Hi beautiful, I’m Heather…

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It all started 3 years ago for me,

…when my Soul yelled at me while I was high on nitrous in the dentist chair...


Well, it had "started" MANY years before then

…I realize that now, but I’d been too stuck in my Masculine Energy to see the signposts, to hear the whispers, to feel the loving nudges that had been TRYING to tell me how to get to the Love and life and Soul Purpose work I was actually meant for.

(But had no idea I was meant for,
or at least no idea how to get there.)

But it was this moment — getting a verbal smack from my Higher Self — that was startling enough (and weird enough) to catalyze me into leaving the relationship that was slowly sapping my life force, and led me to finding this work,

and that kick-started a lightning-speed shift into my Purpose, my mission, a sudden Awakening of my Intuitive abilities, and the Love I had constantly been wanting to find.

here’s how it happened:

I was just laying there at the dentist, all gassed up (I'm an AWFUL dental patient), listening to some tunes, spacing out on those speckled tiles in the ceiling, when my Soul — very clearly and simply rang through the haze and I heard Her say,

"You're almost 37. What the fuck are you doing?"

Yep. My Soul swore at me.

Um. This was NOT something that happened to me normally, by the way. So, it startled me SO freaking ‘awake’ in more ways than one…


Even under the gas high, I knew this was serious.
I knew SHE was serious.
My Soul wasn’t going to keep standing around while I wasted even more time.

She wasn’t going to keep letting me ignore
the intuition I didn’t think I had.

Because for 3 years, I'd been mucking around in a relationship that wasn't going making me happy — despite my best intentions and my passionate belief in his 'potential.'

He was the second major relationship I had after I left my marriage — a marriage which had completely shattered my sense of self, my self-esteem, my connection to my Intuition, my connection to my body.

I had so much fun with this boyfriend, and I honestly did love him — but I never felt ‘met’, I never felt fulfilled, I never felt totally at peace there.
I spent a lot of our 3 years together asking for (and not getting) things that I deeply needed in order to feel loved, to feel safe, to feel like we could move forward together...

And I'd also been spending my entire adult life working in job after job after job that were... "okay" — but which weren't making me truly happy, either. They were alright…

But They weren't my passion. They didn't light me up.

I really didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing with my career life, so I was just clocking in, and then waiting for the hours to tick by until I got to clock out...

I was still settling for “almost.”


A history of ‘Almost Happy’

This wasn’t the first time my life had looked and felt like this.

I had lived most of my life this way —
— “almost happy.”


While I’m so grateful that I was brave enough to take a chance on Love after everything that had 'died' in my marriage,
I was still finding myself in relationships that didn’t quite feel like “it.”

I was still not connected to my body or my Passion, and still didn’t feel totally safe sharing either of them with someone else — except when I'd had enough wine, and could find my intimacy at the bottom of a bottle of cabernet... 

I was still just kind of phoning it in at my job, not inspired by what I was doing but telling myself, ‘I guess it’s good enough,’

I was still giving my Power away,
ignoring my deepest desires, 
and having a hard time using my Voice
and speaking my Truth
(and sometimes not really even knowing
what my Truth was)...

I was still being who I thought people wanted me to be in order to belong, to get approval, to be liked, or to just not be as 'different' as I felt...

I was still not really hearing my Intuition — and when I did have flashes of clarity, I wasn’t sure if it was my Intuition I was hearing, or Fear or Ego or some other voice that was going to keep me stuck…


“Almost” has been my story for a long, LONG time.
Pretty much all of my life.

until i found what had been missing.


I finally said Yes.

After that day in the dentist chair, I left the relationship.
And I did some frantic, late-night Googling —

I thought that if I could just find THAT THING,
that one thing I was missing… then everything would start making sense.

And I found what I was looking for:
an ancient, long-forgotten Archetype — a Truth that has been buried for centuries — and it vibrated through my bones with Remembrance, a sudden and deep Knowing that:


It was stumbling upon that Archetype — one that has been buried within the memory, the energy, the bodies of ALL WOMEN, and in truth all humans, for thousands of years — that reverberated through my entire being, and has since allowed me to Remember who I REALLY am.

it has allowed me to find LOVE.
To find my Soul Purpose.
To find Success that feels like sheer Magic.
To find more Joy than I’ve experienced since I was a little girl...


It has allowed me to Remember my Power.

My Grace. My Sensuality. My Pleasure. My Purpose.
My Soul. 

And so again I followed the reverberation — this visceral urging of my Soul — which guided me to drop $5000 on a coach training program about this Mythic Truth, when I had no idea what coaching was, and no intention of leaving my Corporate America job. 

When I was laid off the day before that training started, again I said, "Okay. I hear you. I'm listening..."
And I said Yes again.

The more I said YES to what i was learning, what i was receiving — the more I uncovered the Truth that would change my life.

The more I would Remember who I am — a Goddess who isn't meant to live a normal, almost-happy, almost-fulfilled, almost-passionate, almost-purposeful, almost-pleasurable life... 

...that I'm a Goddess who is meant for the most MYTHIC Love and life.

And I'm here to help you Reclaim this for yourself.

i’m here to help you remember
that you are meant for more, too…


I’m here to help you remember that you’re meant for more, too…

…and how to have it.

There's no obligation whatsoever — but if you feel a calling to Remember this part of yourself,
the part of you that holds your grace, your power, your fullest access to Love

let's connect and simply feel into Her together...