Welcome back, beauty...

This next part is about deepening.

Now that you have the foundational understanding of these Archetypal Energies — and how we’ve been functioning in a Wounded form of them for centuries, burying our birthright abilities, wisdom, wealth and Power —

— it’s time to go deeper into the Sacred Feminine energies within you, and understand how to more fully embody them.

I invite you to SAVOR every transmission in this Manifesto.

What seems like it might just be a simple PDF of information is actually deeply Activating.
Women often email me with stories of pulsing, heating wombs and sensuality,
a sudden clarity of vision, a buzz that lingers for weeks;

stories of suddenly finding themselves sobbing with recognition of a part of themselves
— a part of their Truth — they didn’t even know had been missing.

I highly recommend letting this be “food” for your Remembrance of who you really are…


The Goddess Manifesto

Tenets for embodying
the ancient feminine power within you

In the Goddess Manifesto, you're receiving a Transmission of Remembrance, reconnecting you to the Frequency of an ancient, forgotten energy and Archetype within you that holds the KEY to unlocking the life, the Love, the Soulful Success, the Ease, the Joy and the Magic you're meant for...

This Manifesto is deeply Activating — if you let it be…
Let yourself absorb the Frequency of the words.
Let yourself feel the sensations of them stirring something in your body.
Let them unlock the memories of a time when you Knew.

Give yourself the gift of savoring this book slowly…
Take it in like a lover who has come, at long last,
to show you EXACTLY how exquisite and desirable and beautiful you really are.

And anchor it in even deeper with the journal prompts below…

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click here to download your Goddess Manifesto...
...or scroll through the PDF at the very bottom of the page.


Journal Prompts

  • What did you notice in your body as you read through this Manifesto? What sensations arose for you, and where? Write them out here as if you were describing them to someone you wanted to imagine it fully.

  • What’s your relationship with Receiving?

  • What happens for you when you think about Opening more?

  • Where have you been CHASING too much, too hard, the things you wish for?
    How does that feel in your body?

  • How would it feel to lay back, release the grip, and have it come to you?