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Goddess, Your soul calling is written in the stars.
It's what you came here for.

Offering your Soul work gets to be easier.
Creating your successful business gets to feel like Pleasure.

And you get to be guided every step of the way
to your soulful success...


You know you're here for a reason...

That you have a deep, Soul-destined gift to offer the world --- maybe you've felt that since you were a little girl.

But that spark, and that Knowing, has been dimmed, maybe it's even gone missing,
because of the conditioning that's told you "work is supposed to be hard,"
that's told you you can't make a living doing what your heart Desires to do,

that's been telling you to keep up, push harder, stay within the lines, follow this formula and buy these tools or you'll fail...

But that's not your Truth.
That's not what you were built for.

And that's not even scratching the surface of what's Possible for you.


If you're reading this, then the Codes you carry within you are beginning to vibrate with the distant Remembrance that you're meant for so. much. MORE. That you're built for a beautiful Purpose, that what you have to offer is of deep Service of this world...

That you have a potent and desperately needed gift to give this world, a Medicine to share, a Beauty to radiate, a Truth to speak, a healing to offer, a profound sense of Love and Possibility to deliver...

And that the Universe is waiting to conspire with you, to support you, to deliver to you what you Desire, as well.


But there's a reason it hasn't been working.
And why it's felt harder than it's supposed to.

The Wounded Masculine Paradigm of business
--- how we've all been conditioned to do business ---
is killing your ability to create what you're meant for.

And it's stifling your ability to be deeply supported by the Universe.


This Wounded Masculine Paradigm of business is sabotaging your Success. 

It's keeping your Soul Purpose locked within a cage of "not good enough,"
"not ready,"
comparison, competition, Scarcity and Fear.

It's telling you to follow the template of Push and "do more,"
of "pressure others" and "sacrifice yourself,"
of Scarcity and staying stuck in the energy of "get" and "need."

And none of that is working anymore.
Not even for those who have been in business for years and years.

But that Paradigm of business is no longer working.
And it's not the way that's meant for you, anyway.

You have within you a forgotten Archetype, and access to the emerging Feminine Paradigm of business,
that is all about Abundance, Expansion, Receive, Spaciousness, Service and Possibility.


You hold this Archetype within you ---
you were born with it, you were built with it,
it is your natural Blueprint.

And Activating this forgotten Archetype within you sets you free,

and releases your business from the cage of the Wounded Masculine
and the cycles of struggle, push, comparison and Scarcity it's built to uphold.


It's time for you to Remember how to access your birthright.
How to let your Soul work flow through you.
How to let your Soul guide you to what you're meant for.

How to fall in Love with your business. 

Let's Activate you, Goddesspreneur...


Our next journey begins in late-August



What if your greatest Success became not just a Dream...
...but the Destiny you're guided to?



How would it feel to know your Soul's Purpose
and feel more confident offering your great work to the world?

How would it feel to never have to drill through someone's objections
or feel high-pressure on sales calls ---

--- and yet hear enthusiastic YESes from your clients?

How would it feel to tap into your own inner guidance system
and be guided to the right answers and the right steps --- every. step. of the way to Success?

How would it feel to let go of the Shoulds, the have-tos, the pressure?

How would it feel to finally have a deep connection to the Soul of your great work
--- and to the clients who need you?



About the journey


We'll dive in together with live calls, every other week, for 3 months.
Calls will be recorded for you, in case you can't make it --- or if you'd like to listen again.

There will be teachings, guided meditations + Shamanic Journeys; 
Practices, resources, tools and explorations to use for your continued Success;
Personal support, reflections, suggestions and coaching to help you bring these Feminine tools seamlessly into your own business.


And here are just a few of the topics we'll explore...


Feel deeply aligned in your business.

Get clear on your Purpose --- why you're here,
and the impact you're meant to have in the world.

Tap into the actual Soul of your business and let HER guide your Success.


Your brand IS YOU --- so we'll uncover your Goddess Codes
to allow you to stand in the Frequency that calls your meant-to-be clients to you.

We'll also weave that Frequency through everything you do
--- making it feel better for you AND your ideal clients.

Give yourself Permission to do business in YOUR way,
in the way that feels good --- and leave the Shoulds and the Have-tos behind.


Create the offerings that will light you up --- and will be an easy Yes for your clients.

Why it literally doesn't matter what anyone else is doing.
This is YOUR Soul's offering --- and when you can tap into what that's meant to be,
you will Soar.

Get deep Permission to offer your gifts, your medicine, your teachings Powerfully
--- no matter what stage of "ready" you're in.

Get unstuck, come out of hiding, allow yourself to be seen, heard and felt by your audience
in a way that is Soul-aligned and feels GOOD.


The Feminine Art of the Sales Invitation (which really isn't "sales" at all)
--- feels a LOT better for you and for your audience,
and results in many, many more clients eager to dive in with you.

I give you my full 'script' for Soulful sales conversations ---
this alone has changed the energy of my clients' businesses.


The ingredient other Money and Manifesting courses leave out:
Your Cosmic Purpose, and how being in Service of that allows you to Receive more.

Create an EASY Channel for Money to come to you.

Align with the energy that will get the Universe working FOR you --- every step of the way
--- so it doesn't have to feel like so much WORK.


Why it doesn't have to be as hard as it has been.
You GET to experience Ease and Flow and Magic in your business.

How to create Harmony across your entire brand, and your entire business,
so that you literally vibrate with the calling to your clients.

It happens to all of us --- tools, practices and energy resets
for getting through the 'funky times' in our businesses.





“Two of the biggest shifts for me in Goddesspreneur were
The Invitation and discovering my Goddess Codes.

Finally being able to release the “sales pitch” and having the tools to simply invite those who are called to move forward feels SO MUCH BETTER,

and being so aligned with who I really am,
my Goddess Codes, makes it so easy to speak about my work, offerings, visions, and plans.

Honestly, the work I’ve done with you
has impacted my life in every way.

My relationships (both with others and with myself) have become incredibly authentic and rewarding and sweet and bursting with love. I’m falling in love with the process of growing my business, and the process doesn’t look anything like I thought it would.”
— Caroline Hinchcliff | Owner at Eat, Hike, Love