What are
the Divine Feminine + Masculine?


What are the Archetypes?

Archetypes are energy patterns. They're patterns of energy, behavior, thoughts, understanding, perspectives and feelings that exist within and around ALL of us --- no matter our culture, no matter our age, gender, or belief systems. 

Archetypal energy has been in existence since {whatever form of Creation you prefer} began. The second it went from Chaos and Void, Allness and Nothingness, into SOMETHING --- a dividing happened. A this-and-that, a light-and-dark, an external and an internal... and thus, a Masculine and a Feminine. Consider them Yin and Yang, if you prefer. These are the Chinese terms for the same energies.

Wikipedia describes these as, "seemingly opposite or contrary forces [which are] complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world,
and [which] give rise to each other as they relate to one another."

These are the energies that create our world; that create the Contrast that is needed in order for anything to exist. My favorite way to describe this is paraphrased from a teaching from Ariel Spilsbury: If we have only Light, we are blinded; if we have only Dark, we are blind. We need polarity, we need Duality, we need the opposites, the Contrast of Light and Shadow in order to create ANYTHING. Both must exist.

These are the polarized Archetypes that the Universe embodies beautifully, perfectly, naturally, in their Sacred form, and which are present in the creation of everything. He, the point of Singularity and She, the unimaginable Infinity, the Chaos and the Void. And we --- each of us --- contain these Archetypes within us, also in their Sacred form.

Unfortunately, as a human race, we have been holding Wounded versions of these Archetypes for thousands of years --- and it has caused ALL of the suffering we're currently experiencing and trying so hard to heal.


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What the Archetypes aren't:

This isn't referring to gender (men or women), nor about gender stereotypes (like what you wear, what hobbies you like, what household chores you do, how you talk, etc.). EVERYONE --- men and women (ALL GENDERS) --- have Masculine and Feminine Energy within them.

What this IS about is the Archetypes. And the energy within each Archetype.
Rather than being about what we DO --- it's more the ENERGY with which we do them.



What are the Wounded archetypes?

We --- all of us, men and women and non-binary gender identified --- have been living within a paradigm which has contributed to, intensified and conditioned our Archetypal Wounding. The Feminine and Masculine Archetypes, in general, no longer hold their Sovereign, Sacred energies --- they, instead, have lost their ability to be fully themselves, fully aligned, fully expressed and fully embraced.

When the Wounding happened is up for debate, and we may never know "when" it happened. Some believe the Wounding began when Copernicus determined that we were not the center of the Universe, others believe it was the invention of the written language --- when we moved from image, vision, metaphoric and symbolic expression into the more singular, distinct, separate and focused creation of written word.

Wherever it happened, whenever it happened, we have been living within a Wounded form of these Archetypes --- where we have focused primarily on the Masculine energy traits, valuing and upholding and revering the external, linear and logical expression and understanding of our existence, and suppressing, devaluing, even vilifying the internal, sensory and invisible realms that exist in the Feminine.

Such constant focus on the Masculine has created an imbalance in our Archetypal makeup --- so much so that it has, in essence, folded over on itself over and over and over to the point of our near-destruction as a human race.


What is happening now, as we teeter ever closer to the brink, is that the Feminine is Awakening from her slumber --- like this planet, if there is imbalance that threatens the existence of life, a force of nature will step in to right the balance --- and is calling for the Remembrance and the re-embodiment of Her energy. Not to the suppression of the Masculine, rather to find, finally, Harmony.

And this is where we are.

Where those of us who are hearing Her call, are beginning to do the work of healing and integration, bringing the disparate and the injured into Harmony; healing the Wounded Masculine and the Wounded Feminine, and bringing the Divine Feminine and Masculine into Union. Into the Divine Marriage.

And it is here where we will find that we've been craving so deeply, what we've been Desiring to our core, what we've been aching for.


Why does it matter?

In the plainest English --- if you seek to cease your suffering, to stop struggling, to stop living in Fear and disconnection with what you most Desire, you MUST look to the Archetypal level. Anything less, and you're placing a newly-constructed house on a foundation that's not only crumbling, falling apart, unbalanced and broken --- it's a foundation that's not created to support your success or your joy.

The Archetypal Realm IS our foundation for our lives,
for our relationships, for how we feel.

They determine our capacity for happiness, for Love,
for our ability to create what we're meant for.

Change the foundation, HEAL the foundation, and everything else begins to fall into place --- because you are suddenly moving through your life in the SAME Archetypal pattern that exists in the Universe around you. 

And when you're operating in the same Archetypal pattern as the Universe, the Universe is able to work with you at every step, and the state of Flow replaces the state of suffering.

And so, for me, the answer to "why does it matter?" is quite simply --- because it dictates EVERYTHING else.

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