The Love Path



your LOVE is supposed to feel SOULFUL, SENSUAL, & SATISFYING


You Choose How to explore…


A handful of small, curated experiences, teachings and guided practices to get you started.

If you're not sure where to start, or whether this work is for you -- this is a beautiful place to dip a toe in.


Dive straight into the transformative online course for your best Love and life.

If you already know that you want deep transformation, a total Paradigm-shift, and MUCH more Magic in your Love and life — but want the ease of self-paced and a lower investment — this is perfect for you.


With a 4-week mini-course for deeper transformation in your Love life.

If you’re wanting more than just a taste, but aren’t sure about diving into the full online course, this is the place to start.


YTHING — deep Love, Soulful Success in her business, Magic in her every day, Ease and visceral Pleasure in everything she does.

Personally guided and deeply held by me, this game-changing journey is available for 20 women each year, and opens for registration each Fall.

Or scroll down to find the perfect path for you


A taste


Bite-sized Activation for your Love life, relationships and dating.

Curated Transmissions, Shamanic Journeys, meditations, visualizations and teachings to support your Love, relationships and dating.
These also support every single part of your life — but they’re especially potent for bringing more Pleasure, depth and connection into your Love life.

Start here — or go deeper in the offerings farther below…

- Enjoy! xoxo

Transmission_RoadMap graphic.jpg

understanding the archetypal energies in relationships — and why it has everything to do with your happiness.

Training2_RoadMap graphic.jpg

How to communicate with a masculine energy Lover.

ShamanicJourney2_RoadMap graphic.jpg

An Activation of deep Pleasure and Magnetism.

My relationship is
off-the-charts-incredible now.

This work is the real deal.

- Ava G.


Go Deeper


4-week mini course for a bit more love, a bit more pleasure, a bit more intimacy.

These mini-courses are a deeper dive into one topic or question that I get most often.


Explore the mini-course on its own, or grab the bundle of the mini-course + all of the above.
- and either way…Enjoy! xoxo

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tempt me:

The art of intrigue for relationships and dating.



Tempt me + the ‘start here’ collection above


Because of you, I am in the happiest relationship of my life.

this work haS completely given me the most amazing life by showing me how it feels to livE in the feminine!!!

— Darlene S.


Even Deeper


the goddess army online course is no less than a game-changer.

Goddess Army is a deep Activation and re-embodiment of the Divine Feminine — the Goddess within you. With specific audio trainings on how to apply the shifts and teachings to your Love life, this work changes lives and relationships at the energetic level.
Clients who experience this work never look back…


Explore 9-month Goddess Army online course on its own, or grab the bundle of Goddess Army + ALL of the above. (Game-changer!)
- This is the moment where your Love and life changes. xoxo

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goddess army:

the online course that changes everything.
Learn more here, or register below.



get goddess army + everything in both sections above (boom.)


this shifted so much more
than my love life.

i went From divorced, single mom, struggling and almost jobless — to magical dating experiences, writing a book, following my Soul's calling, trusting my intuition.

What I've been able to experience has been everything that I'd hoped, and better.

- Sarah L.

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Have It All


Golden goddess: the exclusive, quantum leap journey .

For 20 women each year, this journey is the deepest dive into the Remembrance and Activation of your ability to have the Love, the life, the business, the success, the intuition and Magic that you were meant for. It is access to all aspects of what I teach — for your Love life, as well as for your business, your Intuition, your Self.


The Most Powerful Work I Teach


I’m With You

Guided personally by me, I’m there to hold your hand and Activate the Archetypal energy within you in every call — and I spoil the pants off of you all along the way.

If you’re ready to transform every part of your life into its highest, most Mythic potential…
If support, guidance, and community feels delicious and deepening to you…
If you know you’re meant for More, and you have a big beautiful vision for what you’re calling in for yourself…

If you’re ready to truly claim what you came here for…

— this may be the journey for you.


You Are Meant For So Much MORE.

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Let’s connect and feel into what’s Possible for you.



Happy Lovers

There is nothing that has helped me more.
This work helped me tease out the root of our problems and absolutely saved our marriage.
I had been spinning in a world of anger, and we had been so disconnected — this work helped me see things differently from how I ever had before, and helped me shift the energy between us.
— Elizabeth R.

I feel happy and honestly FREE for the first time in 4 years.
It feels so good to be free of the cage I’ve been locked up in for far too long. I’m feeling the pattern of struggle being released in every muscle in my body.

— Abby A.


This has been the most intimate way to get in touch with my body, the way I feel, what I desire and feel my Truth. Learning Goddess Language has lit up my life in the most beautiful way. I feel more Alive, I feel more expressive and connected in all of my relationships, and most importantly I love myself!
— Michele B.W.

Love, love. loving the course and benefiting so much!
It is helping me realize how much I have sacrificed my own peace of mind and feeling good for poor relationships.
Absolutely adoring this course!!!! So meaningful and rich for me...
100% what I was looking for and needing!

— Alyne K. 


Before this course, I was numbing in every possible way. I wasn't loving myself. And I had no idea what I was looking for in life.
My life now feels like love, pleasure, joy. And my romantic relationship is off-the-charts incredible right now.
If you are a woman and feeling like your life is a struggle in anyway, my call to action for you is explore the idea the this work and see how it feels. I believe in this work with every atom of my being.

— Ava G.

I truly whole heartedly am the happiest I've ever been.
I can't thank you enough.

— Krista B. 


Last night, I felt my heart open.
I didn’t even realize I was still protecting it, still holding back.
I sat in our meditation, and I saw the stone around my heart cracking open, expanding, and white light streaming through the cracks revealing my soft, tender, vulnerable heart and a streaming beautiful white light.
And tears of joy rolled down my face. Thank you Heather for this work you’ve created.

— Sarah L.