Hello again, Goddess...

here’s where we turn on the magic.

You’re starting to understand a little bit more about these Archetypes now — and you can see how deeply they play a part in our lives, and how much POWER they actually have over whether or not we feel happy, fulfilled, Aligned, Abundant, in Love, on Purpose, and taken care of by the Universe.

When these Archetypes are out of balance — as they have been within all of us for THOUSANDS of years — we Suffer. We Struggle. We can’t create what we’re Desiring. We can’t Manifest what we’re wishing we could call in.

Life is harder than it needs to be.

One of the things I’ve found that makes this work unlike anything else out there,
is a blend of teachings, practices, tools and energetic work that rebalance the Archetypes FAST.

And that’s because this work works at 7 different levels of our experience, Repatterning your Energy Systems in ALL of these areas — so your Uplevel, Expansion and Quantum Leaping happen naturally, easily and without so much setback and self-sabotage:

  1. Understanding the Principles, mental Paradigm shift (mind)

  2. Emotional mastery (feelings)

  3. Embodiment practices (body)

  4. A unique Energetic healing modality and healing practices (energy body)

  5. Sacred Archetypal application through Action and Language (external)

  6. Tools to heal of the energy imbalances in our relationships (relational)

  7. Shamanic Journeys, Soul work and connecting you to the Cosmic and Invisible Realms (etheric)

I bolded that last one, because Shamanic practice is KEY to fully retrieving the parts of ourselves, our energy, our memories that allow us to use ALL of our Archetypal Power — not just floundering and struggling with the Wounded fragments we’ve been taught to use.
These Sacred Archetypes exist within us — but they have been so long buried, it would take years and years to bring them back into our current experience.

I’ve found that — after incorporating the Shamanic teachings and practices that I’ve received from my Cosmic Team and guides — the shifts in my clients (and me :) ) are FAR more powerful, the Uplevels are faster, and “the work” is able to do its WORK within us — with so much more Ease.

In other words, we fast-track our healing, our Expansion and our Receiving of exactly what we’re meant for.

I do Shamanic Journey work in all of my personally-guided courses — but I’m including a free taste of that work for you here…
Dive into this Shamanic Journey below and experience the Activation...


Return to the Seat of the Feminine

A shamanic journey
to your remembrance

The Feminine is OF the Mystery.
She is where we find Magic, where we connect with our Intuition,
where we gain access to the medicines and the wisdom of the Invisible Realms,
where we connect with our deepest Power.

And Shamanic work IS deeply Feminine work — because we cannot Receive guidance, healing and abilities
unless we are in Openness, Receptivity and Connection energies that exist in the Feminine Archetype.

The Shamanic Journeys I do in this work, in all of my personally-guided courses,
are a POTENT Return to the Feminine, to our Soul’s Highest Path and Knowing, and to our greatest Powers, on many, many levels.
This journey alone has created massive shift and breakthrough for many of my clients before they could even invest in deeper experiences of this work.

Dive in to experience its potency yourself.

And then anchor it all in with the journal prompts below…

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Journal Prompts

  • What did you see, sense, hear, notice, smell and feel during this journey?

  • If you were to describe what it felt like on your SKIN to be standing inside this place, what would you say?

  • What else did you notice in your body? What sensations? How would you describe them?

  • What gift did you Receive? Describe that in detail, as much as you can.

  • Why do you imagine you experienced, Received or saw what you did? What meaning might these items, colors or messages have?

  • What action could you take — even a baby step — based on what you saw or Received in this journey?