I actually am too much


I actually am too much

Well, yes. I AM actually too much. And I'm learning to be okay with that...


This weekend I sent two messages to women who I consider my Soul Sisters --- who I felt had both disappeared from my life recently.

At least, that's what it felt like.

I would send the odd text, the occasional voicemail,
and with every unanswered message, or unaccepted invitation to connect,

I would feel more and more like I had done something wrong;
or more --- that I AM something wrong.

The 'tape' would start to play over and over again:

Did I offend her?
Did I overstep somehow?
Does she feel something gross in my energy that she doesn't want to be around anymore??

(That last one feels the worst.)

And so --- because this is the work that I do AND practice ---

(deepening into more Intimacy; having heart-to-hearts with our uncertainties; shining Light into our Shadows; stepping into areas where Fear wants to keep us hidden and small)

--- I messaged them to ask; putting myself squarely in front of what felt like a terrifying emotional rifle, at point-blank, with the barrel right at my heart ---

baring myself for their honest sentencing of whether I am, just simply, "too much" and "not okay."

One of them called me immediately, assuring me that wasn't the case, and it made me cry to feel connected to her again.

And the other one?

She also messaged me back quickly --- to say that, actually? she HAD started feeling a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of downloads I was sharing with her.

See, we kind of fancied ourselves "Cosmic Sleuths" ---

--- each receiving a different Channel of information, squealing and "oooooh-ing" as we'd share with the other all of the shiny new things we continually uncovered.

But it had gotten a little too much.
*I* had gotten a little too much...

She felt a little exhausted by it all, and had wanted to pace herself a bit in the Sleuthing; in our connecting.

And the best part?
That was totally okay.

For her to say.
For me to hear.
For us both to feel.

And her last message to me was just PERFECTION:

"And you are totally too much,
and I am totally too much!!!!
And we are the greatest because of it!!!!"

Let's take the patriarchal Shame out of all of our old stories --- whether we've woven them, or others have put them on us.

I'm gonna be posting mine over the coming month, with the hashtag #NoShameInHerGame ---

--- wanna join me?




Heather Allison is a Goddess Coach, Divine Feminine Channel and accidental Cosmic Shaman. She was plucked out of a 'normal life' by what she calls her Cosmic Team to help women Awaken the Goddess Within and find the Love, Soul, Pleasure and Purpose they're meant for.

As a coach, teacher, photographer, writer and the founder of Goddess Army --- the women's journey of Awakening and rebirthing ourselves into our Goddess lineage --- she works with coaches, healers, light workers and all soulful women who know they're meant for Mythic Love and Life, and guides them in finding grace, power, beauty, passion and pleasure through the Feminine.


To that which endures


To that which endures

“Drop your maps and listen to your lostness
like a sacred calling into presence.

Here, where the old ways are crumbling
and you may be tempted to burn down your own house.

Ask instead for an introduction to that which endures.

This place without a foothold is the province of grace. 
It is the questing field, most responsive to magic and fluent in myth.

Here, where there is nothing left to lose, 
sing out of necessity that your ragged heart be heard.

Send out your holy signal and listen for the echo back”

Toka-pa Turner


"Not enough" or "Too much"?


"Not enough" or "Too much"?

Be sexy, but not TOO sexy.
Be powerful, but not too powerful.
Be attractive, but not too attractive.

Friendly, but not too friendly.
Smart, but not too smart.
Successful, but not too successful.
Strong, but not too strong.

Cover up so as not to be prudish, but don’t show enough skin to be slutty.

Show your emotions so we can feel that you’re ‘safe’ to be around and likable, but not so much that it makes us uncomfortable with our own.

Always, always be yourself — just be careful not to be too different.

SHAME is the primary Feminine wound of the Patriarchy.

And it's finally time for that to be healed.

There is Shame for us in every option.
At every corner. In every choice we make.
Whether it’s at the hands of others — or ourselves.

It’s at the heart of the double-edged sword of “not enough” and “too much” that keeps most of us riding an impossible and stifling razor-edge of existence.

WHO WE ARE has become a choice to be contemplated, a label to define, a thing to compare with others, a ‘should’ to achieve — rather than a beautiful anomaly to celebrate in a sea of anomalies.

No more.

The Divine Feminine is Awakening, coming back to help tear down the crumbling Patriarchy and restore us to harmony —

— and restore us to Love, to Beauty, to Pleasure, and to our brightest inner Light.

There is NO Shame in her game.

So, starting now, I’m going to be sharing the things I’ve felt Shame around — whether at my own hand or others’ — with the hashtag #NoShameInHerGame…

…in an effort to shine a light on these parts of us that have no business being in Shadow.

Who wants to join me?

Share the places where you've been shamed --- or have shamed yourself --- and reclaim your inherent Goddess right to be ALL OF YOU, fully.


#DivineFeminine #GoddessArmy

How do we take Shame out of the Feminine vocabulary as a collective?

Use the hashtag #NoShameInHerGame and let's shine this massive light in all these shadows. 💕




Heather Allison is a Goddess Coach, Divine Feminine Channel and accidental Cosmic Shaman. She was plucked out of a 'normal life' by what she calls her Cosmic Team to help women Awaken the Goddess Within and find the Love, Soul, Pleasure and Purpose they're meant for.

As a coach, teacher, photographer, writer and the founder of Goddess Army --- the women's journey of Awakening and rebirthing ourselves into our Goddess lineage --- she works with coaches, healers, light workers and all soulful women who know they're meant for Mythic Love and Life, and guides them in finding grace, power, beauty, passion and pleasure through the Feminine.



Shame is not part of your paradigm, Goddess.


Shame is not part of your paradigm, Goddess.

Ladies, I want to be very, very clear about something:

It is never, ever your fault if someone sexually or otherwise assaults you. 
Disrespects you. 
Abandons you. 
Hurts you. 

It's never ever --- not even in any of the examples we can come up with in our minds, reaching far into the depths of our conditioning to see how far back that Shame is waiting for us --- never ever your fault. 

I've seen several women second-guessing themselves around the men who have come into (and subsequently out of) their lives,

wondering if it's something "they've done or didn't do";

if they were somehow too much or not enough;

if the way they are living their lives, or exploring their sensuality
and sexuality might be "wrong."

And it hurts my heart. 

The worst I've seen this week is a woman who shared her deeply moving and terrifying story of a man she thought she could trust with her heart and her body --- even in their closeness, even in the passion between them ---

--- who was then emotionally and physically demeaned when she said No. 

I don't care if you were a half inch away from consensual penetration and you changed your mind --- a Sacred Masculine will be able to honor your feelings, your needs, and even his biological and emotional frustration with respect. 



And this is one of the reasons this work is so important:

To return you to your grace, your power, and your ability to both
attract AND RECOGNIZE the Sacred Masculine man. 

To recognize when he is still operating from his Wounds, from his out-of-control Control, from his Fear, from his disempowerment. 

To recognize when he's not capable of holding space for you. 

To recognize when he's simply not for you. 

To hear your inner Knowing when something's not quite right.

To use your Voice to express that without causing even more Karma or trauma.

What I want for you --- what the Divine Feminine holds for you in Her archetype, in YOUR archetype --- 

--- is the Remembrance that it is your absolute RIGHT to remain open, to shine your light, to express your sensual being, no matter what; 

the Remembrance that Shame and self-censoring and justification have no place in the wholeness of a Woman;

the Remembrance that you are worthy
of having everything you desire;

and the Remembrance that you have a right to it.


PS - Remember:
It is your absolute BIRTHRIGHT to stay wide open, to shine your light, to follow the feelings of what's calling you --- without explanation, without rationalization,
without SHAME.


The Divine Masculine Rising


The Divine Masculine Rising

The other day, Bernie Sanders posted this photo along with this caption...

"President Trump, you have made a big mistake. By trying to divide us up by race, religion, gender and nationality you have actually brought us closer together. Black, white, Latino, Native American and Asian American, gay or straight, male or female, native born or immigrant we will fight bigotry and create a government based on love and compassion, not hatred and divisiveness."

The Divine Masculine in form. 

Funny how this election showed us the pinnacle of the Wounded Masculine, the Wounded Feminine, and the Divine Masculine --- all in form for us to choose from. 

Our hearts were with Bernie.
Our patterning went with Hillary.
And our shadow went with Trump. 

Our hearts want to heal; want to reconnect; want to Love.
We're rejecting our old Wounded Feminine patterning.
And we've chosen to take a good, *hard* look at our Shadow. 

And, on the heels of bringing that Shadow out into light (Inauguration Day), 
we have the Divine Feminine rising up, connecting, expressing, Loving, OPENING, allowing, FEELING. 

And, right on cue, the Divine Masculine wraps his arms around Her,
creating a statement (structure) that declares and honors what She is creating, and supports what She desires:

A return to Love.

This is a fucking MAGICAL time.

Holy shit.

#mindblown #rightontime #muchbiggerenergiesatwork



You're the one.


You're the one.

My loves... 

The messages that have been coming through the past few days are so, so potent.

"You are the one we've been waiting for." 
The answer to your ancestor's prayer. 

YOU are here, moving through the patterns, the pain, the fears, the wounds --- precisely BECAUSE you are the one who is capable of healing them and transmuting them, for yourself and for All.

Backwards and forwards, in all directions. 

You are the chosen one.
And this simply means that you have the choice now.
The one who gets to choose. 

The energies floating around, coursing through this planet right now are wild. They're the sound of the new octave symphony of Love and Light, blending and swirling, lifting up the old, the decaying, the Fear and smallness ---- 

--- and for those of you who are sensitive (and I'd imagine that's all of you), it can feel very confusing, confronting, uncertain.

Personally, I'm experiencing waves of ecstatic energy throbbing through me, incredible healing and openings, and then I'm also getting into stupid, pointless, base arguments that don't even seem to be mine.

This is a bumpy ride.

But we're all here --- LITERALLY we are all here because we're the ones capable of shifting this; of raising us up. 

"What if this darkness is not the darkness of the tomb;
What if this darkness is of the Womb."
- Valarie Kaur



#divinefeminine #goddessarmy #birthing





Duality is something I've been feeling deeply into lately.

If Separation is at the heart of the cause of Fear, the root of hate, the source of disconnection -------- then Duality feels like the first awareness of our Separation.

In Separation, we don't even know the other is there.

In Duality, we become conscious of the 'otherness,' 
we feel our Twin, we identify light and shadow as two parts of the necessary whole.

It is --- within us and outside of us, in our lives, in our world --- going to always be our ability to hold space and Love for BOTH the Light and the Shadow that will bring about our Unity.


Coming out of the closet and my BIG WHY


Coming out of the closet and my BIG WHY

The world is dying under the centuries-old paradigm of Masculine energy. We are headed for extinction --- unless we can awaken the Feminine energy within us, and right the balance.

I shared this video earlier this week in my private Facebook group, Goddess Rising Tribe, and it feels important to share here, too.

I hadn't initially planned on sharing it more broadly. 

I still haven't found my footing on video,
and it feels really vulnerable to be out from behind the keyboard. 

Plus, I out myself even more as an intuitive (who has a "Cosmic Team" no less)....

But I got a major intuitive download this morning --- well, really, I got a talking-to (and you remember what happened last time my Soul yelled at me... ;) )

It said to stop censoring the information that wants to come through; that wants to be shared. 

And I know this message is TOO important to keep all to myself. 

Even if it's delivered in a bit of a rough video.

I've agreed to be a vessel to help this planet heal, to help us all --- starting with us women (ladies first ;) ) --- to HEAL,

and that means I need to allow myself to share what I'm receiving.

Even when it's uncomfortable.

Because truly, I just want this to shift. 

It's time.
It's centuries PAST time.


Angels around every corner


Angels around every corner


Last week, I told you how I was saved by an Angel I met at a punk festival... and how another Angel reminded me to stop playing small, to stop hiding the work that I do behind a “normal” description.

They really do — they exist.

And they come into our lives in ways, times and situations we might never expect —
— with the sole (SOUL) purpose of
nudging and helping you back onto your path.

They come as reminders, as mirrors, as teachers, as messengers, and as affirmers.

In this beautiful, complex, magical Cosmic Tapestry of life — with the infinite interweaving threads of lives, of possibilities, of events — they are the Universe's way of designing its most perfect masterpiece.

And the most gorgeous thing about it is that, in some way, even if we never know it, we are an Angel for them, as well.
Or for someone next to them.

We won't often know how and when we are going to BE, for someone else, the kind of impactful, important and life-altering Angel I met at that punk festival.

But we can FIND our own Angels if we just choose to look for them.
That's so magical, isn't it?

They're everywhere for us, in every moment, whenever we ask for one — if we choose to look.

In every moment.
In every interaction.

If we listen close enough — we are being given reminders, mirrors, teachers, messengers, and affirmers to help us along our Soul-aligned path.

It is my mission to BE that Angel to as many women as I can.

To help us change the current wounded-Masculine paradigm that is CLEARLY not working anymore, for any of us — let alone for the planet.

To help us awaken and remember the beauty,
the Love, the magic and the power we have as women,
to access this deep in our cells, in our bodies;

It's less about learning something new, and more about FEELING and igniting that which we already have within us:

the ancient archetype of the Goddess; our birthright as the co-creators of our world, our relationships, of a life that IS LOVE.

That's why I'm doing this — that's why I've created Goddess Army.

And I know that's why you found me — because you felt, somewhere inside of you, that you were meant for more;
that you were meant to reclaim this power that has started to stir within you;
that you were meant to Rise into your own version of Goddessness.

If that feels true, if that's starting to vibrate with some kind of recognition and Knowing deep in your belly, or your heart, your throat, your crown, your womb — if your body is buzzing with the Goddessness that is asking to be rebirthed —

Come talk to me. Let me share with you what it could feel like and look like, and see what we can create together...

PS - There's still an early-bird rate available for any Goddess who feels called to claim her spot in Goddess Army before 9/10.

If I can be this Angel for you — this Goddess Angel — I will be so honored...

Reply to this post, or apply for Goddess Army here.

So much love for you here,





I met an Angel at a punk festival


I met an Angel at a punk festival

ANGELS EXIST. Messengers are everywhere.

ANGELS EXIST... And I just heard from one of mine, 9 years after he came into my life. 

In my last post, I mentioned the guy who -- in conversation over a picnic -- reminded me to speak my truth, speak up for who I am and what I do, unashamedly. 

Well, earlier this week, I heard from someone else who served as a reminder to me --- but in a much deeper, more profound and life-changing way --- and my heart swelled; tears fell...

I consider him to be one of my Angels. 

This man walked into my life at a time when I was so far into my Dark Night of the Soul, and was digging through the rubble trying to find and resuscitate my core Self. 

I was 3+ years into a relationship that had drained the life out of me.
That had crushed my Soul and turned me into the shell of who I had once been.

I often say I felt like I was encrusted in a thick wall of ice; that's how connected I felt to life, how alive I felt, period. 

At some point, however, I had started reaching back into the ether to find a thread of my former self --- punk music. 

You read that right. :) 

I had been into pretty much everything punk EXCEPT The Clash when I was about 14 (having allowed my best friend's sister's opinion of them keep me from even looking into them). 

And then, somewhere in the depth of my darkness, Joe Strummer, lead singer of The Clash, found me, started following me around until I listened (one year after he passed away, mind you... This is how it seems to go with me and these experiences ;) ). 

And, like the Punk Rock Shaman I now know him to be, he began to dig into my Soul, set fire to the fragments that had been in deep-freeze or lost somewhere underground... 

And with him, and his primal gut-rending performances,
I started to come back to life. 

For two years in a row, I traveled to Manchester, UK, for a music festival in his name. And at the second of these festivals, I met a man ---- one of Joe's friends ---- who would change the course of my life, unbeknownst to him. 


He walked into the green room --- 

--- as one of the only 'younger' girls at this festival (which was chock-full of folks who had been there for the ACTUAL Clash-era, mid-1970s), and having some connections, I got to be in the green room where Joe's old bandmates, the Mescaleros, as well as some of the other musicians, were starting to gather --- 

--- and as he walked in, our eyes met and he grinned and, hugging some of his fellow musicians, pointed his finger at me. 

If memory serves me right, we hugged. 
We'd never met before. 

And for the rest of the 6 hours he was to be at this festival, we were glued to one another's sides. 

We watched bands together, making stupid jokes and laughing constantly. 
He brought me side-stage while he played with his band, and pointed at me, making faces, mid-song. 
We were inseparable for hours. 

At one point, walking across the grassy field to get to another tent, he stopped dead in his tracks, turned to me and said, 

"I feel like I've known you all my life." 

I knew what he meant --- I felt that way, too. 

And then, after 6 hours and one light-hearted, silly little kiss, he was gone. 

And I've never seen him since. 

But I came home after that trip, that music festival, and I promptly left my relationship. 

Because this Angel had reminded me of what it felt like to feel joy again. 
What it felt like to feel LIGHT.
What it felt like to feel happiness --- something I hadn't been familiar with for years. 

And I could no longer go back to unknowing it. 

I'm ETERNALLY grateful to this man, who darted in and out of my life faster than I can fathom yet had some of the most profoundly huge impact. 

He helped to set me back on the path
that I was desperately seeking to re-find. 

And for that, I KNOW he was one of my Angels. 


Today, because he dropped into my inbox to say hi again after so many years, I'm reminded: our Angels exist.

Watch for these people --- they come in and out of your life when you are in the deepest moment of need. 

And if you allow them to remind you of who you are, how LOVED you are, and the joy you're meant to be experiencing ---- you'll never likely forget it again. 





"Terrified" is almost a continuous state of being for me these days.

"Terrified" means I'm just stepping into a space BIGGER than I'm used to occupying.

"Terrified" means taking the hand that the Divine is extending down to me, and allowing myself to be pulled up into my greatness.

"Terrified" means stepping to the edge, knowing that I can't see what I'm about to dive into, the Unknown --- but having KNOWINGNESS that it is filled with Love and in-powerment and expansion.

"Terrified" means I'm burning off old shit that's been holding me back.

Here's to embracing our "Terrified," beauties, and simply inviting it along for the most delicious ride of your life. 

Because if we're not
just a little bit Terrified ---

we're not receiving the magic we're meant to have in this lifetime.





Watermelon And Watered-Down Passion


Watermelon And Watered-Down Passion

I still have this old story that what I do is ’weird.’ 

I always feel so tempted to ‘normalize’ the language I use to describe this work, how I help women, and make it more “palatable” to more people. 

A couple weeks ago, I was asked the usual, “What do you do?” question by a friend’s boyfriend. 

We were sitting outside in the grass, near the beach, picnicking on chicken drumsticks and chunks of watermelon, and sipping on wine — and I heard the “palatable” version of what I do come tumbling out of my mouth. 

“Oh, I’m a coach and a photographer for women…”


Thankfully, the Universe wasn’t having that watered-down, staying-small version of my work, my passion, and this guy started asking some much deeper questions — he forced me to break my own bubble of “be normal.” 

And so I started telling him…

That what I do is — through coaching and photography — help women step into their innate role as Goddesses on this planet;

How we’ve all — as a human race — been so over-masculinized,
that we’ve been stuck in a pattern of struggle, suffering and fear,
and — what’s even WORSE — we think it’s normal;
we think it’s how it’s the only way this life happens;

How I help to peel away those layers of masculinization that are keeping us stuck; keeping us from having the Love we want; from disarming our fears; from finding our most soul-aligned path; from feeling like we’re in flow and ease in our lives; from finally really loving ourselves enough to know that we’re worthy of having everything we dream of…

That what I’m doing is helping to re-pattern the very archetypes of women’s lives, and awakening an ancient power and knowing within us, so that we can heal every facet of our lives and heal the world in the process. 

I thought I’d hear crickets.

But he was actually intrigued and started to ask MORE questions. 

Like, where the over-masculinization came from, how it started.

Or how it shows up in our everyday lives, and why it’s messing things up.

Or my thoughts on how this energy imbalance plays out on a global scale — and if it’s possible to shift.

It was such a fun conversation, and I felt SO in my element — geeking out about the magic of this work, the power of this energy shift, and how quickly it starts to create real, visceral change in this life — 

— not only did he not think it was weird, he thought it was fascinating. 

He was bobbing his head in agreement and in interest the whole time I was talking. 


It was SUCH a reminder to me to stop hiding behind what I assume is “normal” and hide what I worry is “weird” — for what, for the benefit of allowing others to keep their current perspectives intact? 

So they can stay in that pattern of struggle, fear and suffering? 

That’s not at all what I’m here for. 

In fact, stepping into and really opening into what I’m MEANT for, what I’m HERE for — it feels a bit like a faucet that’s been driving you crazy with an incessant and infuriating drip that finally gets opened to its full, glorious FLOW…

Everything just starts MOVING. 

Seemingly of its own accord. 

Doors start opening; abundance starts flowing; Love starts pouring in (and pouring more freely out, too).

Finding and expressing your true center, your perfect path, what you’re meant to be doing, experiencing and receiving, might not be as “weird” as mine (or, hey, maybe it will be ;) ) — 

— but it will certainly be as freeing, as bone-deep satisfying, and as relieving to finally relax into it. 

So if there’s a part of you you’re hiding away, putting in your back pocket for fear of judgment, of looking ‘weird’, of being misunderstood or disliked — 

— FIND even baby-step ways to start bringing that part of you out of hiding:

How would She show up? 

What can you start talking about that allows Her to be heard, seen, felt by others, even in small ways?

How can you start owning that part of you, LOVING that part of you, so that others can Love Her, too? How can you give others permission to be THEIR ‘weird’ selves by being your version of ‘weird’ unapologetically?


I’m ‘secret-opening’ up the doors for the next wave of Goddess Army this week for women who want to start shining in their truth, in their light, even in their ‘weird’ and really stepping into who they’re meant to be — FULL-concentrate. :)

And for those who KNOW they’re ready to Rise already,
there’s a special pre-launch rate (and access to support before we start) for anyone who wants to dive in early. 

We start mid-October, and this 'early bird' rate ends in a few weeks — if this is calling to you, and it would feel good to connect before then, let me know!





Why the World Will Never Get Back to Love by Working to 'Solve' Hate


Every single hour on the news, on hundreds of different channels, the discussion is ― rightly, perhaps ― about the terrors and violence and hate occurring with frightening regularity in the world. 

Every talking head, news anchor, commentator and man-on-the-street is, understandably, talking about what we can do about it. How we can figure out who’s “right.” How we can solve the problem. How we can make things better. They talk of putting up or breaking down walls, of taking up or abolishing arms, of the correct and incorrect usage and definitions of certain hashtags. 

And we’re all having the same tough, combative, and frustrating conversations on the micro-scale, within our own relationships, families, social circles, as we’re all collectively trying to process and work our way through the pain. Yet, in all of these conversations, the outcome is the same: 

Every attempt to find a solution to the escalating violence and escalating trauma that goes along with it results in more of the same: discord, disagreement, polarization, anger, judgment, vitriol, and a deeper sense of disconnection and despair.

So then, what? What is there to do when all discussions centering on finding a solution end up furthering the issue instead?

I recently found myself having a heated and frustrating argument with my boyfriend about all of the violence and shootings that have been plaguing our cities, our country, our world....

Read the rest here on Huffington Post:




Finding Gold in the Void


WHEW, Goddesses... 

I talk about the Void a lot.

It's that space we sometimes find ourselves in when we aren't quite sure up from down, left from right...

Where we feel like we're at a stand-still --- we want to keep moving, to make things happen, to take steps forward, but all of our efforts are responded to by the Universe with a, "Thanks, but not now" or a, "That's cute, nice try..." 

(*Note, the Universe may be a smart ass, but it's always a LOVING smart ass...)

I've been in that Void lately. 
Pretty much all of July.

I always coach my clients through this space the same way I move through it myself: 

To get comfortable with the stillness, the quiet, the empty.
To still OURSELVES; to quiet ourselves; to empty ourselves.
To allow for the fertile nothingness.

Because in that fertile nothingness is something that your Soul wants you to find. 
Something She wants you to hear. 
Some kind of gold She wants you to mine before you leave this space. 

And the more we're willing to be here, to be still, quiet, okay with the emptiness, even IN LOVE with the Void --- 

--- not only are we more likely to find that gold, 
but we're more likely to feel the gift of the Void itself. 

The flow.
The ease.
The room to breathe. 
The release.
The spaciousness to spread out. 
The beauty of expansiveness.

AND I can feel myself coming through, coming out of the Void today. 

I felt giddy on my yoga mat, instead of feeling like I was moving through mud like I have the past few weeks. 
I feel light; almost hyper.
I texted my boyfriend, just because I had the urge, "I love you crazy tons! :) "
And I played red light / green light with my cat in the hallway. (As you do.)

This is in NO WAY coincidental with the fact that I sobbed --- ABSOLUTELY SOBBED --- during my meditation practice yesterday. 
And also received some of the most epic downloads from my Cosmic Teacher yesterday and in the past week. 

That was the gold I was meant to find. 

The gold you are meant to find in the Void YOU are experiencing is there, too. 

If you're willing to get still.
Get quiet. 
Get empty.

And that means stop pushing, stop banging your head on the wall, stop beating yourself up for being IN the Void in the first place...

And open to seeing with new eyes what's here in this emptiness awaiting you. 

What's in there that wants to be found right now? 




Clearing out


This is something I've been feeling into a lot this week...

It's come up in multiple channels, and all pointing to the same thing for me:

I need to clear out this egoic tendency to wear this mask.

The mask I wear that allows me to feel 'normal,' like everyone else;
that allows me to fit in.

The one that feels self-conscious when I know my boyfriend's cousin thinks I'm a hippie. 
The one that still shrugs into her shoulders when she talks about what she does with people who probably won't get it.
The one that's still hiding behind the veil of her private Facebook group and private-client-door to share her REAL self, her REAL depth, instead of shouting it on her business page and personal profile.
The one who's still working up the courage to be seen more on video.

Because the truth of the matter is: I'm not like everyone else.

I play in cosmic energies. 
I dance with reawakening archetypes.
I hear messages and Mysteries from my Soul, from my Cosmic Teacher, from Goddess. 
I feel information in my body, from my crown to my toes; and deeply within my pelvic bowl.

I cry at least weekly.
I coach from what feels like sexual, creational energy.
I get off on the Woo, the weird, the wondrous.
I'm not perfect, I don't have everything figured out, and I have a visceral calling to SERVE the awakening women of this world as they hear their own calling to rise into their greatness, their power, their LOVE.

That is what I'm clearing out. 

That is what I'm burning out.
That is what's throwing tantrum after tantrum as I offer it up to ego-death and transmutation into what I am at my core, and who I'm meant to be in my fullest expression as a Soul.

What are you clearing out?



Choose whose voice you're going to listen to

I want to reflect to you what I know you are already feeling,

in your heart of hearts, somewhere in the depth of your bones: 

That there is a battle going on in you between what your heart desires, what your Soul is calling you to, what you know is possible for you.... 

...And what your mind wants to label, define, deconstruct, make sense of, control, and shut down because it CAN'T control.

And I want you to really truly hear me here (as I am writing this, I just looked up and saw the number 11-111, and I know that this is a truth that needs to come through me to you):

The only thing that is standing in your way here, 
the only thing that is going to clear the path for all that you want, 
all that you desire ---- 

--- is your CHOOSING. 

And your willingness to COMMIT to continuing to choose that again and again and again. 

You have a choice here of who to believe; of who to serve:
Your Soul, your highest self, your heart? Or your mind. 
Your Feminine or your Masculine. 
Your discomfort or your control. 

Choose whose voice you're going to listen to. 

And yes, it is absolutely that easy. Not that it's DONE once you've chosen --- because you have to KEEP choosing, and keep listening --- but yes, it is that easy: you just have to commit to choosing it. 

Do you want to listen to the voice that says you can't? 
Do you want to listen to the voice that says that Love or your deepest desire isn't for you? 
Do you want to listen to the voice that says stay closed, stay small, stay 'safe' because it's more comfortable? 

Or is it time to tell those voices to have a time-out? 

That your Soul knows that Love is for you ---- that it's ALWAYS known that Love is for you. 
That you don't believe in "impossible," and you don't buy into the idea that your dreams and your timing has to look like ANYONE else's.
That you are sick of staying closed, small and in a false notion of 'safe' because it's not working anymore... and you're taking over here. 

It's your time. It's your choice. And you believe in MORE. 

Choose, my love. 

Not from the place of Fear that I know is welling up right now, and wanting to fight, and wanting to say "But...," and feels so scared of letting go of the wheel... 

...but from the place that has been there, waiting for you to exhale, waiting for you to put down your arms pushing against everything around you...

...Waiting for you to hear Her, waiting for you to see Her, waiting for you to choose to be embraced by Her. 

It is yours to choose.



There's no need to wait

There is no need to wait. 



The only change that's needed is your Remembering. 

It's not about "their way" --- it's about Your Way. 

There are so many programs and classes and techniques and templates --- but all of them miss the point because all that is needed is a return to the deepest Core of You. 

To shed the patterning that is keeping us going through the maze of suffering. 

Coming up short in our dreams. 
Clinging to the word of others.

When what's needed is our own VOICE. 
The truest voice. 

The one that isn't coated or coded with the limited vernacular of the Masculine paradigm. 

The one that revels in our sensuality. 
Reclaims our potency as birthers of our deepest desires. 
Sings of our truest nature. 
Aligns us with the loving force of the Universe. 

There is no longer time to mess around with what is no longer Us.

It's time to Awaken what is at our Core. 



And then I met the Goddess

"So many people throughout my life have told me
who I am,
what I must do,
what I can't do,
what I have to complete,
and what I will never be able to accomplish...

...and then I met the Goddess." 


~ Amythyst Raine-Hatayama



When the 'what ifs' are a good thing.


It's so interesting being a coach.... 

Every trigger I feel, every challenging emotion or situation, I'm pulling out my magnifying glass, my microscope, my beakers and burners, and seeing what kind of alchemical shift needs to take place.

That doesn't mean I don't feel them, or freak out, or need to get in child's pose on the living room rug and cry my eyes out. 
I do. 

But more and more and more quickly, I'm able to look underneath, poke the layer of me that's coming up to be seen, and find a new way to look at it. 

One of those happened today, and at first I went to the communication tools I teach. 
I expressed how I was feeling, why I was upset, spoke my truth, claimed my needs. 

And this person heard me, but I still felt struggle. 

So then I looked at the trigger:
I was feeling judged for how a part of my life looked to someone else. 

So, wait, if I'm feeling triggered by this --- then that means *I* believe this about myself. So that means I think that this part of my life is sub-par; that it's not good enough; that there's something inherently wrong with it... 

And for a minute, I went down the Masculine energy road of, "Okay, how can I work on this part of my life? How can I fix this with the tools at my disposal?"

But then do you know what happened? 

I stopped. 

And I embraced my Goddess energy. My Feminine flow.

And I realized --- what if it's OKAY that this part of my life is different from others versions of their lives? 

What if this doesn't actually have to look like other people think it should? 

What if it's perfect in its imperfectness?

What if it's SUPPOSED to look this way, in support of my highest good and my best life? 

Coming back to this center, I felt a sense of relief. 
I can put down this other person's judgment because *I* no longer have to judge this part of me. 
And when I no longer judge this part of me, I don't have to feel triggered, unhappy, less than, not good enough --- even if I'm still judged by someone else. 

I can still make changes --- I can still choose to approach this part of my life differently, to be aware of what might feel even better than it does now and to consciously co-create the BEST version of my life --- 

--- but it doesn't have to be for anyone else, or to fit anyone else's idea of "right." 

And it doesn't have to feel like such a struggle being where and how I exist right NOW.




Why what you want may not be reaching you


Hi beauty,

I have to tell you... it’s possible that what’s meant for you in the Universe is not getting to you.

I know that feels hard to hear.

And I want you to know that I don’t say that to blame you — there is no blame, whatsoever.
You’re not doing anything wrong. You can’t, actually.

In fact, everything you’ve done up until this point is perfect — I truly believe that. 
Everything that has happened was supposed to have happened.

And I don’t tell you this to cause you undue fear.
After all, you cannot miss what is meant for you.

And yet, you’re at a choice-point, love.

Because right now, as we speak, the Universe is watching you, with bated breath — like a loving parent hopeful for its baby’s first steps; knowing that you can do it, seeing how you WANT to walk to the other side of the room so badly, and knowing it has to be your choice to step.

It has to be your choice to let go.

To let go of the armchair or the railing, to venture out into the vast unknown — across that treacherous nubby carpet, around that sharp-looking coffee table, and who knows what other untold dangers that lurk — in order to get there.

For us, it’s not the support of living room furniture that the Universe is asking us to let go of — it’s the vice grip on the self-protective thoughts, beliefs, patterns and habits that are keeping us in a false place of safety, and therefore several steps away from our greatest desires.

“But what if I fall?”

- See more at: http://www.innerglowcircle.com/let-go-let-love-deliver