You came here for so much More.

energy repatterning + destiny activation for women who know they're meant for MORE.


Somewhere inside of you Remembers.

That You didn’t come here to settle for ‘almost happy’...

that — if you could just find the thing that’s been missing —
— there’s another level of
your reality that’s just waiting
to be unlocked.

There’s a part of you that Knows that.
And Knows exactly what’s been missing.

Because here’s the thing…

There’s a reason it’s felt harder than it’s supposed to.

You’ve only been told half the story.

There’s an entire part of your Energetic Blueprint that you’ve never even been given permission to KNOW you have access to.

It’s been conditioned out of us.
We’ve been raised to forget it.
We’ve been taught to reject it.

And it’s the reason NOTHING has worked the way you deeply Know it was supposed to.
It’s the reason you’ve felt stuck.
It’s the reason you have that deep ache, wishing there could be More.
It’s the reason you’re not sure what to do to shift things…


Beautiful, you were built for SO MUCH MORE
than you’ve been led to believe.

You were literally BUILT to have exactly what your heart has been aching for, exactly what your Soul has been craving,
exactly what — maybe — you’ve started doubting is Possible for you…

Deep Love and Sensuality.
Soul-guided Success — in your Soul Purpose work
— that gets to come with Ease.
A deep connection to your Intuition and the magic of the Universe.
Your vibrant, radiant, Joy-filled Light — the part of you that’s felt like it’s missing.

You crave these things because they’re meant for you.

they are part of your original energetic blueprint.

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It’s time to Remember.

Don’t let anyone convince you it’s not Possible for you.
Don’t let yourself Forget.

You are capable of the most wondrous and miraculous things.
You are meant for nothing less than Limitless Joy.

There is an ancient, forgotten Power that was literally BUILT within your Original Blueprint — your Archetypal Blueprint — and it’s just that we’ve been convinced we don’t have it… conditioned to forget it… talked in to stifling it…

But it is very real — and very much a part of WHO YOU ARE.

And all you have to do is Activate it.

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From Tantrum to Tantra:

A Return to Pleasure, Ease and Energetic Power

Activate your remembrance.
Activate this ancient power within you.
Activate your destiny.



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There’s a Reason it’s felt harder than it’s supposed to…

AND IT’S NOT something you’re doing wrong.

You’ve only been told half the story of who you really are, what you’re capable of, the gifts you have access to, the Power you have.

I’m here to help you reclaim all of it.



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My whole life…

I was "almost happy"

Maybe things felt a bit better for a little while,
but I STILL kept choosing the wrong relationships,
I STILL kept finding myself in jobs that were just ‘slow deaths that paid the bills,’

I STILL hid behind "fitting in," “playing the game,” never quite feeling like I was shining MY light as brightly as I could, and never living the life I was MEANT to be living.

It still felt like something was missing.

I felt like I was kind of just waiting for my life to really happen, or wondering when it would finally
feel like the life I came here to live.

But then, after yet ANOTHER heartbreak, and yet another job change, I was done being ALMOST happy.

Done waiting.
Done living a ‘surface life,’
done settling for "not enough,"

I was done believing it wasn’t all Possible for me.

I had several long-term RELATIONSHIPS (including a disastrous marriage) — but never quite found the one that felt right.

I had decent jobs, but never felt fulfilled, never felt connected to my work — and I wondered if I would ever find my PURPOSE, my calling, my mission.

I had friendships, but I still felt like I never totally BELONGED — not really — because I was playing “chameleon,” being who I thought I should be, holding back a part of myself that I thought was "too weird" or too different to be likable.

It was "okay." It was "fine." It' was “almost.”
— It was never Great.

And it's not because I wasn't trying.

I tried all the things.

I tried counseling (multiple times).
I read books, I talked to people, I went to workshops and took classes — nothing was "it."
Nothing truly made a difference.

Because somewhere, deep down inside of me,
I knew I was meant for MORE.

and settling for less felt… empty.


I didn't know what I WAS LOOKING FOR, exactly —

I just knew
there was MORE.


And then something weird
(and wonderful) happened.

I FOUND the reasON

And I found how to shift it:


After a series of saying Yes in big ways to some things that I just felt I was being called to — even though they didn’t really “make sense” —

— I found myself in the middle of a Spiritual Awakening
that literally changed everything about my life.

In a Dream, a man — who I now call my Cosmic Teacher — came to me, in an Ancient Egyptian temple, and offered to be my Teacher.

I said Yes.

And within a month after this dream — which I just thought was “neat,” and then went about my waking life as normal —

— he started talking to me.
In my waking life.
From beyond the ‘veil.’

I was making the same face you’re making right now… “Whatttttttt….”

And he started
showing me things.

Telling me things.

Things that blew my ever-loving mind — and changed the way I could see this world, this Universe,
and what I’m actually capable of — FOREVER.

Things I now teach my clients in the courses I guide,
and help THEM have access to in the same ways I do.
(Really — you all have access to this.)

 This is why…

This is the reason it’s all felt harder than it’s supposed to,

why you haven’t been able to call in
the things you know — in your bones — you’re meant for:


You’ve only been told
half the story… 

See… we’ve been tricked.

We’ve been living in an Over-Masculinized Paradigm for thousands and thousands of years.
THOUSANDS of years.

One that has conditioned us, over centuries, to reject the Feminine Archetype within us — She is an Energy Pattern, a set of abilities, the access to parts of ourselves and our existence that make us Whole…

…and without Her — again, for CENTURIES — we’ve been TRICKED into operating only with HALF of who we are, half of our abilities, half of what we have access to.

And this is exactly why everything has felt harder than it should.

It’s like we’ve been running a race with one leg.
Thinking it’s the only way it’s possible.
Never being given permission to know there’s an entire other half of us we have access to,
that could make it all feel SO much easier.

(I mean, obviously — look at the state of this world.)

This Wounded, imbalanced energetic state — what I often call Over-Masculinization
— is responsible for ALL of our unhappiness, our failed relationships, our self-judgment, our loneliness, our Fear, our disconnection from our Intuition and each other, our feeling that something’s missing... It’s responsible for the state of this world, the pain that’s caused, the damage we cause ourselves and each other.

It has conditioned us into cycles and seemingly endless patterns
of Struggle, Suffering, Stuckness and Scarcity.

It has made us forget Who We Really Are.
What we’re really capable of creating, calling in.
And what we’re truly meant for. 


— the one that gives us DIRECT ACCESS to everything we crave:
Love — Abundance — Soulful Success — Intuition and Magic
Ease — Connection — Beauty — Pleasure

IT IS AWAKENING THE ancient, forgotten
cosmic feminine wisdom WITHIN YOU,

AND RE-ACTIVATING your original ENERGETIC blueprint,
your goddess blueprint,

THAT WILL give you access
TO everything YOU’RE MEANT FOR.

And that will — literally — heal our world.

So I’m talking to you,
my love —

you there, wishing you could do something to help save this world,
help heal the Suffering…

you wishing you could finally call in that thing that you crave, that you Desire so deeply…

you wishing you could have the Sensual, Magical, DEEPLY FILLED experience of this life
you knew, when you were little, was Possible for you.

This is your birthright.
This is your Remembrance.

I’m here to hold the Gates open for you — but you must Choose to Enter.


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