Well, first ---
"Understanding the Feminine"
is a bit of a misnomer.

There is no "understanding" of the Feminine --- because she is of the Mystery, of Paradox;
she is of the things like Love, magnetism, magic, desire, beauty, emotion, and everything else that can't be defined in just 'one way.'

Hers is the realm of inner knowing.
Of feeling.
Of sensing.
Of intuiting.
Of trusting even the NOT knowing.

But my intention is that these explorations and transmissions below will help you to FEEL into what the Feminine is about, so that you will begin to Remember that you, too, carry this Truth within you... 

...the Remembrance that you, too, carry the source of all that is Mythic, and all that is Love.

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Archetypes, in essence, are energy patterns. They're patterns of energy, behavior, thoughts, understanding, perspectives and feelings that exist within and around ALL of us --- no matter our culture, no matter our age, gender, or belief systems. 

They're basically invisible blueprints that impact us, consciously or unconsciously, in all aspects of our lives. And for the most part, we don't usually have any idea that they're acting behind the scenes --- that they're impacting all of our choices, our experiences, our patterns, and our relationships, our beliefs about ourselves, how we interact with the world. So because we don't KNOW they're operating behind the scenes, they're the things that become responsible for our unconscious programming --- those limiting beliefs and unconscious cycles.

Read more about these in-depth here: "Understanding the Archetypes"

"She" / "Her"

I often personify the Archetypes: the Divine Feminine, Goddess, the Divine Masculine, as well as the Wounded Feminine and the Wounded Masculine. You don't have to. For me, seeing and referring to these Archetypes as Beings, as individuals, breathes a life and depth into these essences of our psyches, our patterns and our understanding in a way that simply using them as 'terms' wouldn't allow. 


I'm often asked why I used the word "Army" for this work, Goddess Army --- and the answer is both simple and complex. The simple answer is that "Army" doesn't only mean the militant, aggressive, warring faction of a government --- it also means, simply, "a group of people banding together for a common purpose." And this is the way in which I intend this word to be used.

The more complex answer is this:
One of the very things we're working to shift in this work, and on this planet, is the Wounded Masculine CONDITIONING around things that it says should be rejected, that it says are "not okay." Things that, in their Essence, are inherently neither Good nor Bad; neither Strong nor Soft --- but which the Wounded Masculine Patriarchy has given negative CONNOTATION to through its Fear-based and Separation-fueled usage. 

And so, I'm using this term, specifically, to take back the meaning from just the "negative" usage --- and give it back its Truth which is that it is neither good nor bad, neither positive nor negative; and that it is only the energy with which it is used that matters. (You can read more of about this here.)


We're reclaiming the word "Army" for the purpose of Love.


The word "Feminine" has been saddled with a bunch of crap connotations over the centuries --- things that we've learned to associate with weakness, submissive or lesser-than... So, I invoke the word Goddess for its POWER.

If language and symbols get their power from our awareness, from our energy AROUND them, then concurrently using Feminine and Goddess together in all discussion of this work helps to realign the Feminine with what it really is --- and what we get to return to in embodying her:

The fullness of Power and Grace, the access to Unconditional Love, Passion, Co-Creation and Sovereignty.

So this is where we get to shift the collective consciousness back into the TRUE meaning of Feminine --- by reconnecting Her with the power of Goddess. It's also activating the Remembrance of the energy that was buried so long ago when we were all considered the embodiment of Goddess.

I use "Goddess" to describe a number of things, and you can choose all of them, or just what resonates most:
...I use it to describe a way of living, a way of being, a belief-system, a set of values....
...a deep reverence and honoring of our Feminine Archetype, energies and lineage...
...the energy, the Force within and around our world, our planet and the Universe, that speaks to me and through me as the Cosmic Goddess...
...and, probably most often, to describe a deep, primal, and very REAL power within us, a real part of us, that has been lying dormant within us and is Awakening now in many of us around the globe.


Mermaid speaks to the Divine Feminine FLOW; how we are at home in our oceans (emotion, Mystery, the mystical and mythical, depth, fluidity, non-structure, etc.); and how we're not built to walk on land (structure, rigidity, hard surfaces, edges, 'laws' (rules) like gravity, etc.). So WE are Mermaids when we hold the Divine Feminine Archetype. And the metaphor speaks to the richness of the experience of embodying her.


When I speak of the Universe, I invite you to replace this word with whatever force-greater-than-you you believe in. God, Life, Mother Nature --- whatever form of power you believes exists in this experience, beyond what we can see and "prove" --- I invite you to use in place of 'Universe.' 

For me, what I've experienced as Truth, is that the Universe is a much more organized, loving, intelligent, thoughtful and respectful force than I'd ever previously imagined possible. And that, along with our Souls and our "Teams" (those Divine Beings who are here to help us along the way), we are actually incredibly supported, incredibly loved, and incredibly honored for the work we're here doing on this plane(t).