship.
— Shannon Whaley