Welcome, Goddess.

I'm so honored to be linking arms with you, giving you these tools and practices, philosophies and insights that have changed my life, my relationship, my connection to my intuition — and has done the same for SO MANY women.

I believe in this work, and the miracles it creates, like nothing else. 
And it’s such a profound honor to share it with you.

I can't wait to hear what unfolds for you as you step into your own Remembrance...

You are Whole
you are Powerful

you are Divine...

Listen to my message to you below, and then enter your name and email address below to unlock Module 1 and dive into the Goddess Army... 

Please be sure to scroll down the page for important recommendations, our Commitments and some other information. 



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Enter your name and preferred email here to unlock your first Module and get started, Goddess...
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Diving in...

For the next 9 months, I'm in your corner — along with a beautiful, soulful Collective of women, taking this journey right along with you. I’ll be holding space for you, sharing this Mystery with you, and creating the Alchemical container for you to Remember and begin to re-embody your Inner Goddess, and step into the More you’re meant for…

A couple of notes:

You can dive into your experience as much or as little as you'd like
— while I do have a plan, and I will stand for you powerfully (including asking you to get uncomfortable in order to transmute what’s holding you back), this program is yours. You have the freedom and the deep permission to make of it what you will, to explore it as deeply as you’d like, to go back and re-visit elements over and over as you feel called, and to journey based on what you’re ready for, and based on what feels right for your Soul, your path, and where you are now.

You're in control; I'm just a guide.


By entering into this space together, we are making a deep commitment to one another. Please read these Commitments carefully, and absorb them — mine and yours — into your cells, your bones, your belly.

My commitments:

I hold this container as sacred. It is a deep, beautiful dive into your greatness, into your beauty, into your grace, into Love itself, and I desire your expansion and your joy as deeply as I desire my own.

I will show up fully for you, open to holding space for whatever you are experiencing, whatever you need to experience, and what your Soul wants you to experience and express.

I will do my best to give ample attention to everyone on our Collective: Monthly Q&A Calls, as the container of time allows. Because that container is finite, should we run out of time before your question can be asked, I will try to honor your question first in the next call. And I also know that timing is always divine, and the information shared on every call is the perfect medicine for all who need to hear it. 

I will excuse myself, to reschedule our time — extending our program slightly if that’s necessary — if I am not capable of showing up fully for you for any reason (illness, emergencies, etc.). And I commit to putting down all of “My Own Shit”, my own process, and not bringing it into our work together, so that this space, this container, is all about you.

I commit to holding your fears, your resistances, your old stories gently and generously — and I also commit to standing powerfully for the Goddessness that’s on the other side, the vision of your ideal life, and the new stories that are asking to be created and lived, which may require me pushing you a bit, with Love, pressing out into your edges, and helping you to expand.

Your commitments:

You enter this space we’re creating together, knowing that it is sacred, magical, and a deep and fertile ground for the creation of your greatest Love and life; for your Goddessness to be unleashed.

You hold this space as wholly sacred, that it is a space of safety not only for you but for your sisters in their path and their journey as well. As such, you commit to holding the sanctity of this space in its entirety: Anything and everything shared within these energetic walls — in the calls, in the recorded content, in the teachings — is private, proprietary and confidential, and shall never be shared outside of them.

You show up willingly, fully, eagerly, with a soft heart, an open mind, an intention to share deeply, bravely, with an openness to receive the new and, sometimes, the seemingly-weird.

You enter with an honest intention to explore, to expand, and to emerge out from under the things that are currently in your way, keeping you small, and dimming your shine — even when it’s uncomfortable. And you know that my asking you to get uncomfortable is in service of Love, in service of your growth, and in service of your Inner Goddess.

You commit to allowing me to hold your fears, your resistances, your old stories gently, safely, as you hold my hand and take even tentative baby-steps and maybe-steps out of the old, and into the light and new.

You commit to allowing yourself to open, to soften, to receive, and to hold onto Love as you embrace a new language, a new way, a new story, a new joy.

You will reach out to me if you need to reschedule our VIP time because of illness or emergencies. And, should you be unable to attend our live Monthly Q&A Calls for any reason, or if you are unable to have your question answered in the container of time we have, you will honor the divine timing, the perfection of the information and 'medicine' you'll be receiving through hearing the shares and coaching of the other women on the recorded call.

And you commit to bringing “Your Own Shit,” when you’re feeling stuck in it and feeling like you want to shut down, into our time together, into this loving container, so that we can sweep it out together.

You commit to not beating yourself up, talking shit about yourself, or otherwise seeing yourself as anything less than the Goddess you are. You commit to reminding yourself that I won’t allow it.

Lastly, you commit to Love. Above fear, above doubt, above the paralyzing instinct to shut down. You commit to Love. And you commit to allowing me to stand for yours.