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The Poiesis Photography Experience

Poiesis (po-ee-sis) is the ancient Greek philosophy of bringing forth ones most beautiful essence.

It has been explained as the moment when something comes to life; when it moves away from its existing form and becomes the embodiment of its potential.

One of the most powerful and transformational things you can do for yourself is to allow yourself to see yourself, and be seen, as the Beautiful, Sensual, Powerful creature that you are.

Poiesis Photography is a potent combination of alchemical coaching + beautiful photography
to help YOU come to life, embody your essence, and reach your beautiful, divine potential. 

Let your desires unfold. Activate your potential. Call in your magic. Revel in your inner Goddess.

I travel all over for these photography experiences.

 Poiesis Sessions
are Alchemical acts.


the iconic, abundant,
powerful, sensual you wants to be seen.

 These sessions are a powerful and sensual blend of Photography + Alchemy — bringing in cellular shifts to help you embody, radiate and manifest your Inner Goddess, your best You.

In these sessions, I use my camera, my lens, the Alchemy of embodiment, and my ability to see your inner and outer Light, Beauty and Power, to call forth your true Essence — or the You you’re calling in for yourself next.

Together, we unleash the radiant, sensual beauty that is in you, and imbue Her into your very cells.

To help you bring out your most beautiful potential, 
and manifest your deepest desires. 

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I LOVE to travel to beautiful destinations for shoots. 
Ask me about travel options.
Price shown includes up to 45 minutes of travel time, each way.
Additional travel not included in cost.

When you let yourself be seen — when you allow the lens to see you, to delight in you, to savor you, to take pleasure in you, while YOU are choosing to love yourself in this way, as well — you're creating an Alchemical shift within you that says:

I Am Beauty.
I Am Power.
I Am to be adored.
I Am to be honored.

You're making a bold declaration
and showing the Universe that you're ready
to receive what you’re meant for.

And by stepping in front of the lens to let us see you — and to let YOU see you
— you're choosing to embody your Divine Essence out loud.

And it's incredible how quickly photography, combined with Alchemical intention,
can inspire the cellular Remembrance of who you really are.

These photos you see here are everyday women who have come to me for the Poiesis experience
— for their own transformation through photography.

They arrive wearing their jeans, their fears, their self-doubt and insecurities — just like we all do
— and together, through this process of Poiesis, we bring out their truest Essence.


What you can expect from a Session:

Poiesis Sessions are all about connecting to
your most beautiful, most powerful you;

They're about unleashing your sensual and centered self; and loving your own bright radiance.
They're about soul-enlivening, heart-opening, manifesting your magic, and sitting into your own beautiful Power. 

Because too few of us allow ourselves to immerse ourselves in our sensuality, our Power,
our Inner Goddess, let alone celebrate it and capture it. 

Together, we'll choose the style and the location that supports your desires, what you’re calling in for yourself, and how you want to feel — and we’ll create the container for your transformation.

These shoots are about bringing in and capturing,
in a moment in time,
your Soul's highest vibration,
who and how you desire to be.
to help you embody Her.

To 'model' for the Universe where you're going,
show it how to meet you,
and imprint how that feels into your body.

Your session includes:

  • An Essence 'invocation' process, which we’ll discuss in the weeks before your shoot, to uncover and declare your desires, what you want to bring into your life

  • A collection of Goddessy, soulful and sensual photographs, capturing your radiance, your power, and your best and brightest self — you get all of the final, edited, hi-res digital files to keep in an online gallery for 10 years.

  • On-shoot embodiment practices to help you connect powerfully to your own Inner-Goddess, bringing in the energies of Power, Sensuality, Beauty, Abundance, Success — or whatever your Soul desires for your next level.


 The Poiesis Experience

Hear from other women
about their Poiesis experience:

"Heather is such a soulful ladyboss creatrix and created such a gorgeous experience for me and my girlfriends yesterday!! She is seriously a powerhouse and was a joy to work with from beginning to end. She especially helped me get super clear on the image and vibe I wanted to step into through the photos. This was such a gift Heather, thank you!!" — Natalie Taggart

"It was amazing to work with you. I still feel this sensual, radiance and ease from the shoot, even today!! What an amazing release. Goddesses you need to get in on some of Heather's magic stat!!!" — Michelle Langdon

"Heather!!!!!! You are an angel on earth! Thank you for holding such a beautiful space and easing me back into grace. I'm so thankful to have experienced your beautiful gifts in person!!!" — Andrea