Sacred number energies


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In 2016, I received a download from my Cosmic Team about the Sacred energies behind numbers.
Since then, I've begun receiving information through their appearance in my life, in my dreams and in my visions, and it has added a beautiful layer of meaning and healing that hadn't been clear to me before then.
I was recently guided to share these with you in the hopes that they help serve your interaction with the Invisible Realms, and support your most Mythical journey.

If these Sacred Number energies resonate with you, then they're for you. If they don't, there is a modality of Number meaning and symbolism out there that will. We all have a different Channel, and receive different 'portions' of information ā€” please Trust what you feel resonant with, and please leave behind anything you don't. šŸ’•


0 - Undefinable. All That Is. Divine energy. The Zero Point, total possibility. Amplifies whatever numbers it is with.

1 - Action. First steps. Sovereignty. Identification. Individuality. Singularity.

2 - Duality. Balance. The balance of polarities. Opposite Truths. Awareness of the 'other'.

3 - Where there are 2, there is naturally a 3rd. This is the energy of birthing. Creation, Creativity. Play.

4 - Structured but soft; an open and loving container. Relationship. The Dance of the Masculine and Feminine energies.

5 - Structure. Building blocks. Organization. Order. Commitment. When Action takes Form. The body. Humanness.

6 - Emotion + Information and / into Matter. Embodiment. The Spiral. Cyclical nature. Divine Feminine.

7 - Divine Knowledge. Information. Understanding. Consciousness. Inspiration. Divine Masculine.

8 - Harmony. The Divine Marriage. Divine Blueprint. Cosmic Tapestry. 

9 - Soul. Intuition. Divine guidance, alignment, essence and being.

*See the explanation of the Divine Feminine and Masculine Archetypes and energies here.

Sacred Number combinations

Below you'll find examples of the oracle meanings and my interpretations of many Sacred Number combinations. More will be added (and the functionality of this page improved) as I continue to add more. 

3-digit Sacred Numbers speak to us of Co-Creation, creativity and birthing what we desire or what we're meant for. These combinations invite you to look at the associated energies in order to Co-Create in your highest good.
See farther below for other Sacred Number combinations.

Please don't let my interpretations limit your experience --- I invite you to take the core energies of the numbers above and feel into them to see what they may be saying to you, personally.

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The energy of 000 is the energy of Co-Creation through the Unknown, new beginnings or Divine Grace.
000 asks you to have Faith. This energy reminds you to Trust in the Unknown, in the infinite possibility of the Universe, in Divine timing and in Miracle. This is a deep calling to Remember that you are Loved, and that anything is possible. It also asks you to look to where you may be in transition, moving away from one cycle or path, and moving toward something new. This is a very fertile energy for Co-Creation. Take time to dream big, set and hold intentions, and connect to the energy of the All That Is.


The energy of 111 is the energy of Co-Creation through Identification, Sovereignty or First Steps.
111 asks you to return to your Core, identify your Truth, or simply begin. This energy may be asking you to take some time for journaling to identify how you're feeling, what you Desire, or what's in your space. It might be a reminder to come into your own Center; to Remember who YOU are, not what is expected of you or what others are doing; to get clear on your own desires, your own feelings, your own Soul's path. It might be an invitation to take the first step in the direction of your dreams, your goals, your desires; even the tiniest baby step. 


The energy of 222 is the energy of Co-Creation through Duality. The balance of polarities. Opposite Truths. Awareness of 'other'.
222 asks you to become aware of what ELSE is true; it asks you to release attachment to the singular idea, the one outcome, the fixed focus, and to see the possibility that lies in the polarity. What is the Opposite Truth, and how can you hold both of these Truths simultaneously so that you can find your unique throughway somewhere between the two? It asks us to bring balance to where we might be overly-identified or overly-focused. It asks the question, "What else might be True?" and to remove yourself from your singular vantage point, and invite the empathy and understanding of another's experience. 222 might also be asking for giving, generosity to others, but in BALANCE with your own needs (i.e., not sacrificing your own self-giving and self-generosity).


The energy of 333 is the energy of Co-Creation through pure Creativity. 
333 asks you to play. To get creative. To take time for creative endeavors, painting, writing, drawing, even reading to create new ideas. If 333 is speaking to you, it's asking you to make time in your day for pure, freely expressed Creativity. See what arises, what Becomes, what comes through in the space of that creative energy. It may be asking you to find 'the third way,' a new way forward perhaps you hadn't thought of before. It also asks if there's something within you that would like to be birthed at this time --- what dreams, ideas, projects or other musings have been seeding within you, asking to be brought into the world? How can you find some time today to take steps to create in service of those? 


The energy of 444 is the energy of Co-Creation through soft structure, and through the Dance of the Masculine and Feminine energies.
444 asks you to create an open and loving container for what you want to Co-Create. Maybe this is a scheduled chunk of time in which nothing is planned, in which you can simply flow with inspiration and whatever comes up. Maybe it's speaking your intentions and desires to your loved ones with no expectations, no demands, no judgments, just simply to express what's calling to you and what you desire. Maybe it's giving yourself permission to simply begin, with no requirements or attachment to outcome. Maybe it's simply taking care of how you would like to feel first, before "getting to work." 444 asks you to be mindful of the beauty of the Dance of the Archetypes, the Masculine and Feminine energy, knowing that it is necessary to both give and receive, to have both action and stillness, to connect with your goal and embrace the Unknown. 


The energy of 555 is the energy of Co-Creation through finding structure, creating building blocks, Commitment.
More than just taking Action, as with the first steps resonating in the Sacred Number 1, the Sacred Number 5 is when Action takes Form. Where the Sacred Number 4 is about soft structure which allows for the dance of inspiration within a sacred container, holding space for flow; the Number 5 is a deeper call to look at what needs organizing, sorting out, in service of Co-Creating what we desire. Sacred Number 5 is when we "Do." This might be something like establishing a recurring hour for your Morning Practice, rather than the 'first step' of getting onto your mat. This might be something like creating the systems for your new offering, rather than the 'soft structure' of brainstorming, creating the flow, or writing the content for it. It might be as simple as taking care of the nagging 'disorder' that can be found in any part of our lives. 555 is about the Commitment of returning to your Sacred Action in service of what wants to be Co-created.


The energy of 666 is the energy of Co-Creation through the Divine Feminine.
666 has gotten a bad rap over the centuries --- as has everything else in the Divine Feminine realm --- as a means to vilify the power and the magic of our Archetype. Far from anything 'wicked' or 'sinister' (in fact, the origin of the word "sinister" is simply "left-sided"; the Feminine side), the energy of 666 asks us to deeply connect to our fullest embodiment of who we are; to get out of our heads, and into the fullness of who we Know we are. It asks us to Trust the cycle of life, the Spiral, the flow and the ebb, Knowing that it is simply a part of the perfection of life. It also asks us to feel into where you may be relying too heavily on your Masculine energy, and it asks you to Return to the grace, power and magic of the Divine Feminine within you. 
*See the explanation of these Archetypes and energies here.


The energy of 777 is the energy of Co-Creation through the Divine Masculine.
777 asks you to reconnect to higher Consciousness. It's a reminder to connect with your Divine Knowledge, rather than the stories being told to you by your ego, your Wounded Masculine or Wounded Feminine Archetypes. 777 is a calling to rise above the suffering of the human experience, and to Remember that you are supported by the Divine Masculine. This Sacred Number is also an invitation to look at what you truly Desire, how you feel, and how you want to feel, and to task the Divine Masculine energy within you to act in support of those Truths.
*See the explanation of these Archetypes and energies here.


The energy of 888 is the energy of Co-Creation through total Harmony.
This Sacred Number is a deep call to look at where you may be out of alignment with your deepest Desires, with your Truth, and with your Soul's purpose, and asks you to find ways to come back into Harmony with those Truths. Where are you still putting your energy, your emotions, or your beliefs that is not serving what you are being called to, what you Desire? Where are you in avoidance or resistance instead of taking a step closer --- through the discomfort --- to what you deeply want? Where are you asking, hoping and praying for Love, but still acting out of Fear? The Sacred Number 888 asks you to Co-Create in the highest-vibration of Love.


The energy of 999 is the energy of Co-Creation through Divine guidance and intuition.
999 asks you to connect with your Soul, with your intuition, with prayer for Divine guidance. More than just connecting with your Divine or inner voice, this Sacred Number asks you to Remember that you ARE a Divine Being, and it asks you to Honor what you receive from these subtle voices of Love. This can be the hardest part about connecting with your intuition --- Trusting it, allowing yourself to believe it, honoring it by taking steps in service of what you hear.
999 is a deep invitation to Remember that you are being guided --- and also that you are being asked to do your part in the Co-Creation process. 



Other Sacred Number Combinations

You will often receive a Sacred Number that is different from the ones listed above.

For example, from the Sacred Numbers Oracle, you will most often receive a Sacred Number that consists of 3 different numbers. And, in life and the world around you, you may receive 2-digit "Balance" numbers,
4-digit "Sacred Container" numbers, or other combinations, rather than the 3-digit "Co-Creative" numbers above.

Here are a few examples of how I receive these variances to assist you in interpreting
and gleaning information from the other kinds of numbers you may be shown.
When you interpret for yourself --- I encourage you to use your imagination, get creative,
and find the meaning of the above Sacred Number energies that feels GOOD for you. 



While seeing single numbers is an everyday part of life which may or may not hold meaning and messages for you, when you feel a deep resonance with a single number, when a single number seems to be following you around, or when you simply feel called to a single number, the energy is that of "Identification," "Sovereignty" and/or "First steps." For example, a single Sacred Number 9 may be asking you to remember that you have your own Soul path; letting you know your Soul is trying to speak to you; asking you to tap into your Intuition for your answer; or simply telling you that you are Loved and supported by the Divine. 


When seeing double-digit numbers, these are speaking to you of finding balance in your life or your endeavors, or asking you to hold the Polarity of two opposites at the same time. For 18, this would speak to me of holding the energies of Individuality, Singularity, Identification AND the energies of the bigger picture, the Cosmic Tapestry, and the perfect Harmony of all of life --- all at the same time. In other words, this speaks to me of being willing to hold my Truth at the same time as the Collective Truth; to hold the Truth of "What Is" alongside the Truth of "All Possibility." 


I receive the energy of this Sacred Number as a request to find balance in my life by seeking understand at a deeper level, to allow inspiration to move through me, to receive the higher Consciousness and Information that wants to come to me, and to allow myself to engage my inner Divine Masculine. So this might be when I would look to see what other messages the Universe might be trying to speak to me, pay attention to what I might be overlooking; to dive into the esoteric teachings that might be asking for my understanding; to look deeper, and connect to what I'm being asked to understand that might not be what it appears at the surface; and to see where I might be stuck in Wounded pattern and see where I can invoke the Divine forms of the Masculine instead.
*See the explanation of these Archetypes and energies here.


I receive the energy of this Sacred Number as the energy of PLAY and Creativity (the 3) in Divine flow (TWO 0s, not just one), unencumbered by expectation, linear parameters or rules; or the starting a new creative project. Maybe that's free-flow journaling, abstract painting, getting outside for a walk you don't map out, playing in the sand, etc.


When I receive this number --- and I receive it fairly frequently --- I receive it as a calling to consciously raise my vibration; connect to the doubled energy of Harmony with Divine 0 energy in the center.


I receive the energy of this Sacred Number as the energy of Soul-guided or intuitive creation within an open and loving container. Feeling into what wants to be created, rather than what I think *should be* created, and creating the time, space and non-expectant container for that exploration. This, interestingly, is the Oracle I received the day I began to create this page. :)


The Sacred Number 1111 is SUCH a common one --- it's often the Sacred Number that we first begin noticing, as our guides, our Soul, the Universe begins to get our attention, give us little 'winks' and nudges. You can see, then, how it is the energy of the Sacred Number of "first steps" and "identification." This is the energy of a "safe and loving container" through this 'first' contact --- our guides, and the Universe, are letting us know that it's safe to believe; it's safe to take the first step into deepening our intuition, into communing with the Invisible Realms. I always invite my clients to see this Sacred Number as Love from the Universe, inviting a deepening conversation and relationship with the Mystery.  
Enjoy --- you're being invited into your Mythic life. :)


Whew --- this is a lot of Harmony. I receive the energy of this Sacred Number as a powerful calling to find time, and create a soft structure, for Harmony in my life. Depending on what was on my mind or in my space when I received this, I might make dedicated time to get onto my mat and meditate with my whole Team; I might find time to have some unplanned, unstructured date-time with my guy; or I might look at where I might be out of alignment in my work-life that may be impacting the 'open and loving container' that I want my business to be for me.



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