"Heather oozes with love.
She may, quite possibly be a living embodiment of love and the goddess of our time. To enter Heather's world is to come home to a place you never left. Juicy, vibrant, sensual, erotic.

To call Heather a love coach is to not truly understand the depth and meaning of love. Love is not a thing, it's everything. It's an alchemy of transforming your life --- your entire life --- to gold.

Though most women come to Heather looking for love or to bring back hotness is relationships, what she delivers is so much more. This is a cellular transformation of who you know yourself to be.

You will leave dripping in pleasure and love,
feeling worshipped and honored.

But with the depth of your personal transformation, that would be the cherry on top.
Stop reading and book a call with her now. Your juicy future will thank you."

Joanna Green | Leading Transformational Success Coach for Spirtual Entrepreneurs | www.joannamgreen.com

From Rori Raye:
"Heather is an amazingly unique coach.
There's an emotional component to her presence and her work with clients that seems to zip right into the hearts of everyone she works with.

I know she gets great results. Heather will give you everything she's got - which is a lot. You'll experience new, fresh insight, ideas and "aha" moments - just by being in the space with her."

Rori Raye | Renowned Relationship Coach and author of Have the Relationship You Want | www.coachrori.com

I came to Heather looking to find love, and I am leaving her with the most profound connection with myself - bigger than I ever thought possible.  I absolutely know that this transformation is upleveling all areas of my life  --- from business to finding my man. It already has. 

I'm connecting to men at a deeper level and everything about my business has gone from struggle to ease,

because I am leaning into my feminine, learning how to receive,
and finally connected to the messages of my soul.

Working with Heather has literally broken down walls I didn't know were there!
The way I look at the world is completely different because of our work --- I understand how to stand in my feminine, I awakened my Goddess vibe and finally connected to the messages of my soul through our work --- you know that deep inner knowing that you are guided, supported, and just fine the way you are? That kind of soul.


Heather's kind, gentle and calming Goddess presence made me feel safe and supported throughout our coaching; I can't recommend her enough. If you are looking to find your next partner, come to Heather first, you will be blown away. 

Michelle Langdon | Personal Empowerment + Body Love Coach | www.michelleannelangdon.com


"Heather Bruce Alison is a real-life mermaid.
I have never met someone so drenched in essence, so in touch with the flow of energy, and so adept at peeling back the layers that stand between a woman and her authentic self.
She is wise, magical and deeply loving.

I worked with Heather during a time of major shifting in my life and my business.  I was about to go into a BIG launch but was feeling totally out of alignment, cranky, and overworked.  I had disconnected from my feminine energy and while I had the trappings of “success”, my life was not in flow.

My goal for our work together was to gain some perspective on my situation and “fall back in love with my work.”  And boy did she deliver. 
Heather helped me feel into my upcoming launch and get in touch with my body’s inner wisdom, which had a very clear message: Sloooow down and create more space. Though it felt totally terrifying, I honored that wisdom, delayed my launch, and re-worked my schedule to allow for more creativity and flow in my days, and it was like my soul took a sigh of relief.

Since our sessions, things have continued to click back into alignment which has resulted in greater freedom, a heightened sense of creativity and continued abundance (but with less grinding workaholic energy).

Bottom line? Heather is pure magic, and if you have the chance to work with her, don’t hesitate!"

Rebecca Rubin | Soulful Marketing Coach | www.thepursuitoffabulous.com

"Do whatever you have to do to work with Heather. Seriously. She’ll change your life. 

I have never felt so at ease with knowing, with how I feel. It feels so freeing to have the access and language to share myself and my feelings; to feel that fog start to lift. 

I can’t even imagine what doors it will continue to open from here! The Soul downloads have been insane, I have clarity on things that felt previously un-clarifiable, and I 100% know this is how I’m going to meet my future husband!

And I did this in weeks. WEEKS. It just feels EASY now."

Julia Wells | Aligned Hustle Business Coach | www.juliacwells.com

"I've been trying for a long time, and I just didn't understand.
But it's like --- I KNOW now.

It's like I've been walking in a dark room,
and someone just turned the light on. 

I think I thought that my ideal Love and Life was better than me.  That it was outside of me. 

I felt like that life and love were so amazing, so beyond my reach, somehow better than me — but through this work and Heather's Soul Branding program, I realized that if I AM the source of that ideal love and life, well then I am AMAZING. 
And Amazing deserves amazing.  There is no place in my life for anything else.
I have finally pieced things together and there is no "unknowing" this. 

I think about everything Heather taught me all the time. It changed me, and I'm so grateful. 
I look forward to being her student again!

Flavia B. | Goddess

"I was struggling. In my life. In my business. In my relationship. 
Things weren't wrong, but they didn't feel right.

Four months into Goddess Army, and my relationship and business has completely turned around. 
I have learned to lean back and allow my boyfriend to show up for me in his Masculine Energy. 
I've learned to lean back in my business, allowing more possibility (and clients) to come into my practice.  

Things finally feel light + fun again.  The energy has completely shifted.
My boyfriend and I are falling in love all over again. I no longer feel like I'm fighting with my business --- I don't have to go find clients; they've been making their way to me; my coaching practice is just about full and it's been with ease and completely aligned.

I can't tell you exactly what's going on.
But i can tell you that there's been such a deep,
personal transformation that has shifted every area of my life.

Shannon Whaley | Life and Marketing Coach | TravelingWildWoman.com



You're changing my world, Heather. Thank you with all my heart for being my gentle and fierce guide. 

This work undid the bindings I’d wrapped around myself to protect myself — but that had actually become my own straightjacket. 
It has helped me unveil my true power and beauty, to allow my GODDESS EMANCIPATION, and I finally feel free.

And I'm on to you -- I now know you're indeed, a real, magical Mermaid.

Jeni S. | Goddess

"Thank you for helping me find a fabulously delicious life!

I have had more success in 4 months than I've had in all my years of counseling.
I have learned life-changing techniques, and you will be AMAZED at the difference Heather can make in your life."

Christina S. | Goddess




Eek! My goddesses, it is really happening!
An explosion of creative release and inspiration has taken over! My blog is really happening. I'm finally beginning to LIVE my dream of supporting my family as a writer!

Heather, I am so grateful for (and to be honest, still in awe of) all you were able to do for me in just a few sessions. You helped me to open up and release my gifts without fear or shame.
Thank you - thank you - thank you. I hope one day I can inspire others as you never cease to inspire me.

Jennifer C. | Goddess

"Heather, THANK YOU! 
I feel lighter....like physically lighter and mentally more sound. I feel like there was a traffic jam in my head, my heart, my body. No more.
I actually love myself. I never thought I'd say that, but I do. I freaking love myself. And I'm moving forward with ideas, dreams and challenges that I've felt stagnant in. I'm having so much fun." — Tosha


There is no single person who has helped me more.
Heather actually helped me tease out where the root of our problems were in our marriage, and brought me into a space that she calls ‘Radical Acceptance.’ I was spinning in a world of anger, and she helped me to shift and to see things differently from how I ever had before.
The things I've learned in this work have absolutely saved our marriage.”



"I've experienced a MAJOR shift since attending your workshop. I use your exercises almost daily --- however I'm using them less and less because I'm learning to truly love myself. That love has brought me patience with myself and for those around me, compassion --- AND I got a new job that is to die for!!!  You were instrumental in all of this --- it's your fault I'm kicking so much ass!" - Rachel


"Heather empowers women -- with wisdom, kindness,
and a heaping side of, "You got this."

— Stacy


"Some can talk the talk, but they aren’t willing to own their shit and use it to create their ideal life and love — Heather is. 
She isn’t afraid to go there… to dig deeper. And she has the ability to teach other women how to do the same. 
That’s the most valuable information, and it’s worth its weight in gold.”  — Lynne


“Heather has this magic thing about her that in her interactions with you, in coaching you, she makes you want to be a better person.
She’s intentional, and transparent in her desire to help you live to your potential. She draws people into her heart, into her soul, and
she nurtures you into feeling like you are the best version of yourself.” - Jodi


Heather allows me to be me… In fact, she delights in me. 
When I work with Heather, she is a sounding board for all of my fears, hesitations, and shortcomings without ever trying to make me ‘wrong.’ 
She listens with intent. She hears me. And then takes the time to build me back up. She’s amazing, really… simply amazing.” — Anne


Heather photographed and I received and was guided by her love. It was a gorgeous experience, natural and light-hearted, full of love. 
When I got to view the photos, it was hard to believe that they were me… I am just a yoga-pants-wearing mommy.  But I’m not — I’m Julia, a woman, a Goddess. All women should give themselves the opportunity to be a Goddess, even if just for a couple of hours. I will cherish my photos and the experience. It helped me to reignite a spark in my soul that has been missing for a while.” — Julia