You were built to radiate
Love, power, grace, sensuality + joy.


But most of us have forgotten how to truly Embody the Goddess who lives within us.
How to stand in her power, how to carry her magic, how to feel her pleasure, how to embody her magnetism.

These Retreats are an intimate and exclusive Goddess experience unlike any other. 
Through embodiment practices, coaching exercises and photography --- you will not only begin to step into the energy of your most Mythic self --- you will Become her and SEE her through the lens of my camera.

Whether you host a Retreat for the women in your life, or you attend one of the destination Retreats I host --- we will gather in an intimate group of up to 6 women, alchemize our most Goddessy selves, transform that which limits us, and then honor our Inner Goddess by holding her Essence in a sensual-yet-natural mini photo shoot. 

I feel so full right now, I’m not sure I can put it into words.
I feel a Love for myself that in the past has been impossible to truly buy into. So grateful.
— Jamie