The Love Path

You are meant for a Love that feels Soulful, Sensual, Satisfying.


Activate Your Love
+ Magnetism


And the reason you can’t seem to fix it, is that nobody has told you (or any of us)
what’s really underneath the problems:

There's an Archetypal energy imbalance between us
and it's causing ALL of our relationship and Love struggles...

  • It’s making your lover pull away — even when you thought things were going so well.

  • It’s why you feel unheard, unsupported — and (worse) not CHOSEN by your lover —
    even though you keep asking, over and over, for what you need.

  • It’s why you keep choosing the wrong partners — the ones who can’t show up for you,
    the ones who can’t meet you where you are,
    the ones who don’t seem capable of the depth of Love you know you’re ready for.

  • It’s what’s creating the distance between you and your partner — why you’ve lost connection, why you argue the way you do,
    why you can’t seem to communicate, why — instead of growing — you’re growing apart.

I promise you,
it doesn’t have to be this way.

when we Shift this energy,
and the Masculine and Feminine archetypes and energies within us
get to do their sacred dance — the way they’re meant to —

we get to ignite in deepened connection,
passion, sensuality, attraction and harmony.

Dive in below — in any level you feel called to — and start to Repattern the Energy of your Love,
your relationships, your connection, your communication, and your capacity to RECEIVE Love.


Hi beautiful.


It hurts when you KNOW, in every ounce of your body, that you’re supposed to have a Love that feels beautiful, deeply connected, sensual and passionate, full of support and Joy,
where your heart gets to feel FREE, alive, open and SAFE —

— and it’s not coming. It’s not happening.
Or you thought you had it, and it’s falling apart.

I know because that was me — for most of my life.
Breakup after breakup. Attracting the wrong partners.
And even when I HAD a beautiful relationship — there was something that just wasn’t quite working, and it eventually fell apart.

It’s the hardest thing, because you were literally BUILT for Love.
So then why isn’t it working?

It’s not what you might think.
And it’s not your fault.

The problem is, we’ve actually been conditioned into the WRONG Energetics — all our lives — and, even if we CAN attract incredible partners, the Energetic Imbalance in our relationships build up over time, and we end up feeling distant, abandoned, neglected, resentful or just not sure why our partners are pulling away.

When I found this work — it changed EVERYTHING.

I finally stopped attracting Narcissists, I called in my partner, I healed from my traumatic marriage, and I continue to deepen into my sensuality and my relationship with My Love every day.

And I’ve gone on to help HUNDREDS of women shift back into their Original Energetic Blueprint — so that their relationships heal, their Love lives become delicious, and their Masculine Energy lovers can’t get enough of them.

I want to help you change these Energetics, too — so you can finally have the Love you were BUILT to have.

xoxo, Heather

“My relationship is
off-the-charts-incredible now.
This work is the real deal.”

- Ava G.


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and most potently transform your Love life.


Get this free transmission all about the Energetic Patterns and imbalances that make our Love lives and relationships fall apart, feel unfulfilling, or just keeps Love from COMING to us — and understand how the Archetypes play a massive part in having a Love that finally FEELS GOOD.

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Just a taste…

The Love Activation is a POTENT way to dip a toe in here — you’ll get the Love Transmission above, PLUS:

  • A powerful training on how to communicate with a Masculine Energy lover;

  • A Shamanic Journey to activate deep Love and Magnetic Power;

  • And a guided, deep embodiment practice to shift your vibration and activate your magnetism.

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This stuff is POWERFUL. My clients tell me this mini-course has helped bring relationships back from the brink of falling apart, activates a Sensual energy within them they haven’t accessed before, and changes the entire dynamic of their Love lives…

I didn’t hold back in this mini, 4-week course. It. is. RICH.

Drop in with this course, and start calling in your Lover DEEPER.
(Whether you’re in a relationship, dating, or just thinking about dating!)

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“this work solved my biggest relationship problems in the most surprising ways; I was genuinely floored.
after applying all the tools (without him even knowing!) everything shifted. I mean everything.
My relationship is now rock solid, and I feel super sexy and deliciously empowered.
You really need to dive into this.”


Go Deeper

If you’re really ready to shift the entire foundation of your Love, your relationships and how YOU feel — you want the Paradigm shift that the Goddess Army online course provides.

This journey is a rich, delicious, sensual Return to the Feminine beauty, power and sensuality within you. Activating your Inner Goddess, and giving you back “that piece” that you’ve felt has been missing.

Your relationships will change forever. And so will you.
And you won’t ever look back.

You won’t ever want to.

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Whole-life Uplevel

If you’re ready to Uplevel and upgrade every single part of your life — get on the list for the next wave of Golden Goddess.

Golden Goddess is the signature, personally-guided annual course offered just once a year to 20 women — and together, we Repattern ALL aspects of your personal Paradigm, returning you to the Energetic Blueprint you were meant for,

so you can finally HAVE all that you were meant for:
a deep, beautiful Love; Soulful Success and abundance; profound access to your Intuition, your Power, and to the Mystery'; as well as emotional, mindset and vibrational Mastery.

There is nothing like this course anywhere.
It is Mystery School, it is a Mastermind, it is Mastery of this beautiful thing we call life.

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“This was everything
I’d hoped for…”

 “this shifted so much more
than my love life.

I went From divorced, single mom, struggling and almost jobless —
— to magical dating experiences, writing a book, following my Soul's calling, trusting my intuition.

What I've been able to experience has been
everything that I'd hoped, and better.

- Sarah L.

“Because of you, I am in the happiest relationship of my life.
this work haS completely given me the most amazing life by showing me how it feels to livE in the feminine!!!”
— Darlene S.


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There are multiple ways to receive
the Alchemy and transformative power of this work.

Fill out a few questions here to find the Love Path that’s perfect — and perfectly suited — to you,
your preferences, your budget, and how you’d like to Activate your Love Path.

What women are saying
about this work...

true, uninhibited, unbridled love with a man who is crazy about me!

I am literally walking through a door to a new life, one of ease, flow and total spirit...
because you showed me a living example of what I wanted but had never seen modeled to even know it was possible.
I will be forever grateful for the role you have played in my life and my evolution!!!
So much love for you, to the stars and beyond, literally.”
— Darlene S.

“This work solved my biggest relationship problems in the most surprising ways;
I was genuinely floored after each module.

My partner and I were arguing a lot, disconnected and at odds,
and I thought we were probably going to break up because we just couldn't get on the same page.
But after applying all the tools (without him even knowing!) everything shifted. I mean everything.
The arguing stopped, he started offering me more affectionate attention,
and we've been able to have hard conversations while still staying deeply connected.
I love knowing that even if things get bumpy I have these magical practices to fall back on.
You really need to dive into this work. Thank you, Heather!”
— A.E.

This work helped me tease out the root of our problems and absolutely saved our marriage.
I had been spinning in a world of anger, and we had been so disconnected — this work helped me see things differently from how I ever had before, and helped me shift the energy between us.”
— Elizabeth R.

I went from divorced, single mom, struggling and almost jobless — to magical dating experiences,
writing a book, following my Soul’s calling, trusting my intuition.
What I’ve been able to experience has been everything that I’d hoped, and better.”
- Sarah L.

I feel happy and honestly FREE for the first time in 4 years. 
It feels so good to be free of the cage I’ve been locked up in for far too long. I’m feeling the pattern of struggle being released in every muscle in my body.” — Abby A.

“This has been the most intimate way to get in touch with my body, the way I feel, what I desire and feel my Truth.  Learning Goddess Language has lit up my life in the most beautiful way. I feel more Alive, I feel more expressive and connected in all of my relationships, and most importantly I love myself!”
— Michele B.W.

“Love, love. loving the course and benefiting so much!
It is helping me realize how much I have sacrificed my own peace of mind and feeling good for poor relationships.
Absolutely adoring this course!!!! So meaningful and rich for me...
— Alyne K.

“Before this course, I was numbing in every possible way. I wasn't loving myself. And I had no idea what I was looking for in life.
My life now feels like love, pleasure, joy. And my romantic relationship is off-the-charts incredible right now.
If you are a woman and feeling like your life is a struggle in anyway, my call to action for you is explore the idea the this work and see how it feels. I believe in this work with every atom of my being.”
— Ava G.

I can't thank you enough.”

— Krista B.

Last night, I felt my heart open.
I didn’t even realize I was still protecting it, still holding back.
I sat in our meditation, and I saw the stone around my heart cracking open, expanding,
and white light streaming through the cracks revealing my soft, tender, vulnerable heart and a streaming beautiful white light.
And tears of joy rolled down my face. Thank you Heather for this work you’ve created.”
— Sarah L.