Soul Sessions

Soul Sessions are a powerful and soulful blend of Photography + Love Coaching. 

It's all about connection to your most beautiful, most powerful you; your lightest and brightest self. 

Where Goddess Sessions are more along the lines of boudoir, Soul Sessions are more fashion, beauty-portrait.
They're about soul-enlivening, heart-opening, manifesting your magic, and sitting into your own beautiful power. 

A Soul Session is usually outdoors, in some place where you feel connected, expansive, in touch with the ground beneath your feet and the restorative qualities of mama nature. 

While we're shooting, I'll lead you through a couple of powerful visualizations and goddessy, glowing exercises --- tools you can take with you and practice long after our time together. 

With both Soul Sessions and Goddess Sessions, you'll feel and radiate your most beautiful, powerful, radiant YOU.

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I love to travel, too! Ask me about travel options! :)