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You are a mystic.
Have you forgotten the magic + wonders that are available to you? 

You've always had a hunch that you have some 'extra sensory' abilities,
but haven't quite known how to connect to them...

You feel there's SO much more to the Universe, and to what it shares with us,
if only you could understand how to hear it, to know what to do with it...

You've gotten nudges, hunches, "divine winks," and messages ---
--- but have no clue what to do with them...

You aren't sure how to tell if what you're hearing is Intuition, your Ego, or Fear ---
or if it's just what you WANT to be hearing...

You trusted your intuition before, and either it didn't go the way you wanted it to ---
--- or you shut it down somewhere along the way, and can't figure out how to listen again...


This was me, too --- literally all my life --- until 3 years ago, when the Channel opened up WIDE,
and I've been experiencing Magic every. single. day since.

I had no idea I was "this Intuitive" --- I truly thought this was someone else's gift, 
that only other people had this kind of connection, understanding and
insights into the Universe, their Soul Paths and their lives.

I now literally experience so much Beauty, so much Magic,
so much INFINITE wisdom and guidance,
and feel so HELD by my Cosmic Team, by the Universe, by my Soul ---
--- that I'm often on my knees, in tears, and completely without words.

This is the most incredibly beautiful Universe.
I desperately wish for everyone to FEEL that for themselves.


And so it's been my absolute JOY
(and so much fucking fun!!!)
to help my clients experience the same amount of Clarity, Beauty, and Truth
by sharing my practices, my experiences and my tools.

It's time for you to Remember the language of the Stars,
the astounding Beauty of you're meant to Manifest,

the wisdom of your Soul and those guides who are waiting to support you,

and tap into the sheer POWER and Magic you have in every cell of your body.

It's time for you to Remember how to access your birthright.
Let's Activate...


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It has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that I tapped into the Divine Feminine 3 years ago.
There is no coincidence.

Because she IS the Mystery.
She is also the Openness, Receptivity, Inner Knowing and Sensation that we need
to be deeply connected with ourselves, our Souls, our intuition and the Universe.

I created this intimate "Cosmic Shaman" journey to help you connect with
the Channel that you are (and you truly ARE),
and help you open to --- and understand --- the Magic
that's just waiting for you to believe in it again...


Together, we'll ignite your connection to your intuition, your Soul, your own "Cosmic Team";
connect with the wisdom of the Universe, the whispers of your Path, and the Guides who are every where ---

--- if you know where and how to look for them, listen to them, and honor what they show you.

I will offer a connection to the Mysteries, serve as a guide into a deeper Journey, and share some of my process --- what got me to where I am now, in my infinite journey of expansion --- with those who are ready to access this for themselves.

When you have your own 'Cosmic Team,' as I call it --- Uncertainty is a thing of the past, and you feel held, Loved, supported and guided in ways you likely have never felt before.

Just since connecting with my Team, this is my "new normal":

  • Am blown away every day by the unwavering support and guidance from my Cosmic Team;

  • Know EXACTLY when something is meant for me, and when it's not;

  • Unravel old stories, patterns, Fears and limiting beliefs in light-speed --- both because I receive information about what's ACTUALLY Truth, and because I have a direct-line to the bigger picture;

  • Feel ZERO uncertainty about my direction, and absolutely no guilt about about Choosing it;

  • Wake up with full downloads about what to do next in my business --- structure, pricing, everything --- the most powerful business plan I've ever had;

  • Feel no Fear about where I'm going --- and feel the most Peace and Ease I've ever felt in my life;

I laugh every day from sheer joy at the Beauty and perfection
and awe-inspiring messages from my Team

--- and I cry almost every day, humbled, for the same reason;

  • Feel more at home in my own skin, my own body, and exactly Who I Am than I ever have;

  • I've blasted through old patterns of hiding, self-loathing, and that damaging Chameleon habit, where I used to mold myself to what others needed me to be because "Me" wasn't good enough --- and I feel fucking MAGICAL now, in a way that nobody can take away from me;

  • Finally found my Tribe of women who are just like me --- I feel understood, I feel seen, I feel HOME.


What if you could understand?
What if you could have a map?

What if you could KNOW that you're being guided,
that you're being HELD, that you're being taken care of?

What if you could have the tools to start the conversation with the Invisible Realms?

And what if you knew how to listen --- so your greatest life, Love
and success became not just a Dream...
...but the Destiny you're guided to?

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About the journey


We'll dive in together with live calls, every other week, for 10 weeks.
Calls will be recorded for you, in case you can't make it --- or if you'd like to listen again.

There will be teachings, guided meditations + Shamanic Journeys; 
Practices, resources, tools and explorations to use for your continued journeying;
Personal experience reflection --- from me, and from the others in the group.


And here are just a few of the topics we'll explore...


How to know if we're hearing Fear, Ego or our Intuition
Trusting our Intuition
Our Soul's Plan
Activate your Remembrance
Shamanic Journey


Speaking the language of the Universe
Dreams and waking messages
How to work with Intuitive Googling and message symbolism
Beginning the dialogue and putting it into Practice
Shamanic Journey


Our bodies as Truth
Connecting your Channels
Emotion + Free Will
Shamanic Journey


Connecting to your Soul
Establishing a language to begin to dialogue with her
Meeting your Team
Your Archetypal Guides and how to work with them
Weaving your rich Cosmic Tapestry


Acting in service of your greatest Soul Path
The Paths of others
How to handle Fear
Opening into your Power and your Sovereignty
Energetic Hygiene: Claiming your Space and Clearing Out


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Cosmic Shaman honestly changed my life.

I learned how to discern my intuitive voice from the other voices, how to trust what I received in meditations, dreams, and visions,

how to consult with my own Soul and tune into Divine guidance, and I learned how beautifully guided and supported we all are.

I fell in love with Heather’s wisdom and with the other women in the group as we witnessed each other’s miracles.

This course has solidified my faith in my own channel, and gave me the courage to finally trust myself.
— Sarah Leenders