The Mystic Path

Soon, I’ll be unveiling an all-new way for you to have access to this profoundly transformational and deep work — the work for Mystics in the making, helping you connect to your Soul, meet your Team, and work hand-in-hand with the Universe.

There are going to be Four Ways
to explore the mystic path
Depending on your interests, budget and preferences…

Choose your favorite.
Choose them all.
Dip a toe in.
Dive in deep to have it ALL.

Whatever is YOUR perfect mix for the Intuitive clarity, guidance and understanding you’re looking for.

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What's happening in your intuitive life now? How is it feeling unclear, uncertain, unknown or a little out of reach? What are you wishing for? What kind of Magic are you ready to experience?


Cosmic Shaman

for the mystics in the making.