Love is the core of your wedding day.
And you should be able to feel that in your photos.

Love is my passion. It's what I'm here for on this planet, in this lifetime, in my every day.

Every bit of your special day is important --- but for me, nothing is more important than the connection, the intimacy, the emotion, the depth, the Soul of your Love. 

And it's that that I strive to capture more than anything else.

I believe weddings are intimate, emotional, and soulful.
I believe in the alchemical blending of my heart and soul with yours as you embark on this journey together.
I believe in capturing images, co-creating together, to remind you -- and everyone around you -- of the love and light you have within you, and share between you.
I believe weddings are more about the Feelings of the day rather than the Flatware; about the Emotions over the Envelopes; the Authenticity over the overly-Arranged... 

And if you're a couple who believes in the same thing ---
--- I would be so honored to capture your Love on this special day.

I'd love to make sure that I'm the right fit for you and your vision --- to ensure that our visions and our vibrations align --- so thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. 
(There are prompts/notes to help you.)

And if, for some reason, I'm not the right fit to capture YOUR magical day, I will be more than happy to connect you with an incredible peer who is just your flavor. 


Heather, these wedding photos are so incredible. Seeing your pictures hit me in the heart with a wave of emotions and magic. You’re a true master of your craft. Thank you so much.
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Wedding Date
For destination weddings -- locations more than one hour away from Seattle -- travel fee is charged at $100 per hour. For locations 2 hours or more away from Seattle, and those locations requiring overnight stays, ferries, trains, flights or other incurred travel costs, travel expense, daily rates, and 2 nights lodging cost may be required.
Do you love to read together every Sunday morning, snuggled up in bed with giant cups of coffee? Or write each other love letters? Do you find renewal together with early morning hikes? Do you have time carved out in your Wedding Day timeline to reconnect, just the two of you?
Will the ceremony be indoors or outside? If indoors, will it be well-lit? Are you working with a wedding coordinator -- and what is his/her name? What are your colors? Your theme? Do you have a Pinterest board for wedding inspiration? I'd LOVE to see it! :) Will bride and groom see each other before the wedding (for first-look and/or portraits prior to ceremony)? I HIGHLY, highly recommend this, by the way. :) And who can I thank for the referral? :)
Are you interested in documentary style photography, or more formal capturing of the day (candid approach or posed)? Are you interested in a great deal of posed group photography, or just bride/groom portraits and more intimate, interpersonal moments? Something in between?
Tell me about you! How'd you two meet? :) What made you fall in love with her / him? When did you know? What are your favorite things to do together? Anything you feel like sharing that will give me an idea of you, your story, your personalities, your style, your passions --- you name it. I like stories. :)