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You were never meant
to be small.

I see you, beautiful.

And I know how hard it is to feel like there’s something so beautiful,
so big, and so magical in store for you,

but to feel like you’re stuck inside some kind of cage —
— unable to quiet the Fear, shake off the doubt, move through the resistance.

You can FEEL what you’re meant for,
that there’s a bigger Soul Purpose that you’re meant to be birthing,
but you feel like you keep getting in your own way — and aren’t sure how to stop…

You Know you have so much more to give, to offer, to have,
but not knowing how to silence the voices within and outside of you so you can do it.

But here’s the thing…

your soul is calling you into your next level.
into what you came here for.
into your wildness.

She’s been waiting for you to hear Her,
to feel Her,
to Know the sound of Her voice, unquestionably,
to feel the fire of Her passion,
the Power of her Truth…

…and break through anything that’s in the way
of stepping into what you’re meant for.

She’s been waiting for you to reclaim who you really are,
to Remember what you’re truly meant for,
and to UNLEASH just how Powerful you truly are.

She’s been waiting for you
to reclaim your Wild superpower.

your wildness is your superpower.

 And it is
what sets you Free.

 Our journey begins April/May 2019.
Several options for joining us — click below to find the best fit for you.


Hi, beautiful — I’m Heather…

And 3 years ago, I had a Spiritual Awakening that changed literally everything about my world — and I was handed a Soul Mission that I never saw coming.

Since then, I’ve built a successful business sharing the teachings, downloads and energetic practices that I’ve received to women like YOU who Know they’re meant for More.

I won’t say it’s been all sunshine and rainbows — I have moved through countless layers of Fear, uncertainty, doubt about my abilities, and old Wound Patterns that would have derailed my Success if it weren’t for the fact that I practice work that Repatterns that Wounded Energy.

In She Wolf — I’ve been guided to take you on a journey into your OWN Power, your own Soul guidance, your own Soul Purpose, your own CERTAINTY — and give you the tools I have and use that helped me move all that Fear and resistance out of the way (and still does).

There is literally nothing like this work anywhere else — together, we’ll Repattern your Energy at 7 different levels to help you create the joy, Love, Success and Spiritual abilities you’re MEANT to have…

I’d love to have you join us…



You were meant for BIG, beautiful things.

You were never meant
to have less than Mythical.

You were never meant to stay small.
or quiet.
or unfulfilled.

release yourself from the cage
we’ve been conditioned into.

The cage of Fear.
Of limiting belief and uncertainty.
The cage of doubt about what’s Possible for you, or how to find it.

The cage of caring what others think; of fear of what they’ll say;
of fear that you’re somehow not good enough.

it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.
It doesn’t matter what you’ve been told is possible.
It doesn’t matter what has been expected of you.

Your Soul knows exactly what you’re meant for,
and exactly how to guide you there.

Your Path was
never meant to look like
anyone else’s.

‘They’ do not know what your Soul has come here to do.
They don’t know the Magic and the Power that runs through your veins.
They don’t know the kind of Beauty and Greatness you’re meant for —

— and even if they can see who you really are,
their outdated ways aren’t going to get you there.

It is your willingness to boldly, bravely and even blindly
follow the Truth and the voice of your Soul
— carving your OWN PATH through the Wilderness —
that will allow you to break through every barrier and limitation you face.

It is your willingness to

enter the Wilderness of the Unknown,

follow the voice of your own inner Knowing,

and carve the great Path only YOU can walk

where you will find your
ultimate Freedom,

and walk your greatest path.  


Who this journey is for

This journey is for the woman
who is ready to shed what’s keeping her from what her Soul is truly here for.

Who is tired of letting her fears and limiting beliefs hold her back.

Who knows she has a big, beautiful Soul Purpose
— and wants to live it out loud.

Who is done caring about what others will think,
whether they’ll understand her and her Passion, her Path,

who is ready to live
unabashedly Free,

to live from her Soul,
from her Fire,
from her truest and most unchained Self.

This is for the
woman who is ready
to Run Free.

This is the course for the women
who are here to bring in The New Way.

The ones for whom this old Paradigm is no longer working.
Its old ways, its old templates, its scarcity and Fear and comparison and judgments,
are keeping you stuck and small more than they are championing
the unique gifts and Medicine your Soul came here to bring through.

This is for the ones who came here specifically
to birth the New Paradigm,
and who are being asked to do things DIFFERENTLY.

Through your work or your writing,
through owning your sensuality, your voice, your mysticism,
through dance, through daring,
through doing things differently than they’ve been done before.

This is for the ones who came to heal the old ways,
to heal family lineages, to heal passed-down Wound,
to turn over what is (CLEARLY) no longer working — for any of us...

This is for those of us who aren’t allowed to just “belong”
because we’re being asked to be a stand for what’s next.

You no longer have to be scared of this.
To shrink from this.

You no longer have to hide,
dim your light,
or stay where it’s small.

This is what She Wolf is all about.

Find your Destiny
in your brand of Different…

…the Power in your Purpose,
the Freedom in your Flow.

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About the Journey

We'll dive in together with live calls, every other week, for 3 months.
Calls will be recorded for you, in case you can't make it — or if you'd like to listen again.

There will be:

  • Teachings, Transmissions, Activating guided meditations, and Powerful Shamanic Journeys; 

  • Practices, resources, tools and explorations to use for your continued expansion, transformation and ReWilding;

  • as well as personal support, reflections, suggestions and coaching to help you fully embody your She Wolf.

There will also be a private Facebook group to share your journey, your expansion, your Wildness with a community of other women fiercely reclaiming their Power and their Truths.

This journey creates itself with those who are in the container — She wouldn’t have it any other way…
She’s not about the TEMPLATE that is no longer supporting our deepest Freedom.

However, here are some of the topics we'll likely explore...


Break free of the ‘tame’ conditioning that has always held you back.

Release the chains of Fear and Regret that keep you tethered.

Tap into who you REALLY are, what you’re really here for.
Connect more deeply to your Soul Purpose.


Honing your clearest vision.
Carving your greatest Path.
Calling in your greatest Desires.

Living at (or at least flirting with) your Edge.

Moving through Triggers and challenges.
Burning through resistance.


Speaking your Truth bravely, boldly and clearly.
Without fear.

How to use your voice to be heard, to be felt, to be honored,
and to call in your pack.

Language that heals, creates and connects
rather than damages, destroys and distances.

Using your Throat Chakra to create your reality.

the wilderness

Finding Power in stepping into the Unknown,
and Choosing your Destiny.

Leaving behind that which no longer serves you
— with clarity and courage.

Free yourself from judgment of others,
from caring what people think.


Cultivating and heightening your intuition,
boldly following your instincts.

Knowing what is Fear or Ego — and what is inner Knowing.

Being deeply, deeply guided by the part of you
that Knows EXACTLY what you’re meant for, and how to create it.


Knowing and owning your “Worth.”

Standing in your deep Power.
Leading with profound Love.

Using (not misusing) your Power,
honoring the Sovereignty of all involved.

The Warrior Code:
Choosing the path of least violence.

Healing the Planet through completing your Soul’s Mission.


What women are saying about this work…

Any time I work with Heather I know it is going to be magical and life changing,
but I was not prepared for what I was to experience in her delicious course, She Wolf.

This is the most powerful, soul-awakening work I have done in my life.

During our first live call, I asked Heather to activate the hell out of me and she has done that and more!

She Wolf has literally cracked me wide open.
I no longer doubt my beliefs, my power, or my Soul’s purpose any longer.
I have experience a deep shift in how I have allowed myself to be seen

and I no longer feel resistance to the work I came here to do.
I can clearly see the path I must walk in front of me and the ideas for
multiple programs are literally being channeled through me as I write this.

The practice that has been the most life changing for me is Heather’s Edging practice,
which led me deep into the wilderness of my soul.
There is no way I can ever go back to who I was before embarking on the journey of She Wolf, nor would I ever want to.
I have never been more at home with myself than I am in this moment, in this place.
Thank you Heather. Thank you for listening to the call of She Wolf no matter how uncomfortable that was for you.
Working with you always takes me to my next level. I am forever grateful to you and to She Wolf.
— Bobbie Shields |

It’s official!

She Wolf is by far the most potent program I have ever encountered.

Every call is deep diving, Soul searching, edge breaking and fucking mind blowing.
I knew She Wolf was for me, she has called me for five years, but this is more than I could ever imagine 

I used to always work so hard to make people like me, so much that I actually made myself into something I thought they would want me to be. But She Wolf has helped me step away from that unhealthy behavior and walk my own path, knowing that I am good enough being nothing but who I am.

Because of our “Wolf Pack” calls, Heather’s channeled feedback and the workbooks, I am able to stay strong and implement this new knowledge into body, mind and spirit. It has made me more open towards others, I feel more secure in my body, and, most of all, I have so much more energy now that I am not spending it worrying what others may think of me!

It’s been almost two years ago I came across Heather’s website — and my life hasn’t been the same since.

Last year I was one of her Golden Goddesses, and this year I am exploring my She Wolf.
This woman has sprinkled my life with mystery , howls and stardust.
I Love You, Heather Allison.
— Helene Wesslund

“This is not just a program — it is so much more than that.
It is an Opening to YOU, to your Feminine power, and your deepest Desire.

It has been such a huge blessing in my life.”

— Michele B.

“I can’t tell you exactly what’s going on.
But I can tell you that there’s been such a deep, personal transformation that has shifted every area of my life.

— Shannon Whaley | Story + Marketing Coach | travelingwildwoman.com

“This is the real deal.
I believe in this work with every atom of my being. 

Words can’t even come close to detailing how Heather and her work has helped me.”

— Ava Marie

Do whatever you have to do to experience this work. Seriously. It’ll change your life. 

This work will rock your world and guide you back to your Knowing in the most beautiful way!
I can’t even imagine what doors it will continue to open from here.
I experienced shifts within weeks. WEEKSThings just feel EASY now.

— Julia Wells | The Conscious Compass

“I’m now more grounded and centered, more loving, 
and more deeply connected with my Purpose and what I’m meant to share with the world. 

If your soul feels drawn to this work, take the leap.
You’ll find your way home to yourself.

I’m forever grateful that I did.

My life looks completely different today than it did a year ago, and I’m excited to see how it continues to unfold.

— Caitlin Ryan | Coach + Writer

I feel happy and honestly FREE
for the first time in 4 years. 

It feels so good to be free of the cage I’ve been locked up in for far too long.
I’m feeling the pattern of struggle being released in every muscle in my body.

— Abigail Ann

I have found a power in the deepest parts of me. 
My connections with others are deepening beyond measure;
I have left my life-draining job and started my own business; I’ve found my Roar.

I am now finding the She
I was meant to be, and it is beautiful.

— Kate Anderson