Choose from 4-part intro bundles to start —
— or 4-week mini courses for potent transformation

Intro Bundles

start with just a taste

These Intro Bundles are bite-sized to give you an introduction to the principles of this work, AND give you a few ways to ‘try on’ an experience of it.

Each Intro Bundle includes:
A Transmission about the Archetypes and Energy Patterns,
a Training to help you apply the principles to your own life,
a Guided Practice to start creating shifts,
and a potent and Energy-shifting Shamanic Journey to create Alchemical Activation, bring through healing, and provide you with deep Soul-cellular information.

Choose one or more of the four Intro Bundles below:

Love Magnet (intro bundle)

Scarcity Repair (intro bundle)

Mystic Jumpstart (intro bundle)

Feel Better {intro bundle — coming soon}



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4-week mini courses

Create DEEP Transformation with
these rich, and incredibly potent, mini-courses


Join Me

activate your soulful sales success

Hate sales calls? Feel pushy or sleezy, and don’t really like how sales and “objections” were taught to you — but feel like there’s no other way if you want to actually succeed, make money, and book clients?
That’s just the OLD Business Paradigm. This is the new one…
The one that feels good to your Soul.

Join Me transforms your sales and marketing into Ease, Flow — and a consistent ‘YES PLEASE’ from your audience. Your sales calls and marketing gets to feel GOOD to everyone involved — and when you shift the energetics of them? More people WANT to say Yes.

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Tempt Me

activate your masculine lover

If your Masculine Lover seems to be pulling away, if they’re always hot and cold, if your relationship is on the brink of falling apart, or you’re starting to wonder whether Love is actually ever going to find you…

…there’s an energetic imbalance going on.
Their Masculine feels Emasculated
— but you have the Power (and the deep Sensual Magnetism) to change that. Completely.

Tempt Me creates the shifts to generate deeper attraction, magnetism and pleasure with your Masculine Energy lover. This course is a game-changer for your romantic life — whether coupled or looking.

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Connect Me

activate your Intuitive Channel

Feel like you might be a Mystic?
Always thought you might be Intuitive, but never really knew how to “tap in”?
Aren’t sure if what you’re hearing is your Intuition — or if it’s your Ego, your Fear, or some other voice you don’t want to be listening to?
Or maybe just feel like there’s supposed to be something More, something more Beautiful about this life — and you want to finally pull back the veil that’s been keeping you from seeing it?

Connect Me turns on your deeper wisdom, connects you with your Soul, and finally lets you start a TWO-way conversation with the Universe (i.e., it finally hears you, and you finally get to hear what it’s been trying to tell you).

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Uplevel Me

activate your next-level life

Create the energetic, mental and emotional shifts to experience Uplevel in all parts of your life.

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