Soulful Success
gets to be easier…

There are thousands of people out there telling you they can help you finally, FINALLY break the code of Success in your business.

But they all sell the same thing:
Marketing and business strategy built in the Wounded Paradigm of business. The Paradigm that actually THRIVES ON SCARCITY and Fear and manipulation.

And we wonder why — no matter how many templates and strategies we try — it doesn’t seem to work for us?

It’s because we’re just continuing to create more and more Wounding — in our business, within our audience, in our own psyche — so of course it’s not working. And it sure as shiz doesn’t feel good.

The current Paradigm of business is built on push, over-doing, over-work, over-thinking, competition, comparison, struggle. It makes EVERYTHING harder than it’s supposed to be — and it’s designed to keep us in Scarcity.

that’s not the Paradigm you’re built for.

And not the one that’s going to support the kind of Success and Abundance that will feel good,
deeply nourish you, and allow you to live out your Soul Purpose.

Understanding and operating in
the Feminine Paradigm of Business that’s on its way in
— is the KEY to your Soulful Success.

This is the core understanding you need in order to start shifting the energy in your business — from Marketing and Sales that works AND feels good (to everyone), to clients who want more of what you offer;
from Knowing and following our Soul Purpose, to calling in the Abundance we’re meant for;
to simply letting our businesses finally feel the way it’s supposed to: like Ease and Pleasure and Success.

Below you’ll find resources, powerful experiences and deeply transformational courses
— moving from Free audio (at the top), to deeper experiences,
to the deepest dive and most Powerful transformation possible in this work (at the bottom).

choose the gateway into this remembrance
that feels best for you — and START shifting out of the struggle.


The Golden Path podcast

Listen in for free.
You can also find it on iTunes, here.

Scarcity Repair — Success intro bundle

A 4-part introductory bundle for Goddesspreneurs, heart-led business owners — and anyone else wanting to shift patterns of Scarcity and Lack, and open the Channels for greater Abundance.

Includes a Transmission, a Training, a Shamanic Journey to clear Scarcity, and an Embodiment Practice for Abundance.

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Soulful Sales Success

Join Me — the mini-course to activate your soulful sales success

This 4-week mini-course has revolutionized the way my clients feel about their marketing, sales, and their businesses — AND paves the way for an audience that is excited to say Yes to their offerings.

Just 4 weeks, the practices and teachings in this mini-course are game-changing.

“I don't feel like I’m selling myself anymore.
This way of doing sales feels freer; less like pressure.
And it's working.”
— Kelly

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GP_IG template-HeatherBruceAllison-205_8.jpg

Your business can be a Love story…

A 3-month deeply guided course for the Soulful, heart-led entrepreneur who wants to change the entire Paradigm of her business into one of EASE.

The Old Ways don’t work anymore — and the aren’t going to bring your Freedom, your Abundance, your Soulful Success.

The emerging Feminine Paradigm of Business is built on the energetics that create CONNECTION — not the ones that foster further Separation.

If the Old Ways you’ve been trying aren’t working, and you’re feeling frustrated, stuck and not sure what else to try — that’s why.
People are getting more and more attuned to the feelings of Separation, Scarcity and Fear in our businesses, marketing and sales tactics.

And they’re no longer buying them.

I’ll show you how to be the breath of fresh air your audience is craving — and how to create a business, and a brand experience, that your clients will keep returning to over and over and over and over.

Want it all?
The whole-life Uplevel?

Want the Soulful Success that comes of the Feminine Paradigm of business,
PLUS a delicious, fulfilling, deeply embodied Love life,
PLUS an Intuitive Channel that’s turned on, tuned in, and breathtakingly clear,
PLUS the kind of Emotional Mastery that means you get to live full-out and full of Joy, Freedom and Pleasure?

Golden Goddess

This is the Mystery School + Mastermind I take 20 women through once a year
for your Whole-Life Upleveling and stepping into the Highest version of your Destiny.

Shamanic Journeys - Potent Energetic Practices - Content and Alchemical transmissions - Embodiment Practices
Mindset and Mind-Rewiring - Practical Tools - Reality Shifting - Emotional Mastery

Join us for your Awakening and your Expansion in all areas of your life —
— and never look back at the Paradigm of Struggle.

When I say this is the most important work that I have ever done in my life,
I am not exaggerating. This has been life changing!”
— Jaime